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Tuesday, 05/08/2012, 02:05 pm

UFC on Fox 3 Ratings Down 50%

By Ryan Busuttil

The ratings for UFC on Fox 3, the UFC’s third event on network television, were lower than originally expected.

The event averaged 2.4 million viewers according to That is down about 50% from the 4.7 million who watched UFC on Fox 2 in January and even lower than the first UFC on Fox event, which drew 5.7 million viewers.

The good news is that the event did score a strong 1.6 rating in the key 18-34 year old male demographic that is sought after. This is down from the 3.2 rating in that demographic for UFC on Fox 2 and the 4.3 for UFC on Fox 1. But, it’s about 60% higher than Fox usually gets in that timeslot for episodes of “Cops.”

UFC on Fox 3 took place on Saturday May 5th at theIZODCenterin East Rutherford, New Jersey and featured a main event between lightweight contenders Nate Diaz and Jim Miller. There were 4 bouts featured on the main card with 3 of them, including the main event, featuring finishes. The event was the best in terms of quality of the UFC’s 3 Fox shows thus far.

Possible reasons for the lower ratings include the NBA playoffs and the undercard of the Mayweather-Cotto fight.

UFC on Fox 4 takes place this August and features a main event between Brian Stann and Bellator Middleweight Champion Hector Lombard.


11 Responses to “UFC on Fox 3 Ratings Down 50%”

  1. A.James says:

    Blame it on the mayweather fight.

  2. mistadobolina says:

    watching MMA kinda sucks when you got to deal with comercials but hey its free!

  3. Donnybrook says:

    Fools don’t know what they’re missing… that card kicked ass!!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I totally agree dude, every fight delivered. I blame the low ratings on the NBA Playoffs mostly. Also I didn’t see much advertising for UFC on Fox 3.

    • mean170 says:

      Agreed, great card. And I think the NBA Playoffs take away some of the casual sports fans that would otherwise tune in. Also the lack of real big name fighters (for non MMA fans). Kos was the only fighter my buddy had heard of.

  4. Attention Whore says:

    This card was also one for more of the dedicated fans…the casual fans propbably didn’t know half of the people

  5. bdizz says:

    yup they had no F’ing clue – great card – fucking Belcher was impressive!

  6. Sick Brah says:

    Wow… surprised, had bloody great fights…

    There was a lot of bullshit talking though (cos the first two fights were so short) so it wasn’t really ‘action packed’ for most of it.

  7. DMAC says:

    Casuals missed out there were some pretty significant wins IMO.

  8. says:

    everyone including dana knew this was going happen…the only reason this stacked card was free and he did not ,ake us pay for it was cuz he knew he would not get any ppv buys cuz the mayweather fight..,,is anyone really shocked?? this always happens when he goes head to head with mayweather ;;;last time mayweather fought dana moved the event to the next weekend and made some excuse so cuz he ego did not want tell truth

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