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Saturday, 06/09/2012, 10:20 am

UFC President Confirms Penn vs. MacDonald At UFC 152 | UFC NEWS

BJ Penn has officially come out of retirement and is slated to fight top Canadian prospect, Rory MacDonald at UFC 152 on September 22nd at Air Canada Center.

Dana White stated at the post-fight press conference at UFC on FX 3 that the highly anticipated welterweight fight will in fact happen and will likely serve as the co-main event for the card.

“We’re going to do it,” White stated when asked by a reporter of the details of the fight.

Dana White and Joe Silva are apparently set to talk with both men on Friday to finalize the bout.

MacDonald called Penn out on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour.

“Right now I feel there’s a guy that I want to fight before he leaves the sport, and that’s B.J. Penn,” MacDonald said on the show. “That’s a guy I really want to fight. I respect him a lot. He’s a legend, and I think it’d be a really good matchup for me to have that fight in Toronto.”

Penn later responded to the challenge on Twitter, accepting the fight.

This will be a tough test for both fighters.

MacDonald is currently riding a three-fight win streak and stands as a carbon copy of training partner, Georges St. Pierre and will look to impose similar tactics on Penn.

Penn is coming off of his UFC 137 fight with Nick Diaz and will look for a big win to either revitalize a career or leave the UFC for good riding into the sunset on a huge win.

Either way look for two fantastic fighters who are hungry for a win come September in a fight that will make or break the careers of two great welterweights.


49 Responses to “UFC President Confirms Penn vs. MacDonald At UFC 152 | UFC NEWS”

  1. Night-Wind says:

    IT’S ON!

  2. keep fitch (forever) says:

    I want BJ to win so bad but I think Rory is going to take this one.

  3. megamind says:

    was hoping bj would return at 155 or 145 even…hope he takes this one tho but rory is a beast

    • Marvin says:

      I agree, BJ is on the small side for 170 and GSP clone Rory is not a good match up for BJ. BJ could win, but more than likely Rory will grind it out and pull off a boring wrestling match and out point BJ for the win.

  4. The Outcome Is Not Guaranteed For Either Fighter says:

    Riding into the sunset after a huge win??? Why would he quit after a win? And if it’s a convincing no doubt type of win, why not continue? Looking forward to this fight. 152 can’t come soon enough.

  5. Fernando says:

    Finally can’t wait will be my third bj penn fight I’ve been to and second time in Toronto. Let’s go bj!!!

  6. Paul says:

    I think BJ will win this he will have to much in all areas come on BJ

  7. maurice says:

    I DONT WANNA HEAR NO MORE “I LUV BJ, BUT THIS IS A BAD MATCHUP” BULLSHIT! this is the same type of match up bj always find himself in at ww, bad matchups. bj is a beast and his entire career he fought tough guys, and its not going to stop now that he’s 33. bj has told us a million times that he will be ready and this and that during the build up to a fight. i always believe him, and i believe him even more now. bj seems to know this is his last hoorah. he can now train elite and look for another title run at ww or lw, or he can comeback and succumb to the young phenom macdonald and retire as one of the best eva. as a long time fan, i see that fight in bj eyes again. he’s coming back to send a message to all the doubters, and solidify his position in the ww division.

  8. Tommy says:

    I believe BJ can beat anyone,it all depends on his conditioning I hope he beats rory cause I love seeing BJ fight and would love to see more in the future.

  9. Matt says:

    Guys, BJ trains hard. But it’s about BJ having the right people around him to train him in a smart way. People like the Marinovich’s know how to get the optimum out of athletes. They know about diet, they know about psychology. They know what physically weak areas look like, and they know how to improve them. That way, on fight night, everything works as it should and the athlete can perform like a formula one car on race day.
    BJ needs the right people around him. The status quo of having your friends and peers run camp, has not been working. It didn’t work against Edgar at lightweight, and sure as heck won’t work at welterweight. If it can’t be the Marinovich’s (who probably are the best in the world for athletic preparation), then it has to some top caliber trainers that can run things with a different plan than what we’ve seen lately.
    BJ says he often overtrains. Well that is improper training also. And it’s just as detrimental. All I know is that BJ did not look overtrained going 4 and 5 rounds into the Florian and Sanchez fights.
    The record is 1-3-1 since Evan Ida (cook) was preparing his meals and since the Marinovich’s were present for a full training camp.
    As I said, it’s about BJ getting the right people around him. The fight is 3 months away, time is short and the next two weeks are critical for BJ simply because he will be choosing someone to run his camp.

    • Matt says:


      “The record is 1-3-1 since Evan Ida (cook) who was preparing his meals and since the Marinovich’s were not present for a full training camp.”

      • kenji says:

        i reallly dont like this fight…the only possible way is if bj was preparing hard while retired then took this fight knowing for the right time to return. but if not, i dont like this fight. it would be a catastrophic if bj took this fight on a whim. i dont like this fight…this kid rory mac will make nick diaz look like a grandfather…he has speed, hunger and technique…in my opinion bjs last fight was a great fight and that should have been his last. he went out like a warrior till the end. if bj’s conditioning and training starts now which i believe and not after his last fight then to me….well you know….

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Just my opinion mate but I think nick diaz would be able to not only beat rory but finish him at this point he’s young got a bright future but not quite there just my opinion

  10. Ranuis Finest says:

    I dont care who bj fights i hope you bring your a game with no more doubts. a whole hearted bj can destroy anyone a half hearted bj puts on a good fight. I still would have like to seen bj smash cockcheck though….all the best bj cant wait to see you in the cage again…

    • kenji says:

      i want bj to succeed Ran, but many of us fans are living of bjs legendary status and not the athlete. this is why the mma youngsters want to fight him. they are after the name knowing they can beat the athlete. the mma youngbloods want a piece of the pie since bjs name carry weight in the mma world. they know bj the athlete hasnt arrived for a long time. bj the legend without bj conditioning equals another long night for bj supporters.

  11. 13A01X says:

    Penn likes to get into these fights that he cannot win for the challenge. He knows he is out matched but he likes it that way because if he loses there is a built in excuse.

    Looks like he is trying to hunt for one more payday.

    I doubt Penn trains for this like a pro should train. He did it for a couple fights and then decided it was too much work for him.

    I am afraid Penn is just going to get beat down and humiliated.

  12. Bjj BB says:

    @ 13AO1X- fighting for a payday? Penn dont need money, he cOmes from a family that always had money, bj is one of the few who fights just cause hes a true fighter, as for him taking fights that he thinks he will lose? Your a fucking idiot!! Rory may have beter wrestling and thats it, and i bet when rory feels that 1st punch from bj hes gonna turn into a wrestling lil bitch like gsp and only try to win like how gsp did in the 2nd fight. GSP said it himself, a100% bj penn can beat any1, so if bj shows up 100% then i hope your words taste good!!

    • speaking truth says:

      Penn won’t train smart for this fight. He is going to get wrestled to a decision at best. But Rory has 5 rounds to win a too. Which is going to happen in the 5 th. Penn should stay at LW if he wants to win fights. But if he is content doing what he has been doing then its up to him. He has balls like nobody I’ve ever seen in a fighter.

      • The Fight says:

        will be a three round fight. It will be a co-main event fight, not the main event.
        (JDS vs Cain II supposedly has that honor).

        • speaking truth says:

          Oh… I thought that the co mains were all 5 rounders. Well I hope Penn can beat him up enough in the first to rounds. I would love to see him finish to shut my doubting mouth up though.

  13. e says:

    fkn nice sept 22 is right near my birthday!! i wish i could see this fight in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Tommy says:

    Its sad its only a 20h drive for me wish I could go.Being a student and all sucks right now lol.

  15. Shaundi says:

    yeahhh buddy! i was hoping for a ufc hawaii though.

  16. warrior808 says:

    bj has the skills to beat anyone! but like always it depends on his conditioning for the fight. mcdonald will likely try and keep the fight against the cage and wear out bj so he needs to avoid the fences, be light on his feet and keep the fight in the center of the octagon.

  17. Donnybrook says:

    I’m pumped to see BJ back in action!… the fact he accepted a fight with the toughest opponent that’s been calling him out just proves the man is a true warrior. Can’t wait to see this go down!

  18. BobO says:

    Some of you Macdonald nut huggers just don’t get it. Who has finished BJ Penn lately? Tell me who? He went the distance against Nick Diaz. He went the distance against GSP. He went the distance against Fitch. He went the distance against Edgar. He finished Sherk, Sanchez and Florian in dominating fashion at 155, but nobody has finished him at 170 other than Hughes years and years ago. He knocked hughes out months back. Sure, Rory looks good, but he’s not gonna walk through The Prodigy, who the hell has recently? BJ’s experience is gonna overwhelm Macdonald. This won’t go to decision. Penn is gonna shock all you part time fans not us true supporters who understand the real reason why BJ took this fight. BJ will most likely knock out Rory. He could easily submitt him just as well. BJ is already inside Rory’s head. Jr. Is gonna learn a lesson in the arts of the Prodigy. ~BobO

  19. King Prodgy Levreau says:

    WAR BJ WAR…this man is a legend and takes on only the best in the sport. Regardless of his ups and downs with regards to wins or losses. That is just life in general, this man takes on lifes tests and challenges himself at the highest and makes everyone perform to there highest level when fighting, he is THE BEST! I hear Hawaiian music already…Hell Yeah!!! Mr. Penn always wanted to revenge the fight against GSP and this is one way of showing, proving and ultimately letting himself know within if it’s really visible and something he can achieve. This young kat “Mac” is at another level then the others that have been calling him out and everyone including GSP is calling this man the next GSP, I mean really. I called it when it first came out regarding the acceptance of this fight and I will say it again…BJ with the win by rear-naked choke and I will go as far as to say the second round. To all those talking on talking negative, about conditioning or just hating on this man he is still a young lion and there is a reason he is so respected. One love from the cali valley and the city of “NO”. F*ck ALL BJ haters…you have to look up, if you want to see the stars DOUCHEBAGS!!!

  20. WrestlingRules says:

    BJ by face battering and choke out r2

    • BobO says:

      Or a flying knee Sherk style! LMAO! So much for roid goons and their so called strength. BJ always seems to dominate those types with his speed and spartan skills. Like he’s gonna do to Rory, and Rory already knows it. ~BobO

      • WrestlingRules says:

        I don’t care what kinda shape BJ comes in, he’ll finish this kid in r1 or r2. If the kid can survive into later rounds, he might point win, but BJ is not going to let that happen. This kid is no Fitch, he can’t hold down BJ……besides Rory is kind of a girl name. No??

  21. DAMN! says:

    Rory can’t have a stand up war w/ BJ. Rory had trouble against Che Mills. Its a toss up IMO, but I want BJ to win via RNC

  22. saiasaka says:

    come one guys; yes i’m the first to say that rory is amazing; but everybody do comment like it’s lost by advance… if BJ shows up after a good camp (he should train with the marinovich’s) he can win that fight; no doubt about it. Rory against Che Mills shows that he isn’t perfect in standup with a good boxer and BJ is a hell of a boxer… i’m telling you: with a good camp and cardio BJ is back and can have his revenge against Nick

  23. IMO Rory is calling out BJ is a waste of time for BJ. Rory should drop weight to fight Penn, if Rory is all bad ass. It’s frustrating cuz when Penn wanted to fight welterweights him put on the weight. Now someone wants to fight Penn but isn’t dropping weight so now penn needs to put on weight. I don’t understand how some of these fighters think. I call someone out for a fight but make him move up a class cause if i move down in class to fight i have a strong chance of losing. Now thats a punk ass move on Mr. Rory.

    • ... says:

      Yeah…because it makes COMPLETE sense for someone who is trying become a top contender in the WELTERWEIGHT division to fight someone in a lightweight match. Do your really think BJ accepted the fight thinking maybe Rory would like to fight at 155?? He clearly wants another go at the welterweight division; otherwise he would have chosen a contender in the lightweight division. Maybe you don’t understand how some of these fighters think because you are simply put, an idiot. Oh, and I was being sarcastic btw I was just going to assume you’d catch that, but then again you posted your stupid ass comment so I won’t take that chance.

  24. nakano says:

    Blaze!…….lika sunspot. GET EMmm!

  25. nakano says:

    Like UUUUUUUUUuhhhhh!

  26. John M says:

    BRING DA WAR BJ!!!!!!

  27. Don Dangerously says:

    Ya, I don’t think if Rory McDonald loses it will “break” his career at all. He’s very young. He has more to professionally gain than BJ, but BJ may have more to personally gain, and more to professionally and personally lose. WAR BJ!!!

  28. Crybaby J says:

    should have stayed at home i dont want you crying three months after getting your ass wuped making up excuses cry baby J. Fight like a man lose like one.

  29. Dave says:

    My money is on Rory but my heart is with BJ either way a great fight we are lucky!

  30. Trevor says:

    Bj can beat Rory up but he has to be in shape if he comes in hungry angry and in shape he is gonna smash. And the wrestling aspect of it yeah he can get a take down but Rory can not hold him there. Randy couture has a hard time holding bj down.

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