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Wednesday, 02/15/2012, 10:59 pm

UFC on Fuel | Sanchez Injured With Poor Training Camp, But No Way Pulling Out Of Fight With Ellenberger

“You know what? It was a great challenge and a great effort. I really had a lot of challenges going into this fight. I really severely sprained my ankle three weeks before the fight and I had pulled out of the Matt Hughes fight for my broken hand. But I have a family to take care of and I refused to pull out of the fight. I just did what I could do, I iced it, I taped it, I elevated it and I trained as much as I could and I came into the fight and went to battle. I wish the fight would have been five rounds. I think I had some momentum going into the fourth but it is what it is. I went for the finish but I should have went for the choke.

I just didn’t get the proper training that I should have had, I didn’t get to sprint, I didn’t get to run, I couldn’t even jump rope I just had to basically work around the injury, do what I could do and prepare. I came in with the best Diego Sanchez I could be and I gave it my all and I came close there at the end.”

After his main-event defeat during tonight’s UFC on FUEL TV show, Diego Sanchez talked to the guys over at the UFC on FUEL TV post-fight show to explain in more detail his condition going into this fight with Jake Ellenberger.

As he explains, he sprained his ankle three-weeks out from tonight and was forced to lay off the training. After pulling out of his last scheduled bout with Matt Hughes, Diego explains that no way was he going to pull out again.

Would a healthier Sanchez been able to prevail over Ellenberger tonight or was Ellenberger just too much for him, even in 100% health?

You can check out our full play-by-play HERE for a more detailed breakdown.

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3 Responses to “UFC on Fuel | Sanchez Injured With Poor Training Camp, But No Way Pulling Out Of Fight With Ellenberger”

  1. Ninja Oreo+Dollop says:

    I can believe that but at the same time Ellenberger did everything Diego could do only better.

  2. DAMN! says:

    Diego has what Ellenberger wants and thats heart. Diego should get Nick Diaz next.

  3. mj says:

    Jake won, great fight… they both showed up but there are no excuses. He said if it was a 5 rounder, well it wasnt so jake trained for a 3… shoulda coulda woulda. Diego is a warrior though, more respect everytime i watch him fight.

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