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Thursday, 01/24/2013, 12:32 pm

UFC on FOX 6: Rampage Jackson Pre-Fight Interview | UFC NEWS

Rampage Jackson talks about his last contracted UFC fight this Saturday against Glover Teixeira.


5 Responses to “UFC on FOX 6: Rampage Jackson Pre-Fight Interview | UFC NEWS”

  1. MMAMANIAC says:

    ”I don’t do it for the eyeballs, I do it for the people watching” This guy is too stupid for words haha.

    It’s called mixed martial arts, if you’re not willing to go to the ground or clinch, you shouldn’t be here. BTW how can you rip on the interviewer on his shoes with those clown shoes of his, too stupid for words man.

    • Thom says:

      do you even realise this guy is one of the legends of the sport? him and ariel always bust eachothers balls it’s what they do. You’re fucking stupid, I guess you don’t realise that Rampage is extremely good in the clinch and dangerous in top position. Then again I doubt you ever even watched pride.

      • Time To Wrestle says:

        Old fart Thom talking about legends again. You know what we hear when you say legends? OLD shitty has been fighters taking up space!! These old f1cks need to be put out to pasture.

  2. car dee oh says:

    why is erik koch vs. ricardo lamas on the main card but the guida and bader fights are on the prelims?

    also teixeira takes a unanimous here. unfortunately.

  3. NORINRADD says:

    ya fuck yourself MMAMANIAC, quinton is a legend

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