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Tuesday, 06/12/2012, 12:51 pm

UFC on FX 3 Ratings Report | UFC NEWS


By Evan Stoumbelis
Last Friday Johnson vs McCall II headlined UFC on FX 3, where fans saw Demetrious Johnson defeat Ian McCall via unanimous decision. Johnson now moves on to fight Joseph Benavidez to become the first ever UFC Flyweight champion. Unfortunately, after seeing a slight climb in viewers during UFC on FX 2, numbers dropped by 300,000 for UFC on FX 3. The prelims, which aired on Fuel TV also suffered a drop in viewers, with 29,000 less people tuning in. As I watched the event I noticed it was lacking in the star-power aspect, which is understandable given that the UFC is holding 20 events in 22 weeks. Below is the compiled ratings for all 3 UFC on FX shows as well as the prelims hosted on Fuel TV.

UFC on FX 1 – 1.3 million viewers
UFC on FX 2 – 1.4 million viewers
UFC on FX 3 – 1.1 million viewers

UFC on FX 1 Fuel TV prelims – 148,000 viewers
UFC on FX 2 Fuel TV prelims – 113,000 viewers
UFC on FX 3 Fuel TV prelims – 84,000 viewers

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7 Responses to “UFC on FX 3 Ratings Report | UFC NEWS”

  1. B-rad says:

    not surpising that this card had the lowest ratings…compare it to the last fx card, kampmann vs alves? that card had a lot more big name fighters on it. besides the main event there werent many big names

  2. BJGivesRoryBj says:

    BJ PENN.COM this is OLD NEWS, MMAJUNKIE reported this shit 3 days ago

    • jones says:

      fist off fuk aint bj no one…rory is just gonig hump him to the decision…and this being old news,where do u think this site gets the news from ? all the other mma sites u idiot

  3. thebigv57 says:

    Nobody gives a shit about baby fights nothing under 145. And only a title fight under 155 should ever headline. Its like watching 3rd graders spar each other. 5 round fights without a single mark on them and only knock downs are from leg trips. KOs are a rarity instead of the norm and mostly from multiple unpadded knees. they keep stuffing it down our throats like its gonna catch on. I want a fight to have multiple possible outcomes to make it exciting. don’t think for a second that the UFC doesn’t pre reserve all 3 or 5 rounds on the fight card schedule everytime they step in the octagon because the odds highly favor a decision. Its just boring but free is free

    • You are retarded says:

      How can you can you call yourself a fan of MMA and say dumb shit like that. You are a joke. Don’t watch mma anymore. Stay off websites like this

      • thebigv57 says:

        Your face is retarded! Name calling doesn’t make your point anymore valid. Ratings and statistics do. and both of them back me up. Less people tune in and attend fights with the toddler battles headlining. I’ve been watching and a fan since UFC 1. I got pissed when they started wearing gloves thats how long I’ve been a fan. My preference is to watch larger grown men sized fighters compete due to the exciting nature of the outcomes. And apparently so does everbody else watching or the ratings would reflect differently. you should try being a little more intelligent with your responses internet coward. you should “stay off” life in general.

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