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Wednesday, 03/21/2012, 12:16 pm

UFC President Confirms Jose Aldo As UFC 149 Headliner

We ran a rumor here this morning that Jose Aldo was mentioned as a possible headliner for the UFC’s first ever trip to Calgary.

That Rumor quickly turned to fact this afternoon during today’s UFC Special event press conference.

Dana White confirmed with the media in attendance that Jose Aldo will in fact make his return to action on July 21st at UFC 149 against a yet to be named opponent.

The Brazilian based fighter boasts a 21-1 professional MMA record and is currently riding a 14-fight winning streak. He last saw action taking out the previously undefeated Chad Mendes at UFC 142 in the very first round to earn his fifth straight title defense (3 UFC and 2 WEC).

It is unclear who the UFC has left on the roster to challenge the champion. With most of the top contenders booked up, the one sole opponent that makes sense is Japanese standout Hatsu Hioki who remains the number two-ranked featherweight in the world on most ranking systems but lacks in UFC experience.

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26 Responses to “UFC President Confirms Jose Aldo As UFC 149 Headliner”

  1. CoCiO says:

    ..Just move up to 155 already lol

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      You just want Aldo to move up because ypou know Frankie is going to get his ass kicked AGAIN by Bendo and you know Frankie already turned down a title shot with Aldo cause he is scared to death of him. I don’t blame him because without his speed advantage frankie don’t stand a chance against anybody. without flash takedowns and run away pitter patter he can’t exploit rules and shitty judging

  2. Craig says:

    Agreed. There are so many other people I would rather watch him fight rather than who is left in the featherweight division.

  3. Magoo says:

    I agree if there’s no one at 45 left, there’s plenty of competition for you at 55,ales a hell of a lot more sense.

  4. Steven says:

    Vacate the belt and have a tourney, let him come up to 155lbs. Him vs Jose Aldo would be nasty!!!

  5. true mma says:

    He should be fighting Edgar but Frankie was scared like a little bitch.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      TRUE MMA you hit nail on head. Dana begged Frankie and offered him the moon to fight Aldo and he chickened out BIGTIME. Frankie even admitted justa s much he said Aldo presented alot of problems. so tired of hearing about Frankie being to small when in fact the TRUTH is he KNOWS he would lsoe to Aldo at 145. He knows only reason he wins at 155 is his speed alows him to run away for 90% of fight and pitter patter and get a cheap takedown at end of every round which he can NEVER hold the opponent on their back. frankie ahs found a (FLAW) in judging and knows how to eeeeeeeeeek out win s by skin of his teeth even though he has taken horrific beatings-brain damage along with it. Dana is really worried about Edgars longevity in MMA and has voiced his concern publicaly. Aldo is true p4p champ IMO and Edgar should be dropped off list now that he has made it clear he;s afraid of Aldo

  6. Kenny Powers says:

    Mhmmm. I guess Hioki makes the most sense. Sure Poirier vs Korean Zombie is coming up, but that is the middle of May. Who knows what could happen for injuries, plus it would only give the fighter a small window of time….Hioki is not ready for Aldo though. Featherweight is pretty wiped out thanks to Aldo lol.

  7. James Troy says:

    korean zombie should be getting the title shot.

  8. Zack says:

    Doesnt matter who gets the title shot…. Same outcome for everyone and that’s a big fat L on your record

  9. true mma says:

    Anyone who says that aldo should let go of the belt and fight at 155 is crazy. That’s like saying that Silva, bones Jones, and GSP should let there belts go because there so dominating.

  10. Magoo says:

    Don’t be an ignoramus Frankie did not chicken out,he wanted what was fair a rematch with Henderson, he stuck to his guns and got it. Maybe Jose is the chicken,he damn well knows there’s no challenges at 45 yet he’s still there.I hope Frankie and Jose do get it on one day just to shut half you doubting,hating on Frankie dumb mother fuckers up, and he”ll shut the other half of the dumb fucks up when he gets his 55 title back from Benson…..peace out Frankie haters!!!

  11. Magoo says:

    Don’t be an ignoramus Frankie did not chicken out,he wanted what was fair a rematch with Henderson, he stuck to his guns and got it. Maybe Jose is the chicken,he damn well knows there’s no challenges at 45 yet he’s still there.I hope Frankie and Jose do get it on one day just to shut half you doubting,hating on Frankie dumb mother fuckers up, and he”ll shut the other half of the dumb fucks up when he gets his 55 title back from Benson, remember Frankie don’t cut weight,Jose cuts 25lbs, so tell me who’s the man?..that’s right…..peace out Frankie haters!!!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      REmatch after he got his ass kicked. total joke. Frankie got BEAT UP as usual lost on all 3 scorecrds wasn’t even close. Now way shoudl be rematch, frankie shoudl just man up and go back of line. Frankie himself said he wasnted nothing to do with Aldo. After Frankie loses to Hendersen AGAIN and finally has balls to fight Aldo we will see who true P4p champ is. Maybe once and for all we can finally hear frankie stop whining about being to small. I saw where he said he was walkinga round 165 and he had a little bit of a cut but no big deal. but then all you idiots try and LIE and say Frankie walks around at 155 which is outright lie

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Jose walks around under 160, and Edgar walks around at 165 get a clue already and quit sucking Frankies little nuts. Frankie has brain damage already and some day you will feel bad because fans like you sucked up to him so bad he felt like he had to stay at 155 and continue to get his brains beat in

  12. maurice says:

    imo edgar sucks. and after losing to benson a 2nd time selling the aldo fight will be a lot harder. the only thing edgar does that always impresses me is his wrestling prowess. he’s small, but he kind of easily outwrestled bigger guys like veach, maynard and benson. but since his top control sucks it kind of cancels out his great wrestling. funny, edgar has a much better chance at beating benson then he does at beating lil anderson (aldo) at fw.

  13. Nick says:

    Well I think it’s most likely against Hioki.

  14. Magoo says:

    Get rid of Fitch……fuck you are stooopid,Jose walks around at 170+,Frankie walks around at 157-160……for real dick head!!! I swear you just love to hear yourself post……..think before you speak!!!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Magoo you are such a little BITCH faggot who has absolutly no clue about anything MMA. Frankie said it himself he walks around at 165. Aldo is no bigger than Frankie but he ‘s faster , stronger, better athlete, 10 times nbetetr mauy tai. Edgar would catch a knee just liek Mendes. FYI Mendes is a better wrestler than Franki by miles and would put franki on his back. No frankie can’t runa way from the guys his own size and his pitter patter would be worthless and he would get KO’d by Aldo. After Frankie gets beat up AGAIN he will be known as the fighter with NO WEIGHT CLASS, just liek Rich Franklin. Frankie has taken so much brain damage already taht he won’t be fighting much longer anyway

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        I think Frankies best bet at this point in his career would be to transfer sports. he would make aperfect little Jockey. In fact he looks like a jockey with that little Leprecon face. Frankie stole as many decsions as he will able to now ist time to move on. judges use to feel sorry for him but they finally stopped giving him bullshit decsions based on being small and taking a beating. Maynard kicked frankies ass 5-6 knockdows in one round is a wrap and then Frankie turning bhis back an d running away was like alike watching a re-run of see Caleb run. Frankie did a caleb starnes and nobosy seemed to care cause tehy felt so bad for the 5 concusions-BRAIN damage he sustained. Frankie wins fights by jusges feeling sorry for him and which is bascially wrong. anyon ewho gets kocked down 5-7 time sin one round shoudl lose period.

  15. If Aldo move up, he should not vacant his title, since he has wiped out the FW division, if he vacates his title that division will die, let’s look at Bellator FW or something… Hioki is good, but he has no chance against Jose, same with KoreanZombie or Poirier… So what’s left for him?? Maybe move up like Anderson did and fight somebody for entertaining the fans, and then when somebody could make a threat to his belt make him fight againg at FW… I think Dana and Joe will put him against Hioki or somebody from Bellator (i highly doubt that guy could be Sandro, cause he trains with Aldo in Nova Uniao, but maybe somebody like Pitbull could do it, or somebody like Brandao in the near future when he is ready)… And finally, Edgar?? Naaa, he’s too scared, i can already see the same identical outcome of the Mendes fight, bunch of leg kicks and when Edgar shoots, knee to the jaw, and i can put all my money on Aldo really finishing Edgar (he’s even taller than Edgar)

  16. TheCrippler says:

    I seem to recall him knocking Maynards block off. What’s wrong bro, Edgar refuse your booty calls? I think you’re just a scorned ex lover and now you’ve given up on Frankies dick and are trying to gobble up Aldo.

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