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Friday, 12/13/2013, 09:13 am

UFC On FOX 9: Mendes Thinks ‘Big Headed Lentz Is Too Cocky’

“His demeanor, the way he thinks he’s going to run through me. He’s cocky. I just don’t like it. No (He hasn’t earned the right to be cocky). I don’t think he’s fought anybody of my caliber. He’s never fought anybody as athletic; he’s got a big head on his shoulders and he talks a lot. But we’re going to see Saturday night what happens. He’s going to fight someone that’s a true No. 1 contender and he’s going to feel it.”

Set on a collision course for this weekend’s UFC on FOX 9 event, Chad Mendes and Nick Lentz aren’t playing the friendship game in the lead up to fight night.

During yesterday’s pre-fight presser, Mendes kept it real, telling reporters in attendance that his opponent is biting off more than he can chew.



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