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Monday, 11/07/2011, 05:50 am

UFC Pres Hasn’t Completely Shut The Door On A Paul Daley Return

“The Strikeforce-Showtime deal isn’t done yet. We’ll see what happens with that first. I just have a hard time with what Daley did. It’s not like Daley’s been so friendly since that happened, either. Plus, he hasn’t won. The guy’s got to win some fights. Any guy who loses in the UFC or other promotions, you lose, and you go get some wins somewhere else and come back. I’m not a fan, to be honest. You know that.”

While it’s a bit of a non-story, UFC president Dana White, told the media at the UFC 138 post-fight press conference that a Paul Daley return isn’t 100% out of the realm of possibilities.

When White and company purchased rival promotion, Strikeforce, they also took on the employer role for a fighter previously banned from their employment for life. Paul Daley was ejected from the UFC following a decision loss to Josh Koscheck that left the Brit so fuming mad that he sucker punched Josh deliberately after the sound of the bell.

While White is not committing to taking on Daley once again he isn’t shutting the door on it either. After all, if we are to believe anything, it looks like these guys are working hard to pull all the top talent from Strikeforce and like it or not, Daley is amongst that list.


26 Responses to “UFC Pres Hasn’t Completely Shut The Door On A Paul Daley Return”

  1. Daley is an exciting SCRAPPER..shitt happens let it go, Dana took dirtbag Diaz back and he’s done more STUPID shitt then Daley!

    • Sho Nuff says:

      Like what exactly? Daley got mad he lost walked up and sucker punched the shit out of the guy that beat him. Name one thing Diaz has ever done that compares to that? Not to mention Diaz won all his fights and won a belt Daley has lost multiple times in smaller organizations. You a hater…..Nuff Said

  2. jimmy says:

    your a retard diaz sucker punched mayham miller in strikeforse when he was callin him out for a rematch, and paul daley didnt sucker punch the “shit” outta him he hit him one time, its still bad but its nothing diaz wouldent do, dana just needs to take the tampon outta his ass soo…. nuff said u dont even know what your talkin bout

  3. aaron27 says:

    Ya Daley lost his cool in the moment,Diaz is just like”nope I’m not gonna answer the phone or come to the press conference ” tht to me is just acting like a punk brat

  4. Gack says:

    I will lose much respect for Dana if he goes back on his word. He made the statement that he would NEVER fight in the UFC again, and he needs to stick to it, or never have said it. Let Daley continue to fight in other organizations…I have no interest in watching him. I wrote the chump off immediately and permanently when he sucker punched KOS, and I am not a KOS fan at all.

    Its one thing to be heated and to keep going AFTER the bell, when your opponent is still somewhat capable of defending himself, but to attack from behind and just plain ole sucker punch a guy like that…Nope…gone for good in my book, and Dana…if you don’t want to lose face to a LOT of fans, you should stick to your word on that. Everyone MUST respect each other and in particular…the word of their commander in chief! Dana never even sounded iffy about it when he made the statement…he stated it as 150% fact, no way I’d go back on that word, particularly for a so-so fighter like him! Not a chance…he took out that trash way back then,…it should stay at the curb, don’t bring it back into the house!

    • Gack says:

      Just a refresher on the post fight interview after the Daley sucker punch. I am AMAZED that after the statements he made in this interview, he would even publicly comment on reconsidering. Wow…I will lose soooo much respect for Dana if he eats his words.

      I don’t agree that everyone deserves a second chance either. This is a JOB for these guys. If I go into my work and punch my co-worker because I was mad at him, I would similarly be fired on the spot and be banned from ever working there again. For that matter, even if I just stole something, you name it…anything that would result in a very serious offense worthy of instant termination, doesn’t have to be a fight even…that would be it…gone for good at that employer! Now, I can possibly go work at another organization performing the same job, but to say that I would ever DESERVE a second chance at THAT employer is ludicrous to me.

      • Paul says:

        I’m sure Dana will be GUTTED that you have lost respect for him! 😉

        • Gack says:

          LoL…yea…not that I, at any point in my comments, gave any indication that Dana would ever care what I thought. But yea…I guess in your mind though…your reply was relevant in some way.

          I would have to be insane to think that Dana would give 2 fucks about my comments. Probably just as insane to even think he would monitor comments on this site, let alone give the previously mentioned 2 fucks. So, yea…I suppose from my post you must have gathered that I was insane, and full of such grandeur to think my opinion mattered that much…hence prompting your reply. Either that or you just post shit without using your brain. Hmmm….

        • Delta says:

          Or, the wink was showing it was in jest?

    • Delta says:

      Dana also said Karo Parisyan would never come back to the UFC. Granted, he got cut again after one fight, but that’s one example.

      Dana also said about fighters who appeared in EA SPORTS MMA, “If you do business with EA, you won’t be in the UFC.”

      Who’s come into(or back, whether they’ve already fought or signed but have yet to fight) to the UFC? Overeem, Hendo, Jason Miller, Shields, and Diaz/. All who appeared in the game. Also, Werdum and Melendez were in the game too, and Werdum’s expressed interest in returning(not sure if he’s had talks or not) and Dana talked about bringing Melendez to the UFC, and he’d likely get an immediate title shot.

      So, why exactly are you bitching about Daley MIGHT come back to the UFC?

      • kenny says:

        he said that like 4 years ago way before the ufc purchased strikeforce

        • Delta says:

          One: It would’ve been more like 2 years ago. Two: Does that matter? Gack was saying Dana going back on his word. Doesn’t matter if Strikeforce was purchased, that would be going back on his word.

          By the way, it’s Zuffa that bought Strikeforce, not the UFC.

      • Gack says:

        For one: I wasn’t talking about any other fighter he may have made comments about. I was only talking about Daley, as IMO, Daley’s ban was the only one really warranted. Isn’t this thread about Daley? Or did I miss-read it and it mention every other fighter Dana may or may not have said wouldn’t fight in the UFC again? Secondly…use my link, watch again, the video of his comments post-fight. That was some SERIOUS, WELL MEANT comments, not just BS about business ethics. He seriously meant it…now to go back on something apparently he was VERY sincere about, is mad management in my books. Sorry…that’s all I am saying. Nothing about any other comments about any other fighter…only Daley, and ONLY because I too felt the same way he did that night, and STILL do today. Never say never…and if you do…then you man up and stick to your word. You are only as good as your word…and if he recants on this…I think he loses face. I want the sport to advance, and he deserved the ban, IMO.

        Look at most other fighters who hype up a big fight, talk a bunch of smack about the other…but when they get in the cage…go at, after the fight, MOST (at least the ones I admire and think represent the sport the best) Hug it out and bury their hatchets with a new found respect for one another…not sucker punch.

        • Delta says:

          The article about it being Daley, and not other fighters, is completely irrelevant as your comment was about Dana White going back on his word. I pointed-out numerous other examples of him going back on his word about other fighters being banned, and your “may or may not have said” is a half-assed justification. Unless you’re ok with picking and choosing when it matters to “go back on your word.” Wouldn’t that basically be hypocrisy, which is just as bad as going back on your word?

          Now if Daley had been someone who didn’t say he was wrong, he shouldn’t have done that, ect. then yeah you’d have a point. But people aren’t allowed to change their minds?

          Also it seems like him returning the to UFC depends more on his success anyways.

  5. David says:

    Not to mention diaz got into a fight with joe riggs in the hospital after their fight.

    • Rusk says:

      There’s a huge difference from getting in a fight off the clock and sucker punching some one on live tv, what Daley did made the UFC look bad what Diaz did made himself look bad

  6. Bee Jay says:

    if bellator is smart, they’ll add daley to their ranks. they have some really good WW names like Askren, Jay Hieron and Ben Saunders. A fight with those guys and Daley would be a decent draw.

  7. fongsta says:

    Paul Daley vs. Thiago Alves WHAT DO Y’ALL THINK???

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