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Wednesday, 10/26/2011, 05:00 am

UFC on Fox “Primetime” special to air this Sunday Following NFL Football

The UFC is pulling out all the stop for it’s Fox network debut, as they are rolling out “UFC Primetime” for this November’s UFC heavyweight title fight featuring Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos. The trademark special will once again be used to give viewers an inside look at the training camps of both fighters, as they prepare to main event a night that will be another milestone for the promotion.

The special will take place on Sunday, October 30th during Fox’s coverage of the NFL, and will be a one hour program, as opposed to the three part format they previously used. With the national visibility of Fox, and the huge numbers the NFL pulls, the UFC will surely be hoping that “UFC Primetime” will direct their new audience to Anaheim, California for their heavyweight title fight on November 12th.


8 Responses to “UFC on Fox “Primetime” special to air this Sunday Following NFL Football”

  1. Ed says:

    Proud of where the UFC and mma in general is heading soon we will be a top sport
    Maybe even Olympics lol

  2. Mach00man says:

    Ed, Olympics would be sweet!

    • dyllan says:

      olympics would be awesome but idk if dana would let his fighters go. u know how he is with his fighters

      • effyocouch says:

        Sad, but true. But hey, who says it has to be UFC fighters in the Olympics and not MMA fighters? I’m sure Eddie Alvarez would do awesome as an olympic mixed martial artist, same with lots of Bellator and Strikeforce fighters. Could lead to something big.

  3. Jerome says:

    MMA in olympics could be like boxing, for amateurs, then when they become professional they move to UFC

  4. sure says:

    sure… head gear, and point system in mma olympics. Kids here must be dreaming. Everyone would GSP a fight. LOL, imagine trying to get out of a head sub with head gear. :) (y) dumbasses.

  5. paullyc says:

    True about the headgear – but people use earmuffs all the time.

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