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Saturday, 08/17/2013, 07:32 pm

UFC on FS1: Fight Night 26 Results | Travis Browne Survives Early Storm, Knocks Out Alistair Overeem In the Opening Round

Image credit: Tracy Lee via

Image credit: Tracy Lee via


| Let the big dogs eat!

This was bound to be a battle of biggies and the hype lived up to the weight!

Travis endured a heavy storm put forth from Overeem to open the fight as Alistair was bringing the pace and initiating the clinch with Brown. He then pressed Browne against the fence and landed several huge knees to the body and big elbows over the top. Overeem seemed to be in complete control when he dropped Browne with a nasty knee to the body and swarmed him.

Browne covered up against the cage but Overeem was throwing a huge number of strikes and it didn’t seem that Travis was going to be able to survive, but somehow Travis rose back up to his feet and survived the early barrage.

From that point forward it was clearly apparent that Overeem might have drained his tank in trying to finish Browne in the opening minutes. He slowed his pace and his strikes were not coming with the power they initially were. Browne sensed the slowing of the pace and continued to circle and throw a front kick between the blocking arms of Overeem.

As Alistair continued to move forward Browne finally landed the front kick flush on the chin of Overeem and dropped the giant. Browne followed up with two clean hammer fists that turned Overeem’s lights out. What an amazing performance and display of perseverance displayed by Mr. Travis Browne.

This was a huge performance for Travis and he now has two straight victories in the UFC under his belt. This victory will likely earn him a top 5 opponent in the UFC heavyweight division. For Overeem, this is the second fall-from-ahead loss that he has blown in a row and it will be interesting to see what the UFC decides to do with the former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion next.

Stay posted to to see what the UFC decides to to with Travis Browne and Alistair Overeem next.

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0 Responses to “UFC on FS1: Fight Night 26 Results | Travis Browne Survives Early Storm, Knocks Out Alistair Overeem In the Opening Round”

  1. muaythai17-1-1 says:

    i dont see why they would cut Reem, he was out-classing Hapa even before the knee and after. Hapa’s inexperience really showed tonight, i hope they give him an easy fight next or another hummer gas tank guy like hunt. Reem will stay, him and JDS is still an exciting fight, not to mention him and Hunt would bang until the last man fell, although i think even Hunts tank is deeper than Reems. As a Hawaiian and teammate of Hapas im happy for him but he got really lucky tonight. i hope he takes this win the same as he would had the ref stopped the fight when he was hurt because he has A LOT to improve upon for a top 5 guy. Cain would destroy Hapa, JDS is off his momentum so i think JDS is his best chance at a higher profile win than tonight. Had Reem had any sort of cardio he would have embarrassed Hapa tonight, he knows how to sweep away a front tep kick but instead let them come right up the middle, Reem and Anderson are letting the basics beat them.

    • dp says:

      lol your a teammate of hapa? lol yeah sure you are.. if you are, you arent a very supportive or good teammate. Ill call your bluff. you are a keyboard warrior and nothing more.

    • mike says:

      is that you carlos condit? Hater.

    • I wouldn't say Hapa got lucky.. says:

      ..but Travis did look amateurish at the start of the fight. But he endured the onslaught and came back to finish a gassed Overeem. Overeem didn’t disrespect Browne like he did Bigfoot, but he was all in and lost! That’s all there is to it. Braddah gotta work on his cardio, for sure.

  2. 757 says:

    Much credit to Travis Browne. That is one tough dude, and he came back and that was a beautiful kick that floored reem. Way to go !

  3. Kingsforge says:

    It’s not going well for Overeem is it.

  4. Dddddddddd says:

    This was reminiscent of Carwin and Brock. I’m not a big Reem fan but I think there could have been a stoppage or Reem could have picked his shots. Good for Travis but it didn’t prove anything for his legitimacy as a contender. If Reem ever did make it to Cain or Jr he’d be funked.

  5. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Once again, Overeem dominates his opponent early and can’t quite finish and then gasses and let’s a much less skilled fighter beat him. He needs to get on TRT if he already isn’t and work on the cardio. Browne got lucky and isn’t going anywhere.

    • squid says:

      i agree on reem getting on the trt and working on his cardio. he looked much softer (physically) than his last fights. musta been cause he stopped using the roids. but i disagree with ur opinion on browne. he is one tough SOB for being able to survive that early onslaught and i think he’s definitely got potential to progress in the HW division

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        You might be right on Browne, The jury is still out on him for me. If he hadn’t taken that beating early and stayed away from that power, I would have said that he fought smart. He may be able to stay with or beat JDS but Cain would kill him. I think most of the top 10 would beat him up. But then I could be wrong.

        • squid says:

          true. the only way we’ll find out is when we hopefully see all those matchups down the road!

  6. maddkillah says:

    i totally disagree with muaythai17-1-1…brown was impressive..he had trouble early in the round but kept his composure. although some fights were stopped with those type of situations i still think that ref. yamasaki did a good job not to stop the fight early. brown didn’t went out and kept his hands up. he is responding to the ref and is well aware of the situation. reem on the other hand was badly hurt to the point that his body went stiff, he saw the follow up punch coming but his body is unable to respond anymore. had it been stopped longer reem would’ve gone to sleep. i say there’s still a little bit of luck right there due to the fact that refs aren’t that consistent on when to stop a fight but generally it was a justified stoppage..

  7. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Overeem should have landed more knees to the ribcage when Browne was turtled up. Browne couldn’t take many more knees to the body and would probably have tapped out himself. Instead Overeem chose to keep trying to punch him in the face but they landed mostly on Browne’s gloves and failed to do enough damage to force Yamasaki to stop the fight.
    I also don’t understand why Overeem still got himself caught by that frontkick. Browne tried it several times before the fatal one, he should have been warned by that and change his stance slightly to a more sideways stance.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Cuz you can’t punch with power standing sideways!!?? What he should have done if he was a wrestler, was grab that lazy front kick and dump him on his head and pound him out. I do agree with you above that he should have laid out that 285lbs of knee on Browne, but he chose to gas out with punches. Once again, 2 fights Overeem should have won but lost. This dude needs TRT and cardio.

  8. 757 says:

    Browne fought of a serious storm by reem and hung in there. He then stops him with a beautiful kick. Big ups for Travis. He was one tough guy. That was impressive.

  9. GRT 3000 says:

    Kind of feel bad for Reem – he outclasses his opponents everytime, then he gasses. It was easy to see who had the greater skill out there, Reem was picking him apart; those front kicks that Hapa was throwing looked sloppy-as. But Reem tires so quickly, that even (predictable) sloppy kicks get through. oh well, back to the drawing board big man.

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