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Saturday, 08/17/2013, 07:05 pm

UFC on FS1: Fight Night 26 Results | Urijah Faber Grinds Out Unanimous Decision Victory Over Yuri Alcantara

Image credit: Tracy Lee via

Image credit: Tracy Lee via


| This was a huge fight with heavy implications on the UFC bantamweight division. This was a dangerous fight for Faber and he was likely going to earn himself another title shot with a victory. But that was not going to be an easy task.

Yuri Alcantara looked amazing in the opening minutes of the fight. Faber came out throwing big blows and Yuri hit an amazingly smooth lateral throw once the two men went to the clinch. Faber was getting pounded by Alcantara as Yuri had him mounted, transitioned and took his back, and even had a triangle/arm-bar choke set up. But Faber weathered the early storm, fought off the submission and strikes from Alcantara, continued to create scrambles, and eventually reversed the position and ended up on top of Yuri. From there Faber went to work with vicious ground-and-pound strikes. He landed several elbows and maintained control throughout the rest of the round. That was a very close round to score as both men had dominant positions and scored big points.

The second round started off and continued to go Faber’s way. He immediately scored a takedown early in the round when Alcantara committed to a kimura. Faber reversed the hold and ended up on top. From the top, against the cage, Faber continued to posture up and reign down big shots. Yuri was unable to escape from the top pressure and control of Urijah until there was about a minute left in the round. At this point Faber had already cinched up the round but he then scored another big takedown, landed more big blows from the top and ended the round in another dominant position. Faber was starting to run away with the fight.

Faber’s relentless wrestling style continued to grind on Alcantara in the third round as well as he scored another takedown and dominated him there for the majority of the round. Yuri threatened with a couple of submission attempts but Faber’s poise and veteran experience led him to an impressive decision victory. He landed extremely big punches and elbows from the top position and aside from the opening minutes of the fight he completely controlled everything about the scrap.

The judges scored this bout a unanimous decision victory for “The California Kid” Urijah Faber

Faber has now won three straight fights since losing in his title effort bout against Rena Barao a little over a year ago and he now sits on the cusp of another title shot. It will be very interesting to see what the UFC decides to give “The California Kid” next.

Alcantara put in a very impressive performance as well and he showed many flashes of brilliance in his losing effort against Faber. He’ll definitely have a top level opponent in his next fight as well. Don’t lose sight of this kids name, fight fans. Faber just showed a little too much wrestling dominance and veteran poise throughout the bout. This was definitely a good fight and a big win for Faber.

Stay posted to to see what the UFC decides to give Uriah Faber and Yuri Alcantara in their next bouts.

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  1. 757 says:

    Faber looked like one tough dude tonight! Congrats to him

  2. pc says:

    how can you get a title shot after beating number ten in a weak division. faber shines against scrubs.

  3. Aha says:

    Alcatrez was dominated, only got close when Faber was undisciplined like the time he got KOd by Brown in WEC. Fabor looked like he had pillows for elbows, nevers seen so many land and not draw blood. It looked more like forearm strikes which only hurts in professional wrestling.

  4. 757 says:

    Wow tough crowd. I still think he fought a tough fight with an injured jaw. I do agree with you Aha that did remind me allot of when he got stopped by brown, but he was impressive for stepping it up. I think the issue with allot of the elbows had to do with Yuri’s grown defense too. Overall I think Faber did a good job.

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