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Wednesday, 07/30/2014, 10:04 am

UFC on FOX 12 pulls in 2.5 million viewers, 3.4 million for the main event

The ratings are in for last weeks UFC on Fox 12 event, featuring Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Brown as the main event. The final numbers officially came in on Tuesday, and showed a combined 2.5 million viewers.

In comparison, every other event that has aired on Fox outside of football season has had virtually identical numbers, with the exception of the Benson Henderson vs. Gilbert Melendez title fight. That particular event back on April 20, 2013 saw 3.74 million viewers, and the peaked at 4.97 million views for the main event.

UFC on Fox 12 saw similar results, with a spike in views appearing when the main event was airing. The main event (starting from about round 2 of the fight), as well as the post-fight interviews and pressers, brought in 3,427,000 viewers.

Also, this is event is the first time that the prelims have aired on Fox, as opposed to Fox Sports 1 or 2. The prelims aired in the 6pm-8pm time slot and brought in 1.3 million viewers. To compare, the last Fox show on April 19 had it’s prelims air on Fox Sports 1 and only brought in 521,000 viewers.

Ratings are courtesy of A.C. Neilsen



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