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Friday, 02/10/2012, 08:28 am

UFC President Dana White Issues Statement On Nick Diaz Positive Drug Test

Dana White, President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization, has issued the following statement on the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s report on UFC 143 interim welterweight championship contender Nick Diaz.

“I am beyond disappointed that he tested positive for marijuana,” said White. “It is now in the hands of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.”

If you missed the news, Nick Diaz failed his post-fight drug screening following the UFC 143 main event last weekend.

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39 Responses to “UFC President Dana White Issues Statement On Nick Diaz Positive Drug Test”

  1. Trolligans says:

    This is so surprising. I never would have guess that Nick Diaz smoked pot. Next you’ll tell me that Bob Marley did too.

  2. DAMN! says:

    I thought Dana knew what to expect when he signed Nick. Im surprised that he’s surprised!

  3. BillT says:

    I think it is time for Dana to pull the plug on the Nick Diaz experiment. Offer to pay for his rehab and then ship him off to Japan.

  4. banks says:

    It shouldnt matter if hes high but o well rules is rules

  5. Al says:

    Well duh.. Hes a known pot smoker.. What u expect.. His smoking buddy is joe rogan

  6. Jon says:

    He doesnt need rehab u goon. I wonder if it was like the gomi fight where there was so much that he had to of been high during the fight.

  7. BigBobJoyLove says:

    It was the post fight drug test, so maybe Nick thought “Hey, I’ve just retired, what do I care if I fail the test, let’s get high!”

    Just a thought……..

    • JB Spencer says:

      thats exactly what i was thinking; if he was clean during the fight and smoked after he ‘retired’ then it shouldnt be a big deal. I dont know how official it is when a fighter says hes retired in the ring after a fight, but lets just say it was official, if he was nolonger a ufc employee and smoked while not being employed by the ufc then technically it shouldnt matter. Only thing is how could anyone prove when he got high?

      • ian mearns says:

        Just takin bong rips and blowin them towards Condit. Hey homie try that out you mark ass buster while nates in the back round reppin their set with various gang sons and mean mugs.

  8. Wheetbred says:

    If your a professional athlete you shouldn’t need medicinal marijuana, you should be perfectly healthy so there’s no excuse. If it’s against the law you get punished that simple…

    • restingbird says:

      He doesn’t “need” marijuana to compete in MMA. It’s a lifestyle choice for him, just like some people drink alcohol he chooses to smoke. Its a shame if the sport loses Diaz over this however the crux the matter is that Marijuana is still illegal which is a whole different debate. Only time will tell but at this point it really seems like Diaz won’t be returning to MMA which is a huge loss in my opinion.

  9. Xaninho says:

    Such bullshit. more than 6 months suspension will show the hypocrisy of the NSAC.

  10. OGpinto93 says:

    Big bob that’s what I said too but none of this should matter he has a script for herb as far as I kno states hav to respect other states laws he doesn’t liv in Vegas fuck Nevada. O and pretty sure all your fav fighters use roids till right b4 the fight so quit bitchin about herb like its hgh or sum shit hahaha

  11. CanILive says:

    MARIJUANA shouldn’t even be considered in MMA, tested, asked, or anything. if so, then alcohol, caffeince, and painkillers should all be restricted from use.

  12. jay says:

    Smoking pot isnt so bad, to be honest the commentator smokes it so thats really a good example anyway and Joe Rogan is a massive supporter of legalizing weed.

  13. Griff says:

    Is weed a performance enhancing drug???

  14. medicinaljim says:

    Wheetbread… are one ignorant fool. You have no idea of the benefits of cannabis and medical marijuana is not illegal. Go have another drink asshole. If you don’t know what your talking about shut the fuck up

  15. zach says:

    I hate you Dana white

  16. AJ says:

    The guy is beyond retarded. I live to watch him fight and think he’s great, but why would risk tanking your career for a little bud? Back to Japan I guess, later Nick.

  17. Chuck D-Cruz says:

    I bet he smoked a fatty one too…..LOL!

    • Mmafan says:

      I’m not at all eager to see Koschek return to title contention so soon. I enjoy him as a personality and sort of as a fighter. But he needs a good 3 convincing wins against top level guys before I would want him to fight GSP again. He has drastic holes in his striking he must repair. Hendricks just put Fitch to bed, I would like to see him get another high level match-up and see if he can handle himself yet again.

  18. mmadred says:

    very unprofessional. nick is one of the best fighters no doubt but he may be bad for the sport. its disrespectful to the fighters that paved the way, weed is not too hard to get out of your system. nick has no respect for the sport. surely he is a great fighter but he not bigger than the sport itself. in the words of dana white, “if nick would play the game just a little he could be one of the biggest stars this sport has ever seen.”

    • Mmafan says:

      Besides his warrior mentality, I love Nick Diaz for pushing the boundaries (whether intentional or not). With the recent controversial decision loss, a lot of people are once again calling for reform with the judging. I agree that a fighter must follow the guide lines if they desire to fight, however I feel that marijuana and urinalysis does not make any sense. Urinalysis does not confirm that a fighter was under the influence during the fight, a blood THC test does. If the NSAC is really concerned with keeping fighters safe, they should do that test instead. It doesn’t matter if a fighter uses marijuana, it’s not a PED and it only endangers the fighter if they fight while under the influence.

  19. Oh no not weed? says:

    People crack me up with shit. Get off you high horse (no pun intended) and stop judging someone cause they get high. I don’t smoke no more but you seriously need a reality check if you think it is any worse then getting drunk.

  20. hahahaha says:

    Actually its proven that marijuana heightens ones pain threshhold, but realistically I see it more of a disadvantage, it slows u down, but still it does enhance ur state of mind, IMO it really is more of a disadvantge anyways, really tho ur a pro fighter wtf r u thinking what a moron

  21. Ben Detta says:

    This is what happens when you take a scrappy little kid from stockton and throw him into the spotlight. You can’t expect him to abandon his whole lifestyle and live in the public eye just cause Dana wants him to. The guy is super nervous in interviews and press events what’s wrong with a little bud to help him cope.

  22. wishbone says:

    pot should not be listed as a performance enhancing illegal drug. and the fighters should be tested before they fight not after….that way real cheaters taking massave amounts of testosterone will not get to fight

  23. jonsey says:

    sonnen gets 6 mnths but has 1 nut only his defence…well fuk nick is prescribed weed from doctor in cali so he has more right cuz it aint ped….weed makes u fights worse fuk

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