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Saturday, 01/26/2013, 07:48 pm

UFC on FOX 6: Rampage vs. Teixeira post fight analysis and result | UFC NEWS

The stage was set; Quinton “Rampage” Jackson ready to go out on his last fight on his contract with the UFC in a blaze of glory. Glover Teixeira was ready to go from the best “unknown” light heavyweight in the UFC to become the top contender in the LHW with a big knockout of Rampage. The trash talking from Glover seemed to light a fire in Rampage and once again Quinton Jackson said he was in the best shape of his life and was going to destroy Glover. Then they met in the center of the octagon, touched gloves, and went back to their corners ready to let it all hang out.

When the first round began the two stood toe to toe and did little feeling out, started throwing with not much significant damage being done. A few minutes in with a little back and forth boxing and then, like Rampage had predicted Glover took Rampage down. There wasn’t much damage done on the ground and Rampage got back up. Again they stood toe to toe and there was some vintage Rampage ducking and dodging and throwing some big shots but not much landing. Glover did clip Rampage and dropped him but Jackson was quick to get back up to his feet. The rest of the round was much of the same Glover and Rampage doing little but staying on the feet.

The second round was much of the same except Rampage looked slower and more tired. He was took down with ease, but still was able to get back to his feet. Rampage and Glover both landed some nice shots but nothing that was able to drop their opponent. Glover Teixeira did more and landed more shots then Rampage, and Glover was a clear winner of the round once again.

In the third and final round of the Co-main event Rampage came out looking more energized and seemed to know he needed to finish off the Chuck Liddell trained Teixeira. Jackson threw some shots, ducked and dodged and even landed a few nice shots. Glover returned shots and seemed unfazed by Rampage and even got an easy take down on Rampage. Glover ended the round in full mount throwing punches and elbows but nothing that was going to finish off the one time UFC Light Heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

The fire we once known in Rampage was not there, but also I wasn’t overly impressed by the guy that was suppose to be the destroyer that everyone should be afraid of in the light heavyweight division. The answers we wanted to get from this fight are still there; can Rampage regain his form of old? Is Glover Teixeira a danger to the Champion, Jon “Bones” Jones throne? I don’t see Rampage fighting again in the UFC, but I do see potential in Glover, and maybe it was the big fight jitters, but if Glover is everything we hear he is, then next fight he will need to prove it.

In the end though, the difference was the takedowns of Teixeira, and landing more big shots then Rampage. The judges gave all three rounds and the unanimous decision victory to Glover Teixeira who now goes to 20-2 MMA. This victory will move him up the light heavyweight latter and should get him a shot at a top contender.


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  1. Billy Holland says:

    Fuck this nigga, he talked a lot of shot and gassed out. Fuck this bitch ads nigga.

  2. David says:

    Some good fights. Hopefully Bones beats Sonnen, Cormier, Glover and Gustafson if he doen’t loes the move up to HW around July or Sptember if he wants time to build muscle Next year. The best Light HW in history could become greatest hw in history with just three title defences at HW.
    By the time Bones is third he could surpass Anderson in greatness. He just need to beat three of those four JDS,winner of Cain/Overeem and a couple more guys. I think guys like Cormier and Cain maybe Glover will give Bones the hardest fights. But I think he can do it even if he does lose once or twice along the way.

  3. bryce says:

    does anyone proofread these articles?

  4. Shameful says:

    There are almost more incorrectly spelled words than correctly spelled ones.

  5. anto says:

    Yeah, I agree about the proof reading. You guys are doing some great stuff with this site, but the language errors detract from it. Run it through a grammar and spell checker first, at least. Anyway, good site, good coverage. Thanks

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