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Wednesday, 08/22/2012, 10:22 am

UFC President Confirms Dan Henderson Destined For Hall-Of-Fame | UFC NEWS

“I thought Couture was wrapping it up at 37. Dan Henderson is a three time world champion. He’s a great wrestler, has knockout power in both hands and has fought everyone from 170 pounds all the way to heavyweight. He continues to impress no matter how old he gets. Jon Jones has been on a tear. If he wrecks Dan Henderson, that would be even more impressive. No one has ever knocked out Dan Henderson. He’s got a rock solid, iron chin. If he did that it would be quite a feat. Whether Dan Henderson wins or loses, he’s a UFC Hall of Famer.”

UFC president Dana White took to this weeks media festivities to discuss the future of Dan Henderson and has confirmed that win or lose against Jones at UFC 151 that Dan Henderson will be inducted into the UFC Hall-Of-Fame.


30 Responses to “UFC President Confirms Dan Henderson Destined For Hall-Of-Fame | UFC NEWS”

  1. Duhhh. says:

    This is not news. Of course Hendo is a Hall of Famer…”Win or lose” against Jones??? Hendo doesn’t have to fight another second in his life and he’s in the Hall…

  2. Dan the Man says:

    Well I have always doubted whether Dan would get into the UFC hall of fame. His biggest accomplishments have been in other organisations like pride and strikeforce. Besides his early wins in the beginning of the ufc he hasn’t accomplished as much as say randy couture and Matt Hughes. There should be an MMA hall of fame for sure and he should be in that.

  3. Real_deal1047 says:

    Got to be fuckin kidding me. It’s the “UFC hall of fame”, not the ” smash cans from all over the world and be mediocre in the UFC hall of fame….. Guys like BJ, frank Mir, gsp, Tito, chuck, rich Franklin, have been with the company for a vary Long time. Thouse kind of people are the ones who belong in the hall of fame… Hell ever Brock has did more for the UFC then Dan hendo. Dan belongs in a separate mma hall of fame not the “UFC hall of fame.

    • Bob says:

      So you are saying if people in sports never win a championship/belt they dont deserve to be in the hall of fame?? You are a simpleton. Henderson beat Rampage/Shogun/Vitor belfort/Rich Franklin and they all been UFC champions. Dont hate on greatness. You dont understand true greatness.

      Hell Dan Marino did it all except win a super bowl, you think he dont deserve hall of fame?

      You shouldnt have to win a title to be in hall of fame as long as you beat top fighters!!

      • Me says:

        Dan lost to Rampage lol…

        • trolligans says:

          exactly. Dan lost to Rampage. His next title fight was when he lost to Silva. He beat shogun, vitor and franklin, but he did so after their prime.

          All his great achievements were in other orgs. There are a ton of guys who have done as much in the UFC as he has, and more. Tim Sylvia has accomplished more, so has Arlovski… and Matt Lindland and on and on

          MMA HoF sure. UFC… nope.

        • Real_deal1047 says:

          Im glad you see it the same way I do. Dan has been grate but not in the UFC. But as soon as he wins a UFC belf I will change my tune real fast.

        • Bob says:

          Dan got robbed to Rampage.. I guess you guys didnt see that fight then.

        • Yo papi says:

          Franklin got robbed.

        • Mayor of Deviance says:

          29 was past Vitor’s prime? He lost and tested positive for roids. Cmon. Hendo got that one legit.

  4. Real_deal1047 says:

    No Dan Marino shouldent be in the hall of fame. He shouldent go down the best QB of All time just the biggest choke artist of all time, UFC has BELTS football has RINGS poker has BRACLETS you have to have thouse to be the best at what you do. Other then that your just getting paid. I like Dan one of the best ever he is the perfect example why there should be a MMA HALL OF FAME that were he belongs, not in the UFCs HoF.

    • Bob says:

      Dan Henderson’s all time UFC record is 7-1 (Yes he Got robbed when he fought Rampage)

      7-1 is a great Record in the UFC and he beat UFC champions before. Rampage, Rich Franklin and Shogun all been UFC champions. He also did well vs Silva in the beginning of the fight before getting subbed. Dan Henderson also KO Michael bisping who is considered top 3 in the middleweight division and bisping also beat Chael (another robbed fight).

      All in all Dan Henderson deserves to be in the UFC HOF.

      BJ Penn is 12-7-2 in the UFC. You think he dont deserve HOF too?? Its who you beat and how you beat them and how great of a fighter all mixed up in 1 that makes one deserve to be in the HOF and Dan deserves it… With you guy’s logic nobody deserves HOF fame then.. Know your UFC history before you shout out who deserves HOF and who doesnt. Shogun has a terrible UFC record yet hes won the title, does he deserve HOF? Hell no smh

  5. Real_deal1047 says:

    Ok lets play “one of these thing is not like the other” you pick which one don’t belong.
    Anderson silva- UFC mw champ 9 defenses 15-0
    Frank Mir- 2time hw champ10+ fights in the UFC
    Gsp- 2time WW champ 7defenses 10+ fights in UFC
    Bj penn- LW and WW champ 10+ fights in the UFC
    Tito Ortiz- lhw champ most defenses in lhw history 27 fights in UFC
    Dan Henderson- 0-2 in title fights

  6. Real_deal1047 says:

    Ok lets play “one of these thing is not like the other” you pick which one don’t belong.
    Anderson silva- UFC mw champ 9 defenses 15-0
    Frank Mir- 2time hw champ10+ fights in the UFC
    Gsp- 2time WW champ 7defenses 10+ fights in UFC
    Bj penn- LW and WW champ 10+ fights in the UFC
    Tito Ortiz- lhw champ most defenses in lhw history 27 fights in UFC
    Dan Henderson- 0-2 in ufc title fights

  7. Real_deal1047 says:

    Who isn’t a champion? Tito Matt randy chuck mark Dan s. All champions… Then you got ken and royce who help make the sport what it is. Then you have the mask R.I.P no way Dan had the impact they this bunch of people have had. Dan is one of the best fighters of all time but he don’t belong. I’m sorry your wrong, you need to start your own mma hall of fame that has fador Dan wand frank shamrock or shut up.

    • Bob says:

      Hes 7-1 in the ufc. He got robbed vs ranpage. you stfu!! After he beats jones you will change your mind and be another. Dumb bandwagon fan.

      • Me says:

        Aint you the guy that ‘stopped’ using this website because of a Brock Lesnar article? What you doing back here?

        • Bob says:

          Go back and check before you open your ignorant mouth. I said stop showing dumb scripted WWE news or people will leave. Make sure you know what your talking about before you ask dumb questions about old stuff on here.. Also put down your name so people can identify you scary arse.

  8. Real_deal1047 says:

    I will change my mind because he will have a belt. I always liked Dan but just because I’m a big fan of him doesn’t mean I have to get mad because he don’t belong in the UFC HoF. If you look at the people who are in the UFC HoF. Belt holder I dont think belong in HoF Matt s. Shen sherk. Shogun just a belt don’t mean you belong as well.

  9. Real_deal1047 says:

    Is bob even your name? Mine is John smith of corse I would put my name. Bob is the worst fake name ever. Try Jim I like that better. How old are you BOB!?! Sounds like a old guy name who watch to much pride tapes and is sad.

  10. Brodiemans says:

    Maybe since he won the UFC 17 Middleweight Tournament is why he is going to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame

  11. Jdiddy3844 says:

    There def should be an MMA hall of fame! Lets create it! We the people! We the fans for many years of the sport who have followed it world wide not just UFC!!! Something Dana white couldnt control or dictate! The people of the world vote on nominations! Not just what ZUFFA thinks or feels!! Its suppose to be about us first! After all fighters fight for the people thats why they fight for money bcuz we the people we the fans devote our own income to be entertained! Success in this sport should be earned not given! But since ufc is the only people hall of faming then the MAN HENDO truely deserves every last bit of it! Email me at jdiddy3844@yahoo and lets get the one and only MMA hall of fame going!!!

  12. Real_deal1047 says:

    In that case make every tournament winner a hall of famer call tank abbot vitor and that guy who won by default cause Royce couldent make it.

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