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Saturday, 11/12/2011, 08:54 pm

UFC on Fox 1 By The Numbers: Fight Night Bonus Winners And Gate Totals

UFC on Fox 1 took place tonight from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. In the main event of the evening Junior Dos Santos upset Cain Velasquez to become the new UFC heavyweight champion of the world. The event marked the UFC’s debut on network television.

The fight lasted just 64 seconds and ended with a knockout of Cain Velasquez live on FOX TV.

In preliminary action Benson Henderson was able to outpoint Clay Guida in an exciting, fast paced three round affair to earn the number one contender seat in the UFC’s lightweight division. He will now face Frankie Edgar for the UFC’s lightweight title in a yet to be announced UFC event in 2012 expected to go down in Japan.

At the post fight press conference UFC president Dana White announced that 14,019 fans filled the Honda Center in Anaheim, California for a live gate of $1.1 million.

Also announced at the post fight press conference were the Fight Night Bonus winners of the evening. $65K went to four men that fought on the UFC’s inaugural show on FOX and those men are Junior Dos Santos, Ricardo Lamas, Benson Henderson and Clay Guida.

Dos Santos took home Knockout of the Night, Lamas took home Submission of the Night and both Guida and Henderson took home Fight of the Night.

The UFC on Fox 1 Full Results are as follows:

Main Card: (FOX)
Junior Dos Santos def. Cain Velasquez via knockout (punches) – Round 1, 1:04 – to become new UFC heavyweight champion.

Preliminary Card Results: (Facebook &
Ben Henderson def. Clay Guida via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).
Dustin Poirier def. Pablo Garza via submission (D’arce choke) – Round 2, 1:32.
Ricardo Lamas def. Cub Swanson via submission (arm triangle choke) – Round 2, 2:16.
DaMarques Johnson def. Clay Harvison via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 1:34.
Darren Uyenoyama def. Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27).
Robert Peralta def. Mackens Semerzier via TKO (strikes) – Round 3, 1:54.
Alex Caceres def. Cole Escovedo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
Mike Pierce def. Paul Bradley via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28).
Aaron Rosa def. Matt Lucas via majority decision (28-28, 30-26, 30-26).

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31 Responses to “UFC on Fox 1 By The Numbers: Fight Night Bonus Winners And Gate Totals”

  1. jake says:

    UFC on FOX SUCKS!!!

    Doesn’t mesh.

    Spike format was way better. That douchey host guy really needs to go.

  2. jake says:

    UFC on FOX ROCKS!!!
    Love the Mesh.
    Spike tv was good. But the next chapter of the UFC is looking better.

    • Mike says:

      Dude, guys, UFC was on FOX last night. Last night, UFC made it to FOX. Anybody whose been looked at wierd for following mma now can have a sigh of relief that this could be the begginning of everyone realizing what an amazing sport this is.
      People bitching about the hosts and production I obviously can see why the bullshit distractions get in the way of what you want to see; the fights. But judging by the attention UFC got and the fact that FOX is reall about pushing this thing, in my opinion I can’t stop from being excited.
      The fight lasted 64 seconds, that’s what can happen when you watch REAL fights… MMA fans know fights go big or go bust accept it. Imagine if nick diaz vs. bj penn was broadcast on fox, how many people would of tuned into that? Or how about the Frankie Edgar/Maynard Trilogies were broadcast live on FOX! How about Sonnen/Silva II? Well get ready because this is the beginning of something huge. Let’s get it

  3. Critique says:

    I thought the voice-over at the beginning of the broadcast was terrible–almost comical. Showing just one fight was a mistake. When the build up is as long as it was (over 30 minutes) and the fight was as short as it was (1 minute), the let down was so great after such a short fight. There was nothing to grab onto saying it was worth watching.

    The abbreviated “Countdown” show prior to the fight is not interesting to fans who already know these fighters’ background, but I guess it was okay for the new fans. I only hope that improvements are made for future Fox broadcasts or MMA will take a huge step backwards.

    • Critique says:

      oh yeah, Brock was terrible. Dana should’ve punched Lesnar in his face for making the UFC look stupid. Let him fight, but don’t let him be a commentator.

      • calvin says:

        Dana was just as bad saying cains dumb for not going straight for a takedown cuz dos santos gasses out easy like what a shitty president u build fighters not break em and brock was awful as hell all he talked about was himself get kenny florian in there soooo unbiased he never brings himself up

        • Fightclub says:

          yeah Brock has had too many years talkin’ shit in the WWE; where you refer to yourself in the third person over and over….and over. He just doesn’t have enough objectivity to properly commentate; dude is tainted.

          I think Dana’s comments on Cain were unusual, but he also seemed a little out of sorts with the whole production. And of course wanting to have a good show for (potentially new) fans, he was (most likely) pissed with the 1 min. scrap and 99 minutes of bullshit.

          * I give JDS an A+ for the ktfo.
          * I give Cain a F- for the piss poor game-plan.
          * I give the UFC and Fox a D- on production and planning. Not to say that it won’t get better, but I think they definitely shit the bed on the premier.

          The Bendo/Guida fight would have been an excellent display (for new fans) on what the UFC is all about and has to offer. oh well, by & bye.

  4. Fightclub says:

    Yeah, not sure abt the UFC on Fox; I suppose it was the premier, so they need to work on the format a bit. It seemed weird…1) what the fuck was that voice at the very beginning?! Sounded like Clint Eastwood (dirty hairy) on methe. 2) That announcer fag that was talking with Dana and Brock. Who’s that shithead? he sux. 3) it also seemed a bit mainstream cheese. they need to keep the events real; too much hype and chit chat and bullshit makes it seem like a frickin’ circus.

    • MMFT says:

      I feel like it was such an awful idea to pull the benson/guida fight from fox… it would’ve made it so much better. I had a feeling the main event wasn’t going to last long at all, so if they had had that awesome back on forth with guida and henderson AND THEN the hw title fight it would’ve been such a great mix… people could’ve actually seen some mma and not just one big punch. really stupid decision… and also yeah the whole background story thing was pretty gay, but i guess they do that for every fight, it’s just usally not as gay as fox made it. oh well, better luck next time.

  5. Glynn says:

    Watched UFC on FOX at a crowded bar where I used to watch the PPV’s, it wasn’t that good. They didn’t even turn up the volume because of some football game, but I could tell it looked different and kind of lame. The fight just let me down and I know that it’s not possible to have awesome fights all the time, but damn, Cain, come on

  6. ThaGreenBandit says:

    It definitely didn’t come off as well as I thought it was going to

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I liked how epic everything felt. The only problem I had was that there was too much commentary but that’s only because they had to fill up time. I know I complained about there being only one fight televised before but I sat and meditated on it. Fox probably could only afford to give the UFC 1 hr since the deal starts next year and there wouldn’t be a way to squeeze in 3 hrs of UFC content on the fly. Also UFC lost something like 40 mil on this venture. Once you start to think from Dana’s perspective it makes more and more sense and he’s really been busting his ass to make MMA more mainstream. I am just annoyed that people who aren’t hardcore like us people on, might not come back for Fox UFC 2 over a misunderstanding.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Yeah, it was a huge gamble for the UFC, and I hope it paid off. I just thought that Brock was way too WWE-ish, and I was disappointed that they borrowed the music from the Fox NFL productions. It made the whole thing look quickly put together, I hope the short fight wasn’t too much of a letdown for those new watchers that were hoping to see an epic battle for their first MMA fight. It was the only fight I got to see, and I have no complaints about the fight itself.

  7. G says:

    The fact they left Guida/Henderson off the air is god damn crime

  8. steve says:

    guys. this wasn’t part of the fox deal this was just a startoff. i didn’t like it either but don’t worry it’ll end up just like spike when it starts in 2012

  9. Jmama says:

    WTF fox…. Huge let down I’d rather pay 55 bucks each fight then see a half assed broadcast. Fox needed to do some homework it felt so amateur

  10. KingGareth says:

    The guy speaking at the beginning was annoying. It felt like a highschool production when he was speaking.

  11. mezzanoche says:

    I gave the first UFC on FOX a C+ grade, but I am sure it will tailor itself more as it goes to a full card program etc. They were still trying to make that shit like some Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears football bullshit. You can’t sell people that are just getting into MMA on a team based mentality. Team sports have a storied history of decades upon decades, individual fighters come and go. They need to drop the 30 minute commentary from this point on…which I think they will with more than one fight cards.

    As far as the look of the presentation, I liked the overall feel of the programming, just drop the build up to the heavens, legacy bullshit. Let Rogan and Goldie do their thing, and maybe a small, and I stress, small build up about the main and co-main fights(ers), that is it. I love this sport, though. I can’t get enough of this shit. They could put these fights on some public access TV with amateur hour personell I would still watch it. 😉

  12. SanSooRob says:

    So what are all you turds crying about, it was free!!
    I went live and it was badass !!! Funny losers crying about free crap lol

    • aaxantonio says:

      i agree, you got to see a ppv main event on fox, i wanted to see a war, but i was goin nuts when JDS knocked him out, and there was nothing wrong with brock dana or kenny did a good job before and after the fight, you people are nutz, good job dana, and ufc

  13. Justa Thought says:

    The weird feel was just the Fox Sport Production. Same lead in music as other events. I feel Dana came off well on nation television, but Brock, eh… but he is there to promote Overeem and blah blah blah. The Fox Sports web writer was a bit hard on Dana for the short fight, but wtf are you gonna do? Should have, as G posted earlier, had Guida and Henderson on the card as well. I’ll take it for a first showing. The UFC PPV’s still come off as hokey to me so this Fox Deal is a step in the right direction. If the new casual fan thinks PPV has a card full of fights like Cain vs JDS, they might just buy one and check it out. Better a quick KO than 5 rounds of two heavy guys being boring. I’m sure Fox will fix that corny voice too..

  14. sgt thai clone says:

    Dana screwed the pooch with all his eggs in one basket-historic blunder on his part!! epic failure

  15. InternetToughGuy says:

    From what I understand, Fox wouldn’t allow the Guida-Henderson fight because it didn’t have a selling appeal. This was a sneak preview of what’s to come I guess for viewers that never watched these fights before. The only issue I have is Dana. The UFC needs to realize it’s time to getter a better face for the UFC out there. At this point, they’re risking a Jim McMahon type of an approach + a mafia tough guy speech that pisses on it’s fans and fighters. The UFC needs someone who knows how to handle themselves on the big stage. Watching Dana’s post fight conference told it all. There stood and overly emotional person that is in way over his head. To sit there and bash Cain and then tell fans “too bad” is about the most embarrassing, unprofessional thing you could’ve done in that situation. I call for a new “public face” for the UFC, someone like a Randy Couture who’s been there done that and is still respectful. I’m sure there are a lot more that could fill this role.

    The UFC is about to go through some serious growing pains and Dana has shown that he is not fit for the task at hand time and time again. UFC has been successful in paving the way and taking out it’s competition but now they’re over-saturating the market and poorly promoting their fighters. Wouldn’t fans like to learn more about Clay Guida? The guy is amazing but what’s behind his passion? It’s time to start treating this more like a big business not a small production…

  16. Chris says:

    They def need to fix the cheesiness of the UFC on fox broadcast. It was a bunch of unnecessary bullshit that wasn’t needed. But im extremely happy Cain lost. Im tired of his stupid Brown pride and playing into his Mexican heritage hardcore. Yeah you we’re the first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world. You also became the shortest reigning mexican heavyweight champion of the world. I called it before the fight that he would not hold his title on his first defense. And as we saw he got “KO” . He’s never getting the title back I tell you this shit right now.

  17. Xaninho says:

    It was weird to see Dana being pissed at Cain, it seemed to me he was counting on Cain to win this and saw a big pile of cash evaporate before his eyes when Cigano Knocked him Out.

    He couldn’t even be happy for JDS and didn’t have the class to hide it…I think his reaction was a disgrace and not fair to a nice, humble and yet lethal fighter like JDS, who totally deserved this.

  18. ufc sucks says:


    Cable and Mainstream Media lose viewers by the ton, and here is a few reasons why.

    Cain Velasquez versus Junior Dos Santos defined the word SUCK last night. It was not 1minute and 4 seconds because they only engaged for 4 real seconds. Cain went down and the UFC and FOX looked like arseholes. I already hate the UFC because of the steroids problems, along with almost all sports. I hate fox because they are a lying loser mainstream media network that I have refused to watch for the last 7 years as the economy deteriorates to crap. Example FOX NEWS blows. You guys are doomed and this was the first nail in the UFC coffin and the last one in Fox. Losers. I think Americans have better things to do like target bankers, wallstreet, politicians and the wealthy that deal with all your screw ups.

    This is what happens with monopolies, poor product. Almost anyone on the street could have made a better UFC debut on FOX, and everyone saw what a piece of work these joke organizations are once and for all. I hope 50 new MMA organizations open up from this fiasco and that they start regulating steroids in the sport. Here is a list of my previous points below.

    List of Steroid Cheaters, some are still with their organizations after a slap on the wrist.


    Really, you cheat, you get another chance, BS!!!

    For everyone who supports steroid use, I don’t know what to say. You are either born a man or not, and compensating by drugs pretty much answers those questions. Everyone can see when most anyone really abuses steroids, and notes records broken, and people dying of cancer early. I hope those that support it take it and die from the stuff so the rest of us can enjoy this rock with a few less losers on it.

    Piss tests are not good enough because any cheater can use a catheter and fill his bladder with whatever at any time. The testing is also not that costly, for blood and urine, so that argument don’t fly with me either. Also sports need to publicly state who was on what whenever they fail a test. Football and baseball keep their information private other than announcing a failed PED. READ MY LIPS, ALL SPORTS ARE DOOMED WITHOUT REGULATION AND YOU ARE NOT GETTING A CENT FROM ME. I WOULD RATHER ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD OR NOT WATCH SPORTS AT ALL THAN KNOW THAT CHEATERS ARE GETTING ANY MONEY FROM ME.

    I said it before

    Dana White you are still a DOUCHE

    Army of Darkness

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