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Wednesday, 07/11/2012, 07:27 am

UFC on FUEL TV 4 Discussion Thread | UFC NEWS

The UFC’s next event on FUEL TV is set to go down tonight from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.

Featuring a main event between top middleweight fighters Mark Munoz and Chris Weidman the nights main card should easily deliver memorable fireworks MMA Fans will be talking about for days.

Use this thread to cast your predictions, debate your picks or discuss the action as it unfolds tonight on FUEL TV.


47 Responses to “UFC on FUEL TV 4 Discussion Thread | UFC NEWS”

  1. Team buffalo says:

    This is going to be a great fight. Slight edge to Munoz .

  2. Mike b says:

    Munoz by tko

  3. Hoping Munoz wins this one.Weidman imo is a little to cocky and needs to be brought down to earth .

  4. mahs says:

    be rooting for the PINOY on this one. hopefully he can move forward and be a fight or two away from a shot at the title

  5. Nuitari X says:

    Unfortunately I have every fox channel EXCEPT fuel tv, anyone know a good site to stream tonight’s event for free?

  6. Alex says:

    Let’s Go Carmont !

  7. e says:

    wow @ weidman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. CanILive says:

    Corissa fur….. May I get a touché?! Better rename your dog :)

  9. DanaWhiteTheBoss says:

    FIre The ref

  10. B-rad says:

    Munoz got humiliated.. After that first single leg i was kinda shocked what took place lol….

  11. DMAC says:

    So much for the mole calling out Anderson.. What a way to get embarrassed on National TV. Is Weidman that good or is Munoz as weak as I’ve been saying idk but I’m still trippin off that performance Weidman just turned in.

  12. Michael hamlin says:

    Anderson is in trouble for sure!!!

  13. WrestlingRules says:

    Yah…let’s see a BJJ practitioner is WRESTLING the whole fight!!! LMAO…wake up boys Wrestling Rules….Dos Anjos is now a WRESTLER. Still needs work on that top control, but hey he;s wrestling like a BEAST….move over Bitches WRESTLING is the new Sheriff in Town!! HOOOORaaaaaaHH

    • DanaWhiteTheBoss says:

      Wrestling is gay and boring and the “sport” that created ground n pound. BJJ > Wrestling. Silva already proved that.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Keep Believing it… getting lapped Dana…Go wrestle for 6 months, then you’ll know the SECRETS.

        • You Cant Be Serious says:

          I own collegiate wrestlers daily. Sorry dude, wrestling is 2nd fiddle to BJJ. Thought you wanted me to teach you some stuff

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Yah I would love to learn more transitions form you for neck loops, I would plant you and take top control my man and you will eat elbows and there ain’t nothing you could do about it. I school juijitsu boys ALL the time. AND they pay me for it!! You show me some transitions and neck loops. I’ll show you some ground control and then we’ll fight. And whoever wins pay’s the fee.

    • B-rad says:

      Yeah he used his wrestling to take the fight to the matt, the rest WAS JIU JITSU!!!! if he was just wrestling he woulda just laid on top and hugged onto his buttocks.. Not constantly advance position and lookin for submissions.. It was a BLEND of striking, jiu jitsu and wrestling is why he won, not just because of wrestling -___-

    • Xaninho says:

      Only the takedown was wrestling. That’s what I always say. Wrestling has two useful things, and those are takedowns and takedown defense.

      Once the fight is on the mat, BJJ comes into play.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        That’s the reason he WASN’T able to keep him down too. CUZ he QUIY wrestling on the ground…BJJ is a minor on the ground. Wrestling dominates.

  14. stephen riddle says:

    Wow that elbow was deadly and yeah give a fighter a chance to recover but damn it looked like he was near death! He must not like munoz!

  15. WrestlingRules says:

    Yah Dillashaw…got the transitions working real good…..Wrestling is the Base of all fighting. For those who train on here, Find a wrestling coast FAST….

  16. Milkman says:

    5-7 unnecessary shots at the end. Brutal ref, I’m all for giving a guy a chance but Munoz was done at the elbow. Let him take one to ensure he wasn’t just stunned and then call it. Love munoz, great character but not a threat to the title.

  17. Milkman says:

    Wrestling rules, you have got to be a homo. What guy would like to put on a pair of spandex shorts, take a shirt off, get a good sweat going, and then lay ontop of another dude? That’s a fight? I’d rather punch the shit outta your homo face. That’s a fight!

    • It's called "mixed martial arts" says:

      Wrestling/grappling is not only part of the sport, but it’s the best base to enter with into mma. Any guy who can’t appreciate every aspect of mma isn’t a true fan of the sport. Im not saying you have to love every grappling exchange, but to sink to calling it gay and saying it’s not a fight makes you look like an ignorant moron

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Let’s do it Bitch…..I can set a time at Jackson’s Gym. You game??

      • You Cant Be Serious says:

        LMAO!! like thats special. Anyone can get a time set at any gym if you got the $$. I bet dude would stomp you out rules. Youd be a 4-1 dog vs him for sure

    • B-rad says:

      im not exactly the biggest wrestling fan by any means, but your either a troll or ignorant, cause if you cant wrestle yourself, your just gonna be stuck on your back and get punched in the face without bein able to do anything! Its not so fun when you got an ACC champion wrestler on top of ya.. but it is when they cant take ya down XD

  18. Milkman says:

    And just for the record, weidman is a good fighter no doubt but Anderson will hurt him.

  19. danielrchargers says:

    Munoz got smashed…

  20. WrestlingRules says:

    Wow Weidman total dominantion. He’s got all the transitions working. What a an elbow!!! If Lombard can beat Boestch then I say Weidman/Lombard then maybe Nope Silva will be ready for Yep.

    That Weidman is HUGE!!! How tall is that guy?? He looks like a 05er.

  21. WrestlingRules says:

    Mark will need to get better…..For all the wannabees on here don;t walk BUT FUCKIN RUN to your nearest wrestling coach…because guess what time it is??? That;s Right Bitches BTFU WRESTLING is in TOWN….

    • B-rad says:

      Sounds like you need to put some ice on that wrestling boner… Wrestling is great man but you gotta have something to go with it or its only gonna get you a top position..Gotta have some hands and subbie skills too

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Yes, but good top control COMPLETELY nullifies juijitsu. Elbows and fists stops any juijitsu. I always maintain to quit this juijitsu crap and work on boxing and wrestling and top control elbows and fists. Then juijitsu is unneeded. These guys are trainning way too much bullshit and getting confused. Boxing and wrestling is all you need.

        • B-rad says:

          Yeah i agree a dominate top game does shut down Jitz… But a part of being dominate on the top is submission defense….Look at Chael, he is the perfect example of this.. All of his fights (besides the last one) every one of his fights is either won or lost in the top position..Guys who have nasty sub skills like Maia, you gotta know jiu jitsu or your just taking yourself into their world. Know what im sayin?

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Yes I do, but Sonnen has never had big top control game. He may have, but I never saw him pounding out a ko or tko from top position. These juijitsu boys need to know that once on top, you are going to bring the elbows and fists so any of this wrist control is going to be punished. Hughes was good at that. Look what he did to Royce. Completely nullified the arguably best bjj guy alive. Jui-Jitsu is just not needed. Wrestling nullifies ALL other styles. It is why it Rules. Do you hear me?? Look at what Dos Anjos did!! He wrestled his ass off but he couldn’t hold him down because he doesn’t know top control. It is also why Weidman will have trouble. He tries jui-jitsu moves in full mount for Christ’s sake. Hasn’t anybody told him that from full mount you ONLY rain down elbows and punches!!! These guys don’t realize that in a dominate postion jui-jitsu is irrelevant and striking rules!!!???

  22. Mike b says:

    I got Comcast so we don’t get fuel tv in couldn’t watch kills me to miss all the UFC stuff that they show all the time.about to get direct tv soon.surprised that Chris won he’s on the come up for sure.he should be at the top of the heap now.respect to Chris weidman.

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