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Friday, 12/30/2011, 05:00 am

UFC NEWS – Xtreme Couture Had To Halt Overeem's Training Camp Due To Lesnar/Couture Relationship

“There were some issues with Alistair training at Xtreme Couture because Randy, after he fought Brock, trained with him and signed a disclosure with them,” “So even though Randy isn’t at the gym, Brock’s people made it an issue so Overeem ended up not finishing his training here.”

Xtreme Couture trainer, Gil Martinez tells that Alistair Overeem’s trip to their Las Vegas gym was cut short due to the non disclosure agreement that Couture signed when he trained with Lesnar. Randy and Brock trained together prior to Lesnar’s UFC 116 fight with Shane Carwin, and have remained friendly since the two fought at UFC 91 in 2008. Will Overeem’s inability to train at Xtreme Couture serve as a difference maker in this fight?

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41 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Xtreme Couture Had To Halt Overeem's Training Camp Due To Lesnar/Couture Relationship”

  1. B.Lord says:

    Just one more thing for Lesner to complain and cry about.

    • asdf says:

      What a limey, whiney boy Lesnar is. He has to try to cut off his training resources, even though Couture most likely gave a word of an honest man he wouldn’t train with Overeem. So he has to cut off all the other trainer partners that are available, and would make a positive difference.

      I can’t think of the word, but it’s …. so…. cheap? Makes Lesnar look so small? Afraid? Irks me.

  2. Jason says:

    You do know broc is gonna take down and destroy allistar right

  3. josh says:

    lol everyone keeps going on about brocks wrestling…in the ufc the only fights his wrestling looked any good were against Mir and Herring. against carwin and especially cain he looked like an amature! cain pushed him off with one arm and stood back up! overeem has been fighting way longer then brock and i think all that experience is going to win him this fight easily.

    • aaron says:

      Totally agree with Josh. And the only reason Brock’s wrestling worked against Mir is because Mir got too comfortable going to his back and using his jiu jitsu. If Brock fought Mir again, Mir would knock him out as long as he didn’t back flop. Brock can’t take a punch. And Brock’s wrestling isn’t nearly as good as people think. Carwin stuffed Brock’s division 1 takedown using junior varsity techniques, hahahahaha.

      Oh yea. And Lesnar’s ground and pound is garbage. 4 inch hammerfists, hahahahahahaha. Are you guys serious? Brock is big. But he’s not a good all around fighter. He knows he’s fucked if his takedowns fail. Did you see the look on Lesnar’s face when Cain got back to his feet? Priceless. Hahahahaha.

      • Patrick says:

        Until I see this fight I’m living under the assumption that having a colon that works like a garden hose run over by meat truck is going to have an effect on how you fight. Many people talk shit about his stand up and how he takes a punch but I still have to wonder what a 100% health brock looks like.

      • jo jo boxer says:

        I’m so sick of everyone saying Brock can’t take a punch were do you get this shit have you even watched his fights does he back up when he gets hit yeah he does, does he look like a dear caught in headlights yeah I suppose he does but for everyone to say he can’t take a punch is ridicules Carwin hit Brock with some good shots and Cain hit him with some even better ones but he was not sleeping so he can surely take a punch the whole question about Brock is if he has learned to not panic when he does get hit

        • GM says:

          Just because he doesn’t get ko’d doesn’t mean he can take a punch. He gets dropped everytime with solid contact he runs and covers up like a baby. The Crock is way overrated.

        • Patrick says:

          To me that’s just his inexperience in the stand up game. People act like you can’t learn how to take a punch better. 7 fights into his fight career might be too early to say he can’t take a punch. Look at the reem, he’s had 6 knockout losses and you don’t hear people calling him out since he’s been on a big win streak in the last few years.

        • brocksucks says:

          Might just be me, but doesn’t it seem like learning to get hit and not panic would have been something he should have learned BEFORE he decided to become a pro fighter? Carwin had Brock in the fetal position with his eyes closed, a tko stoppage to 90% of referees. And no he wasn’t sleeping through the Cain punches he was tripping over his own feet trying to run away because the guy has no idea what he’s doing and does not belong on the pro level. The UFC is the best of the best and this guy should never have been put in the mix, especially with so little experience. Brock fans need to face facts, their hero is nothing more than a publicity stunt by the ufc to sell tickets. His fans continue to buy the fights hoping to see him not suck and the rest of the world buys the fights to see the asskicking about to be inflicted on him. Reem wins by ktfo in the 2nd.

      • Uhnomuhlee says:

        Overeem is more comfortable on hos back than Frank Mir? What a joke.
        Garbage ground and pound? Apparently, you didn’t see Frank Mir’s face that looked like a piece of putty… and that was with 4 inch hammer fists. I wonder how bad Overeem is going to look if Brock gives him 6 or 8 inch fists…

    • david uppercut says:

      how did the fight with Carwin look amateur? he took him down and submitted him with an arm triangle, please elaborate

      • The demolition man says:

        That arm triangle was actually horribly performed and had it not been for Shane Carwin being completely gassed it wouldn’t have worked. Carwin was looking for the easiest way out because his body had completely gassed. Brock will never submit anyone ever again and if/when Alistar TKO’s Brock, Brock will retire because he’s a cry baby.

    • aaxantonio says:

      carwin and cain are both top level wrestlers, reem will not be able to stop a take down

  4. Alek says:

    Allistr is goin to own lesnar he’s a k1 champ dream an strike force champ lesnar is just an oversized gorilla wrestler an agreed Cain shut his wrestling down with ease an if u think Cain put a beatin on Brock wait for this fight lesnar will get destroyed standing an on the ground !

    • Chris says:

      I’m not an Overeem fan by any means, but I agree that this fight is a long shot for Lesnar. Cain vs Overeem is a fight that I’m more interested in because I really want to see someone humble Overeem pretty bad.

  5. Xaninho says:

    Lesnar is a big crybaby! Fuck lesnar I hope Overeem smashes his face in with some big ass knee work.

    Manipulating your opponents training camp is a bitch ass move, so Lesnar deserves a few bitchslaps before getting KO’d!

  6. mondo says:

    Alistair is a good all around fighter with skills in every discipline. Brocks just a beastly wrestler. And idk why they said his bjj got better when he fouight carwin bcuz the arm triangle is not that impressive. If alistair can movew and stuff takedowns its gonn be a long night for brock

  7. Jmad says:

    that’s some girly shit right there

  8. riga says:

    That is some bullshit Lesnar is playing.
    Whats the matter? Brock can’t rely on his own skills?
    He is that afraid. If I would fight a big name, I would want the guy to be on his best. So that you can say: I beat him at his best. No bullshit.

  9. Rusk says:

    Wow people do some pretty low shit to Fuck up their opponents camp but this isn’t even all that bar , people above “dont be beech” srsly shut up lesnar nor Reem like you and they don’t really care if your sucking their dick

  10. magoo says:

    A contracts a contract,Brock by carnage!!

  11. James Wolfe says:

    Cowboy and Reem, both winning easily, it won’t even be close. They are in a different league folks.

  12. I heard T Daddy went to a WWE event and tried to kill Kurt Angle after Brock Lesnar kissed him.

  13. Shawn says:

    Disclosure is disclosure. And it was signed. You have 1 million dollar invention that you worked with another person. You both sign a disclosure that if the partnership ever ended, neither one will use the knowledge to create the same invention with someone else. Now your partner leaves, with all that info on your invention. You going to be okay with that person going to another inventor to work with? Didn’t think so. You’ll take full advantage of that disclosure so none of your ideas are made public. In the world of pro MMA, and the level of competition in the UFC, even the smallest advantage makes a huge difference. And knowing having knowledge of your opponent that you normally wouldn’t have, is a pretty big plus for you. When reputation, purse, and a shot at the title are in line, ANYONE will “whine” about a disclosure that was signed. Some of you forget, MMA is not only about fighting, it’s business as well.

  14. STFU says:

    Guess it doesn’t matter anymore. Lesnar got OWNED LIKE A PACK OF CIGS IN THE JOINT!. Then he retired like a biatch. “If I can’t be champ then I’m retiring….wah wah wahhhhh…..”.

    Overeem kicked his ass and Brock TURTLED like a little girl and had to be saved. FINALLY, someone put this frikken WWE experiment out to pasture. Just shows that outweighing your opponent as your ONLY MMA skill WILL catch up to you at some point.

    For any of you bitches who said that Lesnar can take a punch, let’s see how you feel now. Someone twists, he taps, he gets hit, he turtles like a little girl. Last I checked, Big Nog, stayed with it and fought till his arm snapped. Sometimes you can’t teach heart. Just shows that Brock is good at being the bully, be he has NO IDEA what it’s like to be in a real FIGHT on fair terms.

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