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Saturday, 07/27/2013, 06:39 pm

UFC ON FOX 8 RESULTS: Rory MacDonald Out-Jabs, Out-Points Jake Ellenberger to Earn Unanimous Decision Victory


The fight opened up with a complete lack of action.

For the majority of the first round neither man threw many strikes. To say that the two men had respect for each other’s skills would be an extreme understatement. I would have to say that 4 out of the 5 minutes of the round were just the two men feeling one another out. But toward the end of the round both fighters started to open up a little bit. MacDonald found a nice home with his jab and Ellenberger made Rory bleed from his nose in a tight exchange and flurry. The first round was very difficult to score.

Ellenberger was again a little hesitant to start the second round. He couldn’t really get his rhythm going, mainly because Rory started tagging him with his stiff jab and evading all the strikes Jake was throwing.  Rory kept his attack fairly diverse with quick kicks and body shots and clearly out-pointed Ellenberger in the second round.

It felt as if Ellenberger was in desperate need to either earn an 8-10 round or finish the fight if he wanted to earn the ‘W’ buthe came out and didn’t really start to pick up his pace until there was about a minute left in the fight. As time ticked down Elleberger threw a nice combo and then blasted through Rory to score a double-leg takedown. It just seemed to be too little too late. This was a highly anticipated bout that was highly hyped. The bout didn’t really live up to the hype but we did learn that Rory MacDonald posses a wicked jab and is absolutely one of the best fighters in the UFC welterweight division.

Rory MacDonald Wins via Unanimous Decision Victory (30-27 x2, 29-28)

MacDonald is a monster and his footwork and jab were just too much for Ellenberger to get through. Ellenberger is a dangerous competitor and Rory was just too slick and technically sound for Jake to land anything of significance. MacDonald’s boxing skills were the difference in this bout and we now know that Rory is right on the cusp of a welterweight title fight. He is now 15-1 with his only loss coming to former interim champ, Carlos Condit. The only question is, will he fight his mentor, training partner and current champion, Georges St Pierre?

Stay glued to to see what the UFC decides to do next with Rory MacDonald.

Jake Chastain



0 Responses to “UFC ON FOX 8 RESULTS: Rory MacDonald Out-Jabs, Out-Points Jake Ellenberger to Earn Unanimous Decision Victory”

  1. Steve says:

    Such a highly anticipated fight in my mind but ended up vein boring. Either way I am glad rory won this one wish it has more action but both men desperately want to be contenders.

  2. GRT 3000 says:

    knew the fight would go this way – Rory McWeirdo is takin’ a page out of the GSP playbook…jab until the fight is over. when they fight it can be a battle to see who’s more tentative.

  3. MJ says:

    Rory pointed out a win, never tried to finish…just tried not to get KO’d. Had he taken a risk then the fight would be different as Jake was trying to engage. OH well another TRI Star point win LMAO

  4. KIDD433 says:

    Tri Star at it’s finest, Im glad I didn’t have to pay for it. Shitty fight. Neither of them showed up like they wanted a title shot. I would rather see them give it to Lawler,Reason 1 being he’s coming off two impressive stoppages, And Reason 2 they need to teach top contenders that playing safe shit doesn’t get you title shots. They engaged minimally, it was horrible.I’ve seen more aggressiveness in sparring sessions. The UFC needs to light a fire under the top contenders asses, Since they already did with the guys lower on the totem with all the cuts.

  5. K2 says:

    Had to DVR it cause of work. Glad though, at least I could fast forward through this boring fight.

  6. Keonis cousin says:

    Yo when u r considering a performance like lawler u must realize the opponents! When lawler fights top level like diaz, jake or such he looks not as impressive! Look at GSP when facing hieron, he looked unstoppable! It is all in the competition one is facing! If rory or jake were facing volker or the like they would look unstoppable!

  7. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    GSP vs Rory would be a nice jab clinic! I blame Jake on this one. Jake just didn’t do anything. Everybody knew Rory was going to jab to keep the fight on the outside and wait for Jake to come in for a counter KO. I don’t know whether Jake was off that night and couldn’t time any openings or Rory just controlled it enough to keep Jake out? Jake wasn’t fast enough.

  8. Dddddddd says:

    I’m surprised Jake didn’t realize Rory was gonna capitalize on the jab. That is why boxers say the first brick in your foundation should be a jab. It was smart to establish range and Jake was at fault for being outclassed that bad. If your gonna face someone out of that camp,learn how to get around a jab and deal with good in and out movement.
    I figured this fight would be about range but there was more to it. Something was obviously going on with Jake. Wondering if it was mental or physical.

  9. Thesire says:

    I know a dude that’s good friends with his bro, his bro couldn’t make the fight because of treatment. I wonder if that affected his performance, not to make excuses for jake because rory obviously capitalized on range and amd footwork but makes me think of something like that can change the performance of a fighter. Just look at shields, hasn’t fought the same since his father died.

  10. confucius says:

    Jakes brother was in his corner that night of the fight so your dude who knows a dude is wrong. Rory just negated jake and did just enough to get the win. boring as fuck but nobody has made jake look that tentative.

  11. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    All the talk about a possible GSP-Roidy fight…I can’t even say I’m remotely interested in that fight. It was a smart fight by MacDonald but boring as shit. Now imagine them both doing the same thing for 5 rounds…

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