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Monday, 12/12/2011, 09:34 am

UFC POLL – Can Anyone Beat Jon Jones?


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    • Sencala says:

      I was wondering where that button was.

    • Yup. If Hendo can’t, THEN he’ll be worth every bit of hype.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        True. I mean, he’s only:
        1) Defeated a previously undefeated Ryan Bader
        2) Became the UFC’s youngest champion by beating former Pride Champ and Current (at the time) UFC Champ, Shogun Rua
        3) Defended the belt by tapping out a former UFC champion in Rampage Jackson
        4) Became the first light heavy since the Ice Man to defend the belt more than once by putting Machida to sleep and ending what is arguably the most impressive and historic year in UFC history
        Yeah, if he defeats Hendo, only then will he be worth the hype.

        • gabriel says:


        • lolziez says:

          that was called sarcasm i believe

        • AAxAntonio says:

          good points but rampage defended against hendo

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          I know, but Jones is the first since the Ice Man to defend the belt MORE THAN once.

        • johns yo daddy says:

          SHOGUN was never a pride champ…
          BADER is overrated… (Tito dominated him lmao)
          RAMPAGE had no game plan but did make him run like a girl…

          MACHIDA was a straight out badass win.. (even tho he lost the 1st)

          also his true colors showed when his coach said “go check on machida and get some fans”…

          this is why jonesy boy is a douche…. also all his fights have catered to his style… bad matchup would be a strong wrestler with great striking and a game plan (rashad/hendo) then lets see how he does… JONES FTL!!!

        • Raymond says:

          The only man that can stop Jones in the UFC would be a heavyweight for example, lesnar, overeem etc. OR Anderson Silva. That’s facts. And imo Anderson Silva > Jon Jones.

        • jiggly says:

          in witch dimension?

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          My bad, Shogun was the 2005 Middle weight Grand Prix Champ. Call Bader overrated if you want, but until he fought Jones, he was undefeated. Rampage may have made him run like a girl, but Rampage also ended up tapping out, so…

        • Yung L says:

          I smell a hater….. Whoever your favorite fighter is would get destroyed by Jon Jones EASY!!!

        • effyocouch says:

          Shogun WAS a Pride champ.

        • Amarob says:

          Actually shogun was a pride champ… He won a grand prix making him a grand prix champion in pride = a champion in pride

          Also machida is argueably the worst (as in hardest) matchup for jones since he explodes the way he does (machida) so not all of his fights have catered to his style

          Bader was overrated but when he attempted to wrestle with jones he still got stomped… Baser is a great wrestler…

          Machida is a great striker… Jones dominated both styles… What leads you to believe that Evans or Hendo will be diff? (I would LOVE to see Hendo as the champ) I also really like Evans but I’m being realistic

          One more thing… If you look at tge judges s ore cards jones won the first round of the fight… (even though I feel he lost)

        • josh says:

          Dude hendo can’t outwrestle jones.. during his last 5 fights do u see him use wrestling ? No. Hendo only has his right nuke. Jake shields outwrestle the 2 time olympian. Second jones is too crafty with his takedowns n strikes. Everyone knows his spinning elbow but he stll lands it. Look at hendo against silva (another fighter with long limbs) he missed most of his bombs and silva just stayed outside. Rashad has a lot better chnce but only in wrestling. Nobody took jones down ye. Let’s see who’s the first

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Yup the day Jones fights someone who he doesn’t tower over he will lose guaranteed without his size he is nothing but a bum

        • EP says:

          hahahaha wow i really couldnt have said it better myself. Also aside from Hendo/Evans definitely possibly beating him, one this is for damn sure, Anderson Silva would absolutely destroy him and then mop the octagon canvas with him after he is finished. without question.

        • "H"BOMB says:

          shogun held the 2005 grand prix title bader GOT CAUGHT by ortiz that was a fluke fyi

        • eldin says:


        • Brad says:

          You madd bro?

        • Shawn says:

          The more he defeats top tier fighters, the more he solidifies his position. However:

          1) Defeated a previously undefeated Ryan Bader

          So did Tito, and Tito is on his way out. Bader is a good fighter, but I wouldn’t put him in the echelon of the LHW div.

          2) Became the UFC’s youngest champion by beating former Pride Champ and Current (at the time) UFC Champ, Shogun Rua

          Go win, and not taking anything away from Jones. But the Rua he fought wasn’t the Rua that beat Machida and fought against Hendo. I’d like to see rematch myself.

          3) Defended the belt by tapping out a former UFC champion in Rampage Jackson

          This one I agree. For me, this was actually the first true test for Jones. And he won that decisively.

          4) Became the first light heavy since the Ice Man to defend the belt more than once…

          Props to Jones. But it’s also the first time he felt…uneasy. There was worry in his eyes after the first round. Machida did something no other fighter has been able to. And it does show that Jones does have holes that can be exploited. He’s not unbeatable, no one is. It’s just a matter of who’s better on that night.

          I just wish that he didn’t turn so cocky. He was a far more humble kid before all the wins and fame.

        • saiyan man says:

          well said my friend

        • "Welcome To The Machida Era" says:

          Of people wanting to keep Jones in a neat little package. Why do people want him to remain that naive kid out of Endicott forever?? He displays a lot more confidence these days, but I haven’t witnessed any thing in his behavior that was offensive. I haven’t been given any proof (links to video) of Jones being cocky. It’s just that his haters keep repeating it, and it’s now accepted as fact. I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon (i.e. Rogan’s statement when Machida knocked out Rashad) just because someone says something out of emotion.

          Again, post a link, ANYONE, of Jones being “cocky.”

        • Jc says:

          yeh but is still an arrogant prick

        • kenji says:

          personally i dont believe hendo has the style to overcome jones. hendo is a brawler…he scores by moving forward…this works contrary to jones style….for one jones reach and height is a factor. hendo just dosent have the lateral movement nor the head movement to overcome jones arsenal…only one has that along with his wrestling and it rashad. i really feel rashad has something the rest dosent he has what joe frazier had when he fought muhammad ali and that is his ablilty to bob and weave and great lateral movement and footwork…that along to go with his wrestling abilities to match jones which machida lacked…and there you have it,…its rashad that has the best chance against jones and not hendo….

        • Daniel Brown says:

          1. That’ll be Ryan Bader who is the only person to lose to Tito Ortiz since 2006.
          2. That’ll be the Shogun Rua who had one good leg and one lung by the performance he put on. Everyone could clearly see Shogun wasn’t fit in that fight.
          3. Rampage, a plodding 1-dimensional boxer who hasn’t been at his best for years. Why would someone give up such a huge reach advantage and then try and box? It’s so stupid it’s laughable.
          4. I give Jones credit for this. He beat Machida who was on form, fit and healthy and had a good gameplan.

          People are putting Jones in the top P4P lists. He hasn’t cleared out a division like GSP & Silva have. He’s beaten a few good fighters and somehow he has become this incredible fighter. If he can beat Hendo & Rashad then he deserves to probably be the top P4P in the world.

        • Michael says:

          He is worth the hype. But I often wonder why people don’t talk about him arguably being the largest (frame wise) light heavy weight ever? I standing guillotine or neck crank he put on Machida only worked because of his height advantage. He would have finished him eventually but not there and not against the cage they way he did if he wasn’t soooo much bigger than him.

    • aaron says:

      henderson could barely beat shogun… he wouldnt be able to touch bones

      • JAT says:

        thank you. im not saying bones is unbeatable but no one at the present moment has the right tools to beat bones. machida is the only one to land a solid punch on him, but he overcame adversity and won like a good champ always does. and dont say he got lucky or any of that b.s. because if thats so then andersons triangle on chael was a fluke as well. Jones is legit and hes here to stay for a while.

        • riDICKulous says:

          Anderson was setting it up the whole time! In which of his entrance did he wear his BJJ gi other than the Chael’s fight? Wake up all of you!

        • thegreatest says:

          Yeah because it takes 4+ rounds to set up a ten second triangle… You my friend are dummy

        • Dude says:

          Holy fuck dude really ? He got beat the hell out of him, and it was all a set up for a last minute triangle ? LOL thats the most ridiculous thing i have read for a while. I do believe no one can beat him right now.

        • pusheditin says:

          I’m glad someone else saw it. BJJ clinic for chael that day, yes you can set up a triangle for 4 rounds…if you’re a jedi. strong with the force he is. not a single attempt until he wanted to. then it was done. but there will always be ignorance.

        • Kevin Cormier says:

          he didnt even hit him all that great, it just seemed like more than it was because nobody has ever touched jon jones in a fight.

        • Clarence Worley says:

          he got grazed by a punch he sort of dodged…

          he was moving his head away, somewhat akin to the way boxers like Ali just “roll with a punch”

          but yeah, stop the presses, Jones got HIT…in a fight… by one of the greatest strikers ever to enter the octagon…so obviously he is all hype, only looks good because the fighters he beats have lost to other guys at some point in their career, making them cans regardless of the fact that they were UFC/Pride/NCAA Div 1 champions…. Just wait until _____ comes along, because (insert wrestler/boxer’s name here) is going to (expose his weak chin/outwrestle him/expose his bad carido/etc- choose one or more) and THEN we shall all see that Jones was never any good, just a hyped up can crusher with long arms who was spoon fed chumps like Machida, Shogun and Rampage….

      • Brad says:

        lmao siiiiiick MMA math brooooo….. rookie

    • Brian says:

      hell yea man hendo has his number mark my words bro

      • Clarence Worley says:

        Dan Henderson is 137 years old…137 YEARS OLD!!!!

        Hendo will throw his right hand and get hit, kicked, elbowed and taken down while his punch misses the area a foot short of where Jones’ chin was when hendo originally started throwing the punch.

        then he will gas IF he makes it out of the first round, which he probably will, and he’ll need an oxygen tank to get much further than round 3….

        this fight will be an epic mismatch… mark MY words

    • Ryan M says:

      I picked invincible because there was no Hendo button

    • Thetude says:

      hendo couldnt
      lay a glove on bones

    • Shakrkhunter says:

      I agree, Hendo looks amazing. Jones will not walk all over Hendo in my opinion and his chin will get tested. I would love to see the odds on this one. I would take hendo via tko second or third round.

  1. beanofgtg says:


  2. sexillama says:

    Where’s the realistic option, anyone can be beat. I really don’t think Jones and Silva will ever fight, there are too many fights left for Jones and by the time he’s at the point where he’s cleaned out the devision, Silva will likely be 40… Hendo could put one on his chin, I don’t think Rashad will beat him, and he likely will retain the belt for quite a long time, but you never know.

  3. Nick says:

    I don’t think anyone can at the time, maybe Rashad or Hendo will. If he runs past those guys lets give him Anderson. Other than that there’s really no one.

  4. dynomania says:

    Machida can on the right night, but he’s a tough fight for everyone. It’s his length, athleticism and skill combined that make him so difficult to fight. I don’t believe he’s more skilled than Lyoto, but I do think he’s more physically gifted..

    • Robby says:

      So what was wrong with Saturday night? Just wasn’t the right night I guess? It took Jon Jones one round to figure Lyoto out. Yea Rampage “won” against Lyoto, but it wasn’t definitive. It took Shogun seven rounds to beat Lyoto. Come on, give Jones some props. I was going for Machida too but after this fight I think Jones can beat anybody. Silva would get destroyed if Jones and him ever fought. If Hendo landed his bomb of course it’d be over, but try catching the guy. At this moment in UFC or MMA not one person can beat Jon Jones in the 205lb division.

      • Brian says:

        dude if they fought again jones would go down he didnt know what to do he got lucky with that left jones was not himself after that 1st round. I think rua woulld beat him 9 time out of 10 thats IMO people

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          There goes that “lucky” word again. Yeah, he got “lucky” with the left that he intentionally threw out there. Makes sense. Rua would beat him 9 times out of ten, but I guess that one time that Bones wins, he doesn’t barely get by, he beats him so bad that Rua wants to tap from strikes. This too makes a lot of sense. Haters are gonna hate…

        • AAxAntonio says:

          i think it all depends on which rua shows up, sometimes he looks incredible others he looks like shit, but when he is at his best i still think shogun is the best light heavy weight…. unfortunately he is to inconsistent.

      • Calabama says:

        Silva would get destroyed but Henderson has a really clean chance… riiiiiight.

        • DevonAK86 says:

          WTF! Silva choked Hendo out so why would you say silly shit?

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          chill out, bruh. I think if you look closely enough, you’ll be able to spot the sarcasm hidden in his comment. First clue; “riiiiiight”

    • pk9grrr says:

      agree with dynomania,machida may have got to confident in the second by getting to close,jones knew he had to close the gap early in the second and attack as he did look bewildered and this fight may have slipped into machidas hands if it did go to the later rounds..otherwise i thought the fight was pretty exciting

  5. Jb says:

    On any given day, anyone can get caught. I still don’t think jones has been “hit”.

  6. Masefoster says:

    I’m not necissarly a bones fan but I do respect his talent and I believe he can beat anyone at 205 ATM even if Anderson comes up I’d like to see the fight but I’d have to give the fight to bones

  7. Another Endicott Hood Rat says:

    The Pride of Endicott, earned his LHW title and his 4-5 month vacation… The 607’s Hero has no one in the top 10 LHW’s worth the sweat off his brow so Dana better start lookin worldwide for some new 205ers because it’s gonna take a looooooong time to find someoneto compete with the U-E Tiger

  8. what says:

    Who are the people making these polls?
    Do they know anything about mma?

  9. dwayne says:

    idk bout beat but there 2 guys i know would give him a run for his money..anderson silva and junior cigano dos santos….

    • mike says:

      dos santos would definitely beat jones if they ever fought and i would be very surprised if he lost. However, I also highly doubt jones would ever go to heavyweight because he would get crushed. I will say that I do believe Anderson would beat him too but that fight is closer because Jones has the reach and power but i think anderson is to precise, quick, and elusive for jones to handle. Anderson is a faster opponent then Machida was and the Dragon almost ended it in the first round but did not rush in to quickly because Jones has earned a respected reputation in the division. And hendo does not have a chance sorry.

      • Kevin Cormier says:

        silva would get taken down and out in the first round. I would be interested in machida vs anderson, that would be a very interesting fight.

        • mike says:

          I would have agreed before the machida jones fight but I saw jones getting hit clean and then machida backing off. I have to say that guys like anderson silva, vitor belfort and the old Wanderlei Silva are the exact people to beat jones. Jones needs a striker that is too quick and not puss out when they have him like machida. But i would like to see anderson vs machida but i think anderson would still come out on top and no im not a die hard anderson fan i love all the guys i mentioned. Thats just how i see the fights ending.

  10. DruBolts says:

    Randy Orton the legend killer

  11. Sara says:

    Yes dan Henderson

  12. mike says:

    You guys are crazy if you think Hendo can beat Jones. He barely beat Show gun in decision. I think Vitor Belfort might have a chance against Jones.

    • says:

      your comment doesnt really make sense, by your logic sonnen has no chance against silva, because sonnen lost to maia and to forrest, two guys anderson destroyed, so wat are you really trying to get at? henderson and rua are two different fighters. but i do agree that sonnen has no chance against silva but not cuz he lost to opponents anderson beat but because he is really not that good

  13. Liam says:

    Why are there so many people hanging on anderson on this site? He would struggle against a lot of the top guys at LHW, he wouldn’t be able to do his hands by the side routine against any of the good strikers at 205. The best striker he has faced is Vitor who never really got started. Sure he has had an incredible run and is a great fighter but some of the guys he has beat you look at now and go they are real shit, Griffin, Leites, Cote, Irvin, Lutter, Leben and of coarse he should beat someone like maia. Jones would tear anderson apart really easy.

    • LOL says:

      i have read all the damn comments made on here till this point where the hell do you see anyone picking anderson silva over jon jones? all i see is hendo would win/lose and anderson would get destroyed….. SMH…. your a dumbass if you take anderson outta any fight you cant put jon jones name in the same category as silva’s wtf is wrong with you all?!?!? he is the best pound for pound fighter in the world! no one is better at the moment not gsp nor jon jones. dont even put jon jones in the same category as silva or gsp. them guys DOMINATED THERE WEIGHT CLASS AND ANDERSON BEAT GRIFFIN AT 205 AND THE SANDMAN, DUDE HE COULD BEAT THE MAJORITY OF 205ERS OUT THERE. i dont see one that can beat him. now if jones fought anderson …… anderson would show him 5 moves and jonny boy would knocked the fuck out. to fast and elusive for jonny there guys. and to top it all off the guy is a veteran in the sport! WITCH HE HAS DOMINATED! BEST POUND FOR POUND! ANDERSON THE SPIDER SILVA!

  14. Kyle6286 says:

    The only guy that can beat him in the LHW division is someone with a long reach, not any of these 6 ft, 74 inch reach opponents. Bones’ one foot reach advantage is just too much for any average-sized guys. They can’t get in close, and when they do, muay thai knee from hell. Everyone busts GSP’s balls. Why can’t Jones move up to HW where he’ll be tested. Not saying what he’s accomplished in the past year isn’t impressive, and Jones along with any other one of his opponents would beat my ass, but he’s just too big for LHW. Come on, and 84 in reach?

    Not hating on Jones. It’s not his fault he’s got freakishly long limbs.

  15. magoo says:

    No one in the world presently fighting at 205 could beat Jones today!

  16. Mike McMack says:

    Yep, but not at LHW. At HW he would have some challenges but he would still be top 5 or maybe 3 IMO.

  17. Jake says:

    No one is unbeatable. You could see the fear in bones eyes when machida actually touched him. When your arm and leg reach is over a foot on average against most fighters it hard for anyone to hit you. Period. Might be one of the next greatest fighters of all time but if your a cocky douche like him you ticket will be punched n its not worth much when people dont have the champion respect for you. He wasn’t winning that fight until the last minute when machida flunked up his game plan. When he said in a interview the he knew machida was out for a bit before the ref jumped In and just still held him their choking him shows his character. Out is out, you let go once he goes limp when you know it’s over, you don’t need the refs approval on shit like that cuz its obvious. Then to just callousely drop him instead of ease him down a bit and walk away and shaking your head like your the king shit shows your not this “great humble” champion you try to come off as. No respect for others gets you no respect from others. I was a bones fan until I started to see his true colors shine brightly. When u have to be told by your coach to go give some respect it just goes to show how much immaturity he posses. His age surpasses his mantality, even at only 24 lol

    • Kevin Cormier says:

      what are you talking about, you dont stop until the ref says stop. First rule of mma. And machida did ok at first, but once bones decided to get in close it was all over.

      • the refutor says:

        Its called professionalism you retard, and not murdering someone

        • Kevin Cormier says:

          its the refs job to stop it, its not like he refused to let go. People have let go or stopped before, only to lose the fight because of it. Bottom line, dont stop until the ref says stop.

    • the refutor says:

      Very well said.

      • "Welcome To The Machida Era" says:

        Very poorly said. If you’re unable to see your opponents face, you don’t stop! Jake, you were NEVER a Jon Jones fan. You’re letting all the criticisms of Jones influence your thinking. What do you say about fighters who KO their opponent and jump around the cage like they just defeated Jesus himself? BJ has yelled “who’s the man” after knocking out opponents, yet he is a hero to all of Hawaii ! Humble? Rampage humble? JDS runs across the Octagon jumping on the cage as if saying “everybody look at me!” Humble? Crazy.

        If Jones spoke like he was from the ‘hood and talked smack non-stop and walked with a “swag” everywhere he went, I bet he wouldn’t be mocked and criticized as much as he is now. All his critics are trying to fit Jones into this little picture on how he should’ve been acting his entire career. And because he refuses to, they choose to tear him down.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Very good points made

        • Fu says:

          It’s pretty obvious that BJ and Rampage aren’t very humble, but at least they don’t act like they are. If anything, JDS celebrates HIS win, and he does not rub it in his opponents face. Those guys aren’t people who PRETEND TO BE HUMBLE like your lord and savior Jon Jones. If he’s a dousch, then he should act like it and stop trying to cover it up with this fake cover of being the humble guy he wants everyone to believe he is.

          Also, I do think it was disrespectful the way he just dropped Machida. But, that’s just me.

        • Jon Jones fan says:

          It was cool the way he dropped Machida like that. All fights should end that way. That was badass.
          No other fighter will agree publicly with me, but I know privately they all wish they could have that much power to do something like that. Probably even YOU wish you could do something like that!

          No one can beat Jones. No one.

  18. Kevin Cormier says:

    nobody is unbeatable, all it takes is one perfect punch.

  19. Jb says:

    Jones opponents let him get settled to much. You need to go rite at him as soon as they say fight. Allowing jones to use his reach And get your timing is a death sentence. I’d like to see him in hvy where a lot of peoPle thinks he belongs but he’s not stupid enough to do that. Overeem or jds would kill him

  20. KP says:

    Who comes up with these polls?? Such a dumb question… ANYONE can be beat…

  21. david diaz says:

    he’s too fast for hendo and lets face it hendo’s takedown defense is suspect…anderson silva can wrestle for shit so what’ll happen when he’s clinched up and tossed? jones is gonna throw elbows and end the fight…rashad has a glass jaw so that’s not happening…phil davis isn’t the best striker in the world so jones can still win just as long as he keeps it standing

  22. Lone RIder says:

    I agree anyone can be beat, machida did show some weakness to jones game. was alot better striker and faster than him until he got hit with an elbow and messed up his timing. but as soon as machida found his timing he was out striking jones so jones went back to his strength, and size to take machida down, which he had to work for too.

  23. joey says:

    Where is the Hendo button?

  24. Yung L says:

    At this very moment there is NO ONE at 205 lb that can beat Jon Jones. He has demonstrated his all around MMA game. You wont out wrestle him, you can hope to out strike him but his unorthodox striking makes that a far fetched dream. You wont out grapple him or over power him. He’ll be champion for years to come.

  25. topher says:

    Shogun will win a rematch via flying leg lock. he has long skinny legs and that is how anderson lost his last non-disqualification match to ryo chonan

  26. Amir says:

    The fight was great for Bones and Machida. Machida was well-prepared and sharp. Jones was obviously very focussed and sharp as well. Let’s not forget that Jones actually DROPPED Machida with a lightning-fast punch or elbow and had him dazed….Then he choked Machida out. Jones gets props for striking with and dropping Machida and choking him out. Machida’s ONE serious punch that he landed was VERY solid. We can’t say that Jones hasn’t been rocked, because he has. And he’s fought guys with really powerful punches like Hendo. e.g. Rampage, Showgun, Bader, Matyushenko.

  27. Miro says:

    I’d like to see his skinny legs get tested, someone with solid takedown defense and amazing kickboxing that can get close enough to dig their shin bone into that leg might have a chance

  28. jamie says:

    Dana White said he has potential to move to heavyweight in the future because of his size and reach. I think Machida was close with his counter punching, but maybe didn’t have the power to drop him. Maybe Hendo is past his best but that one punch could drop anyone! Keep an eye out for jimi manuwa @POSTERBOYJM. BAMMA Light Heavyweight champ

  29. Amarob says:

    I can


  30. josh says:

    Hendo wont be able to do anything against Jones. His only chance at winning is landing a really hard shot. Just like Rampage. He presents no other threats. I think hendo should either fight lil nog or shogun again. The best match up is Rashad. They trained together so they know eachothers secrets. They have been away from eachother for a little now so who ever has developed more will be the winner. Rashad hits hard enough and is fast enough to take him catch him too.

  31. Amir says:

    We’ll get to see someone test Bones’ legs one of these days. I’m sure he can handle it, as he does when he’s training. I’m definitely impressed with Jones. I know we all recall all the challenges that the public keeps throwing at Bones, only to see that he handles it all like a pro…. Let’s see how he handles a strong wrestler. Let’s see how he handles a heavy-handed striker. Let’s see how he handles a super fast striking pro (Machida). Let’s see how he handles a punch. Let’s see how he handles a seasoned BJJ Black Belt.
    Actually, speaking of testing someone’s legs… I think it’s very interesting that Bones TESTED the hell out of the legs of Rua and Rampage. They both looked like they wanted to quit, just because of the leg kicks! Wow.

  32. DimeBagg says:

    Hendo would beat Jones imho.

  33. Amir says:

    Actually, when I think about it all; we’re listing all the qualities and skills that we (general public) say would be needed to defeat JBJ…. But, we’re actually describing Jonny “Bones” Jones! Excellent takedowns from the clinch. Great wrestler. Great range. Unpredictable kicks. crazy throws. Athletic. SOLID submissions that very few can escape. Proven cardio. Super fast. Tall. Strong. Crazy strikes from his hands, elbows, knees and feet (Muay Thai), and he thinks inside the cage. Very interesting indeed…

  34. Amir says:

    I think Hendo is a GREAT fighter and he definitely has weapons that can take JBJ out, but I believe Hendo just doesn’t move enough to avoid letting Jones pick him apart, like he did to everyone else except Machida. Utlitmately, he beat Machida, but we could all tell that Machida was very difficult to hit. I don’t think Jones would have any trouble having his way with Hendo mainly because he doesn’t move around enough or fast enough. Rashad on the other hand is VERY fast and can definitely knock anybody out, so that may get interesting.

  35. InternetToughGuy says:

    I think Jones is top notch but I’ve been noticing that his striking isn’t top notch. He has a massive physical advantage against everyone he’s fought so far. It would be interesting to see a match against another lanky, incredible striker. Anderson makes perfect sense. I believe Anderson would knock Jones out because of Jones’ questionable striking should the fight stay standing up. On the ground, who knows.

    • Kevin Cormier says:

      It wouldnt stay standing, andersons only chance would be to rush jones… but he would probably just get taken down and out. Just think how easy sonnen took down anderson, if that was jones the fight would be finished.

      • mike says:

        Andersons only chance would be to rush??? How many people has anderson DESTROYED ON THE FEET and how many has Jones? Oh yea thats right Jones only chance would be to rush and Anderson would avoid them all and punish him because thats what he does best, counter attacks. Jones has skills but i still would give the fight to anderson via ko or tko on the feet; however jones will take anyone in the division as of now

      • InternetToughGuy says:

        I really don’t think Jones would rush him and the Chael fight is another story but Anderson does have good take down defense and he can punish guys that try. But he can finish guys on the ground. Chael wasn’t the only “wrestler” to have suffered Anderson’s BJJ. Hendo knows. Jones vs. Silva does make an interesting fight though. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this happen over a Silva vs. St. Pierre. Either way, it would be awesome!

  36. Amir says:

    Yea, I totally agree… Anderson Silva and Jon Jones would be a crazy match up of talent. However, I just don’t see a fight between the two of them. Their weight just isn’t close enough. Anderson is very comfotable at 185 and Jones is very comfortable 20lbs heavier at 205. That’s a pretty big difference when it comes to two very skilled figheters. That’s why we never see anyone competing around 195lbs. It makes more sense to be a big 185 pounder, than to be a very light 205 punder. And if JBJ moves up to heavy weight, he’ll be a VERRRRY small heavyweight and get crushed. I’m also 6′ 4″ and compete at 205lbs and whenever I train with guys around 250 and 260lbs, it’s just a totally different experience…not a pleasent one at all!! LOL And when I fight guys around 185, I almost always have a pretty big strength and size advantage, even if they are more skilled.

    • mike says:

      I completely agree with that and i highly doubt a jones vs. anderson fight would ever happen. However with all these speculations and since anderson has moved up and fought at 205 before I would only but the edge to him in that matchup after seeing some of the success of machida in his fight. However, i also agree that jones would not be able to compete in the heavyweight division because they are just too big and he is not good enough. His body is just unique and very difficult for the lhw to deal with but there is not much of a challenge for him in the division anyways. Possibly one of the weakest division in the game right now mainly because the majority of the fighters are getting old or have been fighting for years which takes a toll on them and they just cant compete against jones rght now.

  37. Chris says:

    Mother fuckin Chael Sonnen could move up and whoop his ass. Rashad will beat his ass first. He’s not fucking unstoppable.

  38. Devilock says:

    If Hendo trains the same kind of maai, timing and distance, training that Lyoto used in the 1st round, he could beat Jones. I think Hendo would have a real problem trying to land the H-bomb right away. Even if he does land it, on Jones, if Jones survives it, Hendo will probably gas and get taken down by Jones and GnPed.

  39. Jujitsu Player says:

    IMO Nobody can beat him at LHW or lighter, and yes I include Anderson Silva. Although I still think Silva is currently the best pound for pound fighter inthe world. I think as soon as Jones got hold of him it would be over, his strength, wrestling and ground and pound would be too much. The only fighters who could beat him would be the elite of the HW division, JDS, Brock, Cain maybe one or two others. I honestly think he would beat Overeem who don’t forget has lost fights to Liddell, Nog, Rua in his early days….

  40. Jujitsu Player says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH 14.4% people think Rashad could beat him! that is hilarious. At least I can sort of understand people thinking Anderson could beat him, I mean he’s a ninja but glass jaw Rashad!!!….come on guys this has got to be a joke….no?!?

  41. Calvino says:

    I do think Jones is worthy of some hype, he beat legitimately 100% fit opponents in Rampage and Machida, but I get why people are still skeptical of him. Neither Rua or Matushenko looked at their best, far from it in fact.

    He beat Ryan Bader when people considered unbeatable, but I fear Bader was being hyped a little due to being undefeated at the time (Kinda how Hardy got rushed to a title shot), Baders fights since then showed he has growing to do still.

    Also a lot of the competition Jones has/will face in the future have that Pride wear and tear to consider.

    It may not be till a new contender breaks through with a similar youth and athleticism that he looses.

    The 1st round of the Machida fight proved he’s not untouchable. Hendo is still a beast, and the Rashad fight is real interesting because they have such insight into each others gameplans. I don’t think Jones will walk past either of them.

    Sorry for the ridiculous comment length, I’m avoiding work like the plague, and MMA is far, far more interesting.

  42. Amir says:

    Yea, I think at the present time, Bones is just too much to deal with for the other top contenders. That’ll shift one day of course. Dan Henderson is 41 years old….

  43. Jon Jone is ducking Rashad and Perosh. He will lose to Hendo. And Gustaffson and Davis are some good up and comers that could give him problems.

    • Amir says:

      Yea, I was wondering about Phil Davis. He’s a pretty big guy…not nearly as fast as Jones, but he is tall, strong, and big with good reach. I wonder if Davis has been working on his G&P and subs. I think he was pretty weak in that area, if my memory doesn’t fail me.
      One side note though. Bones must be living up to all the hype, considering we’re all trying to figure out which fighter with the perfect skillset and age, will be able to match or defeat him.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      What have you been smoking? He destroyed Rua, finished Machida and took Rampage apart. The only reason he hasn’t walked through Rashad is becasue the guy is made of glass and keeps breaking down. I don’t see Hendo being able to deal with his reach and stand up. Davis will be a fight to look forward to but right now he stands no chance. In short nobody in the division can touch him.

  44. magoo says:

    Take Rashad out of the equation and it looks to be 50/50 for Silva VS Jones,wonder what the odds are and who would be the Fav?

  45. DewYouKnow8 says:

    And Chuck Norris wasn’t an option why….

  46. mmaislandjunkie says:

    hendo wants to fight the best and props to him for that but he should focus on guys he could actually beat like machida or rampage. he hit shogun w everything he had and couldnt put him away. jones made shogun tap to strikes. wouldnt wanna see hendo have the lost look in his eyes again.

  47. slacker says:

    Hendo can’t beat Jones, but I think either Rashad or Davis both have a good shot. I think both these guys have the ability to take him down and work a good mixture of ground game and stand-up.

  48. dwayne says:

    this was a good thread like i said earlier anderson silve would pose a threat on the feet but if jones takes him down its over….thats when jds fights em at heavy weight n beets him…they size up good, jones is a big 205lber

  49. Me says:

    i agree with dwayne. It wouldnt be too wise of Jones to stand with Silva. But i definitely think Jones can take him down pretty easily(considering he doesnt get blasted on the way in) and do lots of damage to end a fight with the spider.

  50. wilbo says:

    Jones is not unbeatable.The right night , the right fight and its over.Jones’ strength is he evolves quickly and that reach is a tough obstacle for so many at 205. Not taking anything away from other fighters.Jones is riding a crest of talent and belief in himself.He is heavy handed and the elbows he delivers almost always cut and inflict damage.. Not like he is being fed a bunch of nobodies. Submission of Machida was nasty. Never seen one applied that way.He will be a force for many years to come provided he can stay at 205.If he goes up to HW things may change. .

  51. jvd says:

    In his weight class? no one. If he moved up..who knows?

  52. Lots of people can beat him. You need a fighter who can defend the take down, take the center of the ring, work from the outside, grapple, throw elbows, ambidextrous with both leg kicks and punches, can take a punch, has speed to get in and get out (repeatedly), can submit and contain from their back, and can not tire after 2 rounds. You need a cognitive fighter to defeat Jon Jones.

  53. justAfan says:

    if hendo can connect a single or maybe a couple of punches, that would be interesting. he wants to test jon’s chin, then he should be as explosive and unpredictable like machida did in the first round against jon.

  54. Man of Steel says:

    Junior dos santos would smash him.

  55. Javier Ribeiro says:

    if he can take H bomb to the chin and recover and trust me Dan will connect because he is a small 205er and jon bones jones does not know how to stop over hand punches he has a bad habit of kicking back and parrying

  56. Ekeezy says:

    I think the Only fighters at 205 to have a chance to beat Jones are Rashad and Davis because of their Wrestling, If they could take Jones down and GNP they have a chance. Also Hendo has a chance if he lands his Right hand Bomb. Other than that NO ONE has a chance against Jones… He’s just to Big, Long, Young, and Talented.

  57. Richard says:

    I think u have to consider Fedor because he will end up fighting
    In the ufc and his prefered WC is 205 he would just walk through
    Jones! Dont think jones has bumped tittys with anyone like Fedor
    Before so mayby just mayby Fedors your man peace out !

  58. mick says:

    go back in time a few years ago and bring back PRIME BJ PENN and we’ll see a fearless squirrel on crack taking down and choking out a damn avatar (jones)

  59. Joe says:

    No Light Heavyweight has much of a chance only because Jon Jones is really a Heavyweight fighting at the Light Heavyweight Division. Most of the Light Heavyweights have reaches of early 70’s to mid 70’s and Jones has a reach of 84.5″ which is more similar to the reaches of Heavyweights. The average Heavyweight’s reach is around 78 and up. The weight of Jones is equivalent to that of Cro Cop. When Jones goes for submissions he has an extra half of a foot or more to wrap around the neck of his opponents. I can’t credit Jones for any of his wins and to be honest he needs to move up to Heavyweight for people his size and for real challenges.

  60. James says:

    Not @ LHW

    I would like to see him in there with some of the smaller HW’s.

  61. It is really tough to say anyone who is currently ranked in the UFC would do well at 205 against Jones. Even if Hendo got his shot against Jones… Jones has done well against the overhand hay maker (Ryan Bader)…I just don’t think Hendo has enough leverage against the fence to dirty box Jones (but who knows…). Fedor is great and all…but to fight Jones would be pre-mature. Fedor needs to climb the ranks in the UFC. He obviously has a bit of stage fright or something… and he is not fighting fights that prove any way shape or form that he is on the same level as Jones. I personally think Fedor fights better when he has a bit of weight on him. Not saying is recent fight against Monson is any indicator, but Fedor dominated that fight and made Monson look like a chump. However it just seems to me that Monson is a bit ‘done.’ I mean no disrespect.

    I think Jones is proving a big point so far. But- I just don’t see any good match-ups for him coming out of the UFC. Even Evans… while is an amazing fighter… I just don’t think he is in the same league.

  62. Ricardo says:

    Thiago Silva!!

  63. JL2002 says:

    If Phil Davis was ever to get an opportunity to fight Jones, this match up would go the distance b/c of Davis’s wrestling, physique & atheltic ability. Random I know, but there is something about his style.

  64. just saw shogun jones on ufc unleashed. jones is a dirty fighter he covered shoguns mouth and headbutted his chest. he cant win straight up MMA combat so he has to improvise. pretty lame if u ask me thats why hes the paper champ

  65. If rashad can’t get it done.. Hendo will! Andy won’t step up to fight jones bc they’re friends LOL. I’m sure Andy has been calling jones to come train to get him on that friend list..FK it let Chael fight Jones after he destroys Munoz! Chael will take that LHW belt from him.

  66. tom23 says:

    Where was the Gegard Mousasi button?

  67. BJ Penn Fan says:

    after watching the first round against lyoto machida…. i’m pretty sure anderson can make jones way more uncomfortable. he can tag him more than just a couple time.

  68. David Abbot says:

    Chuck would beat him if he still had a chin

  69. Joe says:

    Nobody in his division can…Silva is aging. Jr Dos Santos will be the first guy to beat him once Jones finishes everyone in his division and move to HW. Jr Dos Santos can knock out everybody in the UFC!.

  70. idontcare says:

    Everybody saying jones isn’t worth his hype by making excusses for bader,shogun,rampage… they might be pretty good excusses but trust me lyoto came in awesome shape he was fast,strong, very technica,l imo he even won the first round against jones but jones finished in style and tht takes to be a champ, cous i think lyoto in that shape would’ve beat everyone in the light heavyweight division.

    -just someone with an opinion.

    (i’m not a jones fan nor a hater)

    • Fu says:

      True. That Lyoto would’ve worked everyone else in that division. He let Jones close the distance and that’s all it took. He would’ve won if he kept working his gameplan like in round 1, that round showed me an uncomfortable Jones that knew he had to close the distance in round 2. BUT, Jones did win the fight… So whatevers.

  71. BigMikeWC858 says:

    No one as of right now can beat this kid maybe someone in HW JDS, Mir, Overeem, ect. He is to big for Anderson and anyone else in LHW and definitely MW, Anderson had trouble with Sonnen’s wrestling there is now way he could handle Jones on the ground and his reach would be to much standing up it would be a bad match up for Silva but a great match for the fans. I personally would rather see him challenge the HW division he could possibly be the only UFC fighter to hold a title in LW and HW divisions at the same time!!

  72. Danny Matona says:

    Jones don’t like to be punched on the chin. Ryan Bader & Machida showed it moreso. Machida’s strategy to win, was to knockout Jones by aiming for his chin. The 1st round showed this.

  73. Joseph says:

    Until someone sits down and watches videos (a number of times) of every fight the JJ has had and tries to figure out his unorthodox style and what he does the second before he throws a flying backfist or some unusual kick or comes in for a takedown – I don’t think anyone can beat him. He would destroy AS. Too strong and AS would have no idea how to deal with his style (unless of course the incredible Steven Seagal was to give him some advice – like that incredible kick Machida gave to Couture – also known as the Muay Thai front kick…wtf)…. AS is great at dealing with the “typical” fighter – but once someone starts throwing stuff at him that he has never had a chance to train for – he’s done… My 2 cents worth anyways…

  74. David Abbot says:

    He is not that good. The LHW division is just lacking talent right now, which makes him look a lot better then he really is.

  75. Fuck you all :) says:

    I think anyone with good leg kicks and striking and wrestling could take this fight I saw the video after the rampage fight and he was whining about a leg kick that rampage gave him rampage isn’t the best kicker but If he can hurt him anyone can as for the machida fight I really thought machida had it but it’s his fault for leaving his neck out hes a bjj black belt he should know better I’m not a big jones fan because of his attitude but there’s a lot better fighters out there than beat him and I’d like to see him beat I think his first loss will be via KO cuz there’s nobody that’s gonna be able to submit him on the ground Hendo requested the fight against jones and I hope he gets it and wrestles him down and beats on him he looked great in the shogun fight even though he was gassed he prevent the submission attempts and he’s in a big win streak so I go for Hendo all the way or a possible rematch with shogun

  76. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I am biased toward these aging fighters and dislike Jones. The problem isn’t that lack of talent but the lack of growth of these older fighters in the LHW division. Most of these guys have been fighting like they were 10-15 years ago without much hunger for growth toward being more well rounded fighter. A 34 year old fighter can’t fight like a 23 year old fighter and it’s as simple as that. Jon Jones is a skilled fighter, otherwise he wouldn’t be the champ but he isn’t more skilled than the majority of his competition. He is simply more nimble, has a longer reach, has good striking and has strong wrestling.

    Jon Jones won’t be beat till the fight is taken to him. Machida had the right idea with his first round blitzes. Someone with a strong ground game or TDD (he couldn’t keep Rampage down) will defeat Jones because as soon as the fight starts these fighters are at a huge disadvantage from his reach. He needs to be taken to the ground or trapped with his back to the fence so he can’t run away. “Suga” Rashad really has the best chance.

    • Fightfan Sydney says:

      After watching the machida fight it’s pretty hard to see who’s gonna get near jones. Machida is a smart smart fighter n came in with the perfect game plan. I was nearly pissin my pants at end of first round cos was the first time I’d seen Jon even a bit distraught. He was being cleverly picked apart but all the while kept his head, and that ending was one of the baddest there’s been in a while.. Na nighs lyoto.

  77. Renato says:

    Dan Henderson, Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, Minotoro and Shogun (in really great shape).

  78. wesley says:

    White and the Fettitta’s are making a big mistake allowing fighters to weigh-in 36 hours before the actual fight. Weigh-in should be immediately prior to fighters entering the Octagon. This the only equitable way to handle the situation. In this way, weight cutting would not be an issue—if someone can cut 35 lbs. and still win, then great for them. Jon Jones is a HW and is either going to actually kill someone at LHW or seriously disable them. Maybe then, the politicians will step in again to have the sport banned. Hopefully, Dana etal will wake up and fix the situation.

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