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Thursday, 05/17/2012, 07:48 am

UFC on FUEL TV 3’s Maldonado | “The Judges Want To F*** Me” | UFC NEWS

“There was a judge who scored it 30-27, there’s no logic in it. I’m really sad… I won it and that’s it. Everybody saw it, even the judges. The three judges who gave it to him know deep down I won. In my opinion it’s not a mistake, is called having a bad character, mainly the one who scored 30-27… They want to f— me up, they didn’t want to give me the win once again… He hit me with an elbow really hard, he has heavy hands. It’s been a while since I was last hit that hard. He took me down, got the mount, but that was it. I won the second and third rounds. I’m punched, get kneeled on the face and nothing happens, but then I throw a couple of punches on his face and he gets all dizzy and can walk… It’s complicated… I don’t wanna be a tough guy who pleases the fans who watch. I wanna become a champion.”

In his post-fight interview with Brazilian media outlet,, Fabio Maldonado expressed his complete and utter disgust with the judge’s decision in his fight.

The stats, the analysts, the UFC execs and many fans all scored the bout for the Brazilian after three hard rounds of action, but the officials sitting cage side threw the points towards his opponent.

It was a blatant case of poor judging and just the latest example of such.

Does anyone agree with the decision handed down or are we all in agreeance that Maldonado got robbed?


17 Responses to “UFC on FUEL TV 3’s Maldonado | “The Judges Want To F*** Me” | UFC NEWS”

  1. maurice says:

    i thought u won man. fuk da judges.

  2. OakCliffTopdog says:

    Yea Fabio definitely got robbed on that one and the Kingsbury fight.

  3. Chris says:

    Had Fabio winning that, the judge who scored it 30 27 is a fool

  4. stevo the great says:

    Yeah he landed almost double the strikes of his opponent. Booo to the judges

  5. Ian says:

    “The three judges who gave it to him know deep down I won.”

    Well, obviously they don’t. I’d give Fabio the second round. Igor did better damage with knees and landed harder punches overall.

  6. Ruben says:

    No Fabio, they don’t want to fuck you, they already did, twice

  7. Nando says:

    Fabio won 29-28!!! My dad & I were goin crazy every time he threw his sick combos

  8. kyle says:

    First round Fabio was controlled on the ground but minimal damage was done. With the final 2 min in the first round Fabio did more damage then the 3 mins he was being out grappled on the ground. Judges need to understand that being held on to does not mean effective damage/grappling. Effective grappling= Control, position, submission. No position was overly controlled to where he could land ground and pound and zero submission attempts. Then Fabio got up and land heavy combos. I would much rather get out grappled for 3 mins then punched in the face for 2min.

    Fabio won first and second round in my opinion.

  9. Coots says:

    Ian you don’t know anything, watch how many times Igor was hurt, he was dominated, those body shots were killer!!! Does anyone know the comp strike stats?

  10. Xaninho says:

    Maldonado with 166 significant strikes against the 64 of Pokrajac. And these fools think Pokrajac won? Fire them all!

    Shave their heads put them on a horse and let them ride into the sunset covered in tar and feathers!

  11. Coots says:

    Agreed! Plus get rid of anik, he sucks

  12. Jay says:

    You got robbed…plain and simple. Pokrajac is still pissing blood after those brutal body shots.

  13. Nick says:

    To be fair it was a tough fight to call. I couldn’t call it. Simple fact is, don’t leave it in the judges hands. Their just to unreliable in the sport.

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      did you watch it, it was not a remotely tough fight to call. it was easy to call as he blatantly smashed the shit out of him for 2.3 rounds

      • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

        i cant remember who the judges were.
        if blatnic is in there then hes bias as fuck
        I know hes a legend and done amazing things for wresteling and was the original commentator for UFC but hes typical bias judge

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