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Thursday, 05/30/2013, 06:44 am

UFC on FX: Belfort vs. Rockhold Drug Tests Come Back Negative


The CABMMA (Brazilian Athletic Commission) and the UFC have released the results for the drug tests from UFC on FX: Belfort vs. Rockhold. All the tests came back negative.

“The UFC has been informed by CABMMA that all fighters on the UFC on FX 8 card passed their pre- and post-fight drug tests,” today’s announcement read. “The UFC fully supports the drug testing efforts of all regulatory agencies. All fighters are drug tested at every event and the organization maintains a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents.”

The main event that night was a middleweight bout between Vitor Belfort and Luke Rockhold, a fight that won’t soon be forgotten, as Belfort won with a spinning-heel kick to the head followed by punches on the ground to finish the job.

Vitor Belfort has been infamously making waves with his use of testosterone-replacement therapy. The therapy is frowned upon by some fighters and UFC president Dana White himself but is allowed through acceptance in to the testosterone-use exemption program.


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38 Responses to “UFC on FX: Belfort vs. Rockhold Drug Tests Come Back Negative”


    All that crying by all the haters for nothing

  2. 757 says:

    Exactly right!! Great to see someone with some common sense on the subject of Vitor and the TRT. I agree totally!!

  3. yeah...right.. says:

    I trust the Brazilian Athletic Commission with drug test results like i trust Rampage in a room with only a female reporter!!! Lets see Belfort win a fight outside of Brazil these days, win like how he beat Bisping & Rockhold, and pass the drug test. Ain’t gonna happen….

  4. 757 says:

    Disagree totally but that TRT issue isn’t going to be solved for a long time. It’s currently legal

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