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Wednesday, 12/28/2011, 05:30 am

UFC NEWS – YouTube Post Of “Countdown To UFC 141” Out Draws Fuel TV Airing

This past week the UFC and Fuel TV aired the latest installment of the UFC’s countdown series, “Countdown to UFC 141” and it drew in a meager 15,000 viewers with a 0.03 household rating in the male 18-49 demographic and an all-time low of 0.0 rating in men 18-34.

Interestingly enough, the UFC put out their full length YouTube version of the show yesterday afternoon and within a few hours of posting it has been watched by 15,543 people.

The Fuel TV numbers indicate a failure in the broadcast; however it was the first of the series to air on the FOX affiliate network. These numbers just drive the point home that the UFC and Fuel have a long way to go in order to market the cable network as the new UFC television destination.

In the past several years on Spike TV, similar countdown shows to promote UFC pay-per-view cards have averaged approximately 500,000 viewers.

To be fair, Fuel TV is only available in 36 million homes while SPIKE is available in approximately 100 million. The UFC, Fuel and FOX are working on broadening the Fuel audience and campaigning for more cable providers to pick up the channel for their customers.

The hard to answer question is whether or not these shows really sell pay-per-views and if they do, what does a mere 15,000 views do for promotional purposes?

UFC 141 is set to take place on Dec. 30 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The end-of-year pay-per-view event will feature a five-round non-title fight between former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and newly signed heavyweight stand-out Alistair Overeem.

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19 Responses to “UFC NEWS – YouTube Post Of “Countdown To UFC 141” Out Draws Fuel TV Airing”

  1. danriverapv says:

    that because Fuel fucking blows. aside from no HD. this sports big. wtf id doin on shit dick fuel. keep it on FX and Fox the fuck is this ION tv and Fuel bull crap.

    • e says:

      seriously… what the fuck is fuel and ion tv?!?!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      They should have known this was going to happen. Maybe they should check viewership on these fringe fox networks before making anymore decisions. I was fine with it on FSW and Spike. If they wanted they could put it on FX I would be fine with that. I’m gonna repeat what @e said. What the fuck is fuel and ion tv?!?!

  2. danriverapv says:

    ill watch the countdown on the crapper right now on youtube rather than record it on fuel.
    read that Dana. u got alot of things to do but check it out. fuel and ION suck. get em outa here.

  3. RCS says:

    who watch spike before TUF?

    • JB Spencer says:

      Not me, but alota people are casual ufc fans because it was on spike and free, but ive been askin around and NONE of these people have even heard of fuel tv and are most certianly not gona pay for it.

  4. Brian says:

    Just watch the countdown like 2 hours ago on YouTube ha

  5. penn rules says:

    I never heard of spike before the TUF

  6. JB Spencer says:

    Who ever thought of puting ufc on fuel should be fuckn fired. I already pay $55 every ppv, and now i have to pay 10 er 15 more just to watch countdown and pre fight… that i used to watch for FREE, and its not in hd, wtf!

    And ther prolly shocked by these numbers. It aint free if u have to pay extra for it.l

    • Michael says:

      FYI fellas. You can watch the countdowns free on youtube and a week after they air on Comcast/UFC/Freezone with your On Demand feature.

      • JB Spencer says:

        I know, i do, and i did, and have been. But thats not the point; id much prefer to watch it on tv, plus the ondemand isnt in hd either.

        The point is they act like theyr bringing ufc to more people and there really just taking it away from the millions of half ass fight fans and making it a hassle for real mma fans. Cause noones heard of fuel tv and they sure as hell aint payin for it.

  7. Me says:

    terrible decision. i dont get fuel tv so i guess youtube it is.

  8. Bigfan says:

    Not suprised, Fuel isn’t even allowed in Canada

  9. CanILive says:

    it was on ch 28 in upstate NY last night or 29, MSG? or somethin, how come no mention of that channel or network???? and besides this shouldnt even be an article it’s common sense that FUEL tv isn’t going to get many viewers as it isn’t a regular channel

  10. kevin gascoigne says:

    I knew of spike before TUF, always thought it was a good channel. But ya, I’ve never heard of Fuel or am even confused on what this “FX” channel is. To be honest, I havnt watched Fox since i was maybe 12 Years old.. Ratings are going to be shit for the next while..

    • JB Spencer says:

      +1 Dont see how top dogs at zuffa could think this is a good idea. Any 8 yr old coulda told them they are going to lose millions of viewers and dollars on this deal. The more i think about it the more it makes no sense.

  11. Jmad says:

    You can watch the countdowns on Fox Sports also.

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