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Saturday, 07/27/2013, 06:02 pm

UFC ON FOX 8 RESULTS: Robbie Lawler Puts Voelker to Sleep With a 2nd Round Head-Kick KO


| Robbie Lawler came out on fire, in every sense of the word.

He was landing clean punches, solid kicks, flying-knees and vicious elbows. Robbie didn’t waste any time coming out and setting the pace of the fight. He totally dominated the first round and was looking unrealistically quick.

Within the first couple of minutes of the bout Lawler had already sliced and cut-up  Voelker. He was getting the best of Bobby in every aspect and it was apparent early in the fight that Lawler had come to prove his worth at the top of the welterweight division.

After putting together an outstanding opening round that could have easily scored him a 10-8 judgment Lawler didn’t waste any time in the second round putting an electric stamp on his amazing performance. After throwing and landing a left high kick several times in the 1st round Lawler came out and opened the round with the kick again and it landed flush on the face of Voelker and dropped him cold. He ran in to finish what was already done and was pushed off by the ref to signal the end of the fight at :24 seconds of the 2nd Round.

Robbie Lawler wins via 2nd Round Knock-Out over Bobby Voelker

This is the second outstanding performance in a row put on by Robbie Lawler and his current 2-0 streak in the UFC welterweight division will likely put him in the mix for a title contention fight. He was ranked #9 in the division heading into the fight with Voelker and this win could likely move him up enough to draw a top 5 opponent in his next fight. It will be highly interesting to see what the UFC decides to do with Lawler next. Stay glued to to see what the company decides to do with the surging Lawler next.

Jake Chastain



3 Responses to “UFC ON FOX 8 RESULTS: Robbie Lawler Puts Voelker to Sleep With a 2nd Round Head-Kick KO”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Wow, Robbie needs a top 5 fighter now. What a haad kick.

  2. KIDD433 says:

    He should get a title shot seeing that Rory and Jake didn’t show up to earn a title shot.

  3. Thesire says:

    Diaz v lawyer 2!

  4. Dddddddd says:

    I instantly thought Lawler$Diaz 2. Lawler is fast but I don’t think he can transition between wrestling and striking well enough at the top of the division.

  5. Joustwillam says:

    Lawler/Mcdonald or Lawler/Diaz 2

  6. Confucius says:

    He’s looked good but don’t deserve a title shot or a contender fight after two bouts in the UFC. As good as he’s looked he shows potential if he keeps it going. Koshcheck isn’t an easy guy to put away but he’s at the end of his career. Volkner is tough as hell but nowhere near a top ten fighter. Let lawler have a few more fights then talk top 5 fight.

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