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Friday, 02/03/2012, 07:55 am

UFC President Dana White Says He's Fascinated With Nick Diaz (Video)

– Nick Diaz Fan Page

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14 Responses to “UFC President Dana White Says He's Fascinated With Nick Diaz (Video)”

  1. yeah...uhm... says:

    Dana White is gay

  2. Jb says:

    Dana is the most bi-polar broad I have ever seen. Jesus

  3. The Refutor says:

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. omg i love Nick Diaz

  4. Carlos says:

    It is what it is and for Dana its Buisness. For Diaz its buisness. Dana hates his anti PR Personality( At first anyways,now its appealing). Diaz doesnt trust him or like him because of how he switches stances. Example “Kimbo Slice will never be in UFC he sucks” which he said about nick too LOL. But with GSP out who are your money makers after you signed a contract with a big TV network to put on shows,what if Jon Jones gets hurt who’s your go to guy. Dana is a surviver and a true entrepeneur he’s building his fighters up now and bringing the next generation. What better then with fighters He knows like brawl they delivered period petty differences aside. Its all about the benjamins this weekend its war DIAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. slacker says:

    Dana is about control. He will not let any celebrated fighter get bigger than the UFC. But he’s also an expert marketer. He knows if Diaz wins tomorrow, he has to keep fans intrigued and interested for several months during a long waiting period. Other than that, I think he is being sincere. Diaz is very uncanny indeed. How many guys do you see give responses to questions that don’t even answer the question? He doesn’t care about pleasing the media and he doesn’t feel any pressure to do so. Part of the reason he does this I believe is out of a sense of survival. You see him take those deep breaths sometimes. He does whatever he has to do to maintain his own personal energy level and inner strength by not letting you know everything he is thinking. Most guys have the emotional stability and strength to both handle the media and maintain that inner strength. That being said, it takes an incredible amount of balls and guts to do what he does and stonewall the media with short, uninterested and unresponsive answers like that. Dana is right. He does know the answer. But he is basically saying, “No. Screw you. I’ve answered a few of your questions. Now get lost. I’m not letting you into anymore of my inner world”.

  6. Kryptonite says:

    I think people give Diaz too much credit. The reason he doesnt answer questions is not because he saying “screw you” he just is unable to articulate a response. Thats just my opinion but I have not heard one intelligent word come from his mouth. All that being said I love to hate this guy. I cant wait to see GSP Destroy him IF he can even get through Condit, which will not be easy.
    Peae out!!

    • tim says:

      Have you ever seen an interview with him? Obviously your the one who doesnt understand fighting to be able to articulate what he says compared to others. He prepares for the worst, is that a stupid thing? or do you like it when fighters say ” Im going hold him down, rub my nuts on his chin, and get the W” He’s walking away with my girlfriends duckbutter on his face. or Fighters who say.. Im WILL get the KO in the first round.

    • slacker says:

      Yeah, there are times where he can’t find the words he wants. But there are more times where he just doesn’t care to answer. He really stretched himself this time in dealing with the press and doing that primetime collage. He has succeeded my expectations. Good for him. He has grown more as a professional. Tonight, he will let out the rabid dog at the weigh – in staredown.

    • e says:

      just because his vocab isn’t sophisticated doesn’t necessarily mean he is lacking overall intelligence. he is smart in his own game as a fighter and athlete. he is on POINT when it comes to that shit. yall need to get off his nuts and stop worrying about his lingo and quit being fkn bitches. he’s not tryin to come off as a socialite. it’s nick being himself. at the end of the day he doesnt really give a fuck what people say about him.

  7. Ronnin says:

    I have been a Diaz fan for a time now and its amazing how people are switching from “punk ass, hope he dies, blah, blah” to “he is a true warrior, with his mystic persona and shit”… you can see how smart Dana is to handle and build up his fighters. That being said Diaz is incredible smart, he nows what he is doing and he is a master in getting into peoples heads and break them even before the fight. You all now what GSP said “I was afraid to bump into him in the hotel”… hes getting into his soul, hell grab it, twist it, and eat it.

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