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Monday, 05/21/2012, 09:24 am

PHOTO | Josh Barnett Shows Off Nasty Hand Break Suffered Saturday | MMA NEWS

By: Jason Kindschy

Following his loss to Daniel Cormier on Saturday, Josh Barnett explained to Mauro Ranallo that he broke his hand early in the first round of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Final.

Barnett put any doubts of his claim to rest Sunday when he posted an X-ray of his left hand on Twitter. The picture depicts what appears to be a nasty break to the metacarpal of Barnett’s left index finger. I personally found it amazing that with such a painful injury, “The War Master” gave no inclination of being injured, or being in pain. Barnett did throw a few lead elbows, but it appeared that he was just mixing it up, and he still managed to pump the jab throughout the five rounds. Barnett stated on Twitter yesterday, “Here’s what happened in the first :30…still threw it though. Of course that might not have been so wise LOL.”

The loss to Daniel Cormier snapped an 8 fight win streak for Josh Barnett, with Barnett’s most recent win being over Sergei Kharitonov via arm triangle. Before Cormier, the last man to defeat Barnett was Minotauro Nogueria at Pride Shockwave in 2006.

Daniel Cormier allegedly re-injured his right hand in the first round of the fight as well. The former Olympian broke his hand in his bout with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in September of last year, and the injury resurfaced again Saturday night. Cormier told, “I think I’m going to have surgery on it and get it fixed, because I don’t want it to be recurring and then end up costing me later and later on down the line.

It appears both fighters will be out of commission for the foreseeable future, each needing time to let their injuries heal. Josh Barnett’s break is clearly the worse of the two judging by the photo, but I’m sure landing shots with a broken hand didn’t feel great for Daniel Cormier either. Regardless, I give both athletes a lot of respect for showing no pain and putting on a great show.


26 Responses to “PHOTO | Josh Barnett Shows Off Nasty Hand Break Suffered Saturday | MMA NEWS”

  1. CanILive says:

    time for the haters’ replies

  2. No worreh says:

    He fought with a brokenhand for four more rounds aftet the first damn hes a beast

  3. Damn.. says:

    This shit explains alot, Barnett vs Cormier II is definetly needed. You could clearly see Barnett wasnt working as he should after round 1. You could see he had other shit on his mind through out the rest of the fight, (Obviously the hand) and thats a nasty break.
    A damn shame, Really wanted Barnett to win and get recognition again and possibly make it into the UFC again (Cormier will end up there anyway, hes a promising HW with incredible wrestling and good power in the hands and with many UFC teammates), but yeah he might be a three(?) time Roid failer, but lets face some facts, Many many many athletes, and not only in MMA, uses PED’s and similar shit but untill you get caught it seems to be allright. Also, rather funny that people are against it even tho its so commonly known that a majority of athletes uses it in a majority of sports, but they got no problem with fuckin chickens and meat that you eat that are so fuckin pumped with chemicals and shit that makes ’em bigger and fatter in half the time. Either get random drug tests by independent and totally un-biased people several times per month (no matter if u have a fight or not nearby, all fighters that has signed a contract, hell, put it in the contracts of all the big fighting organizations that to be able to fight in this or that organization, you will have to be tested X amount of times per month, every month) or the other option is that you can make it legal for everyone and controll it, because this is gettin ridiculous. People throwin shit on all these roid failers and then their favourite fighter just happends to be better on cyclin’ the drugs, its fuckin sad and embaressin to see. Stop being so fuckin narrow minded.

  4. brian says:

    it’s amazing he was able to continue fighting with a break that bad. dude’s a stud. he was still throwing up subs and trying to grab cormier’s wrists, despite having absolutely no grip strength. that’s even more painful than throwing a punch.
    i want to see a rematch!

    • D-yan says:

      nooo dc to the ufc!

      • jeremy dollan says:

        yeah, but they’d need to break him in slowly. he’s a great guy and all, but he’s not ready for the top HW’s yet. he was cringing every time barnett popped him and barnett’s not exactly known as a great puncher. he’s got a lot of hype behind him, but i don’t think he’s quite at that level yet.

        • Mach00man says:

          Not at that level?? Are you smoking?
          The man is 10-0 MMA, a 2 time Olympian AND team captain of the USA team, and a NCAA DIV 1 All American. How could you say he’s not at that level?

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          Not to mention he put a beating on Big Foot who is already fighting what has to be a top 5 and former champ Velasquez. If Big Foot gets that kind of fight, why the hell wouldn’t Cormier be at the level having already beat Big Foot?

  5. andy says:

    Oh wow that’s nasty.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Damn what a savage!! That was an awesome fight I’d Love to see a rematch.

  7. Analyser says:

    Wow… Respect goes to Barnett for sure

  8. Gomay says:

    Why does he deserve a rematch? The shit wasn’t even remotely close? If you fight hurt you fight hurt most people dont’ really know how bad it is until the end. Get over it DC owned Josh with his speed and angle changes he made with his striking hands or no broke hand or not wouldn’t’ stop that.

    • jeremy dollan says:

      are you speaking english?

      look, cormier’s a great guy, but he’s got a long way to go. barnett had zero grip strength in his left hand and that hurt him far more than his lack of punching.
      if you can’t get ahold of a guy like cormier, he’s going to be free to tee-off on you.
      i think this fight is a lot closer than you thought. josh popped him a few times with knees and cormier was definitely hurt by them.

      i don’t think barnett’s a top guy at all, but i still think he takes this fight if he didn’t break his hand 30 seconds in.

  9. The outlaw says:

    Lie… Who doesn’t say they broke their hand in the 1st round?? I say it’s bullshit he probably broke it in the later rounds but using it as an excuse.

  10. Mach00man says:

    Remember, DC broke his hand against Bigfoot….in the first round, and he still finished him. What’s Barnett’s excuse?

    • eh says:

      wow, good point. plenty people break stuff in fights. rich franklin had a broke forearm i think and still knocked chuck liddle out.

      DC earned this victory, no doubts. barnett is game for continuing to fight. but can’t take away this win from DC. he won it fair and square.

    • pete says:

      dude, not all breaks are the same. you can have a small hairline fracture and call it a break.
      cormier’s “break” against bigfoot was nothing like this. this is clean in half. this will require surgery.

      people mention how much it hurts to punch, but that’s nothing compared to the amount of pain you’re in trying to grab ahold of your opponent. forget about wrist control or the subs he threw up. it’s pretty easy to ground and pound your opponent when he can’t lock you up.

      this is a totally different fight if he doesn’t break the hand 30 seconds in.

  11. Mike says:

    Was a great fight.

  12. toeys says:

    Looks like Barnett’s hand couldn’t handle DC’s face. tough dude but

  13. Xaninho says:

    “Josh Barnett’s break is clearly the worse of the two judging by the photo”

    I’m wondering if the author has seen DC’s x-ray as well? If not, how can you be sure barnett’s break is clearly the worst?

    Without comparison it’s not a very well-considered assumption

  14. JamieRIOT says:

    Nasty break. You could tell when he broke it in the first round, as he immediately stopped jabbing Cormier, understandably. Fair play for being able to go on for another four 5 minute rounds.

  15. Me says:

    Barnett is entertaining , he can easily beat many of ufc HWs , so bring him back Dana, plzzzzzzzzz!

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