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Saturday, 04/20/2013, 09:48 am

UFC on FOX 7 Main Card Live Play-By-Play

UFC on FOX 7 goes down tonight from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.

The UFC once again brings a stacked card to the viewers on FOX which is highlighted by a main event between Gilbert Melendez and Benson Henderson.

If you missed or can’t make the televised portion of the card have no fear. BJPENN.COM will be providing you with up to the minute results and a live play-by-play right here.

Tonight’s main card kicks off at 8:00 p.m. ET.


Round 1 – Both men take the center quickly, Mein looking to land elbows, Brown lands a left hand, then another. Brown’s looking to swarm landing some nice punches, and drops Mein momentarily, swelling under both men’s eyes. Brown lands a left and some nice knees from the clinch, Mein lands and hurts Brown, Mein grabs a choke, but lets it go. Mein all over Brown on the ground, Brown sinks in a triangle, but can’t finish it, they get back to their feet as the round ends. Great round, both men had high points, tons of action, good way to start the night.

Round 2 – Brown out quickly and takes Mein down with a front choke, Brown is all over Mein now landing strikes, and it’s all over. John McCarthy has seen enough.
OFFICIAL DECISION Matt Brown defeats Jordan Mein via TKO at 1:00 of Round 2 (strikes)


Round 1 – Leg kick by Thomson starts the fight, Thomson lands another, right, low kick conbo by Diaz, both men looking for their range early. A punch to the knee, and a nice head kick by Thomson, right by Diaz, then another head kick by Thomson. A left by Diaz stumbles Thomson, the fighters clinch against the cage, they break and Thomson lands a nice couple rights. Thomson lands a nice combo, and changes his stance again, takedown by Thomson, Thomson landing some ground and pound, and Nate gets back to his feet right before the bell. Another great first round, lots of action.

Round 2- Diaz comes out aggressive to start, but lands a low blow on Thomson, after a short break were back to action. They clinch, and Thomson lands a nice knee to the body, Thomson lands a nice right as they break. Takedown by Diaz, but Thomson gets right back up, Diaz is bloodied, the fighters are slowing down a bit midway thru the fight. Clinch again, a right by Diaz as they break Thomson rocks Diaz with a HUGE head kick, Diaz is hurt and Thomson’s all over him, and it’s all over. Huge, huge win by Thomson as he is the first man to finish Diaz in the UFC as his corner throws in the towel.

OFFICIAL DECISION- Josh Thomson defeats Nate Diaz via TKO in the 2nd round (strikes)


Round 1 – Feeling out process early, they clinch and Cormier lands a right from the clinch. Cormier lands a nice combonation as they break, Cormier presses Mir against the cage and lands a couple nice body shots, Cormier using some good dirty boxing and lands some knees and punches to the body. They break momentarily then clinch again against the cage, Cormier slips while trying to land a head kick, and Mir tries for a choke, but Cormier quickly escapes, and the round ends. Tedious round with Cormier implementing his gameplan to a T, interesting to see how Mir adapts.

ROUND 2- They take the center and Cormier tries a jumping kick? Cormier pushes Mir against the cage, and the crowd begins to boo as the fight slows down, again. They break again and come to the center, they clinch again and Herb Dean warns to break up the action. Nice combo in the clinch by Cormier as they break again, another nice combo followed by a right by Cormier. They clinch again, and Herb Dean breaks them quickly, the round ends as the crowd boos, and Mir looks flat out puzzeled.

ROUND 3- Mir needs a finish here to have any chance of winning, and comes out like it throwing a couple leg kicks, the second one is caught and Cormier attempts to take him down. Mir lands another leg kick, then one to the body, but Cormier clinches with him again against the cage. Cormier lands a couple shots as they break, then another as they clinch again, Herb breaks them up again as they action stalls. Leg kick by Mir, but is once again pushed against the cage, Cormier lands a right as they clinch AGAIN. Knees by both men from the clinch, Herb Dean warns to break them up again, and Cormier lands a combo right before Dean breaks them up again. Mir lands a right as the round ends, very tedious fight that should go Cormier’s way, but stranger things have happened.

OFFICIAL DECISION- Daniel Cormier defates Frank Mir via unanimous decision.


Round 1 – Leg kick by Melendez as the two fighters feel each other out, Melendez catches a leg kick by Henderson and takes him down. Melendez has him pinned against the cage, Henderson gets up, but eats a knee in the process. Another leg kick caught Melendez, then a flying knee as the fighters clinch against the cage, the break and Melendez lands a left. Henderson lands a nice leg kick as the fighters are trying to find their range, another leg kick caught by Melendez, as he is timing them well. Melendez lands a combo, and the round ends with another caught leg kick. Nice start for Gilbert interesting to see if he can keep it up.

Round 2- Melendez lands a couple rights to start the round after some feeling out, push kick by Henderson thats partially caught, more feeling out before henderson lands a nice knee to the face, then one to the body. we get our second punch to the knee of the night this time by Ben Henderson, lots of feeling out. Melendez lands a left, they exchange punches, and Henderson lands a nice elbow, they come to the center and each land rights as the round ends.

ROUND 3- The fighters come out like they have the first 2 rounds as they feel each other out, a leg kick that lands by Henderson that knocks Melendez down, they exchange punches briefly, then come back to center. Henderson clinches and takes down Melendez against the cage, but “El Nino” gets right up. they exchange in the center of the cage, and Henderson goes for a take down that Melendez easily shakes off, Henderson pushes Melendez against the cage again, but is unable to take him down as he uses great take down defense. Melendez scores with some strikes and and grabs Henderson’s leg, but ends up on the bottom and Henderson lands some nice strikes as the round ends and a couple beyond.

ROUND 4- The round starts with both men trying to find their range again, Melendez lands a nice right and shakes off a takedown attempt. Henderson with a knee thats caught, Henderson lands some strikes though, Ben tries another take down, but once again is stopped by Melendez, great defense on display. A left lands by henderson as they square off in the center again, Gilbert tries for a leg kick, slips and Henderson takes his back for a moment but Melendez manages to escape. A hook to the body, then another by Melendez as they clinch against the cage, Gilbert lands another on the break as the round ends. Close fight heading to the 5th.

ROUND 5- The final round starts much like the other 4 as they feel each other out, Henderson tries a jumping kick that misses, the champ lands a nice inside leg kick. Melendez lands a few good shots against the cage, as the fight seems to be slowing a bit, Melendez looking to push the pace, but Henderson is doing a great job avoiding him, an elbow and a leg kick land for the champ as theirs 2 minutes left in the fight. Leg kick by Henderson, then another one thats caught, nice flying knee by Melendez that lands, then a right that also lands. Final minute and Melendez is pushing, he lands an elbow to the body, both men land good combos, and the fight ends as both men miss on some shots. Could be close, but I’m leaning more toward the champ.

OFFICIAL DECISION- Benson Henderson defeats Gilbert Melendez via split decision.
Quick Results:

MAIN CARD: (FOX, 8 p.m. ET)
Benson Henderson vs. Gilbert Melendez
Daniel Cormier vs. Frank Mir
Nate Diaz vs. Josh Thomson
Matt Brown vs. Jordan Mein


10 Responses to “UFC on FOX 7 Main Card Live Play-By-Play”

  1. Magoo says:

    Wow… Matt Brown… Oh it’s wanda wousey she looks fukced up! Any how, damn Matt really smashed an up and comer in the Canuck Mein. Good on u bro looking good.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      No Kidding….I thought Mein was going to send Brown to the retirement home. I was wrong. The UFC needs to let Brown have a chance at a title by giving him a top 5 opponent next.

  2. magoo says:

    PS get er done Nate!!!!

  3. magoo says:

    Crazy azz shiat…. Beauty head kicks by Josh! Ok Frank take a limb home….don’t get Ktfo!

  4. magoo says:

    Honestly I’m not impressed with Cormier, Carwin, big Hapa, junior or Cain would school em! And if you think your gonna be a threat to Jones at 205… Well amigo ur dreaming, good job for going three Frank.

  5. magoo says:

    The dude that has Frankie’s strap…. Yup Bendo will mop the mat with Gilbert……fo sho!

  6. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    So far 2-1 on my picks. Thomson is good and Nate needs a new camp. Cormier will improve.

  7. magoo says:

    Looks like a fresh cut and stitches over Bendos right eye! Could play huge for Gilbert!

  8. magoo says:

    New found respect for Gilbert,Josh and all the ex strikeforce fighters… I am an ignorant ufc fan lol ….Great fight Gilbert Much respect ur a stud dude, other then Frankie the best challenge to the title so far! Cardio fukn kings!

  9. 757 says:

    Three out of the last four that Ben lost. He beat Nate by decision but bullshitted his way through Frankie twice and Gil…..Honestly I’m laying the UFC down for awhile. Goldberg makes me sick with his one sided commenting, and Gil won that tonight…just my opinion but it’s getting old.

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