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Wednesday, 11/16/2011, 02:06 pm

UFC NEWS – With The Final Numbers In, UFC on FOX 1 The Most Watched MMA Event In History

The UFC’s first night on network television has now been confirmed to have broken all prior television records for Mixed Martial Arts in the United States.

UFC on Fox 1 took place last night from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. In the main event of the evening Junior Dos Santos upset Cain Velasquez to become the new UFC heavyweight champion of the world.

The fight lasted just 64 seconds and ended with a knockout of Cain Velasquez live on FOX TV.

In preliminary action Benson Henderson was able to outpoint Clay Guida in an exciting, fast paced three round affair to earn the number one contender seat in the UFC’s lightweight division. He will now face Frankie Edgar for the UFC’s lightweight title in a yet to be announced UFC event in 2012 expected to go down in Japan.

According to new data the UFC on Fox 1 show peaked with 8.8 million viewers making it dwarf the previous record holder on CBS of 6.5 million when Kimbo Slice fought James Thompson.

Spike TV held the previous record for UFC programming at 5.9 million when Dan Henderson and Rampage Jackson squared off for the UFC’s lightweight title at UFC 75. However, out with the old and in with the new and with that new broadcast partnership comes much bigger numbers and much brighter future for the world’s best and biggest Mixed Martial Arts promotion.

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0 Responses to “UFC NEWS – With The Final Numbers In, UFC on FOX 1 The Most Watched MMA Event In History”

  1. tim g says:

    I think you meant rampage & Hendo squared off for the Light Heavyweight Title!

  2. Karate guy says:

    premature stoppage….cain was fine

    • doormaker says:

      dude he was knocked out cold, the last punch actually woke him up.

      • Michael says:

        No doubt about it Cain was done. Good stoppage. He was not going to recover from that beating. He got caught, it happens, all it means is JDS was better that night. If they fought 10 more times the outcome could change every time. I don’t think we saw enough of them engaging to say JDS is clearly the better mixed martial artist, we just know that JDS was definitely better that night.

        • Karate guy says:

          I wouldn’t go as far as to say he was better that night cuz cain hit him with several kicks a solid left hook and caught on of JDS’s kicks…..cain got hit with a really sloppy overhand right and then dove for a leg lock or tried to pull guard it was hard to tell….and wether he was out cold orn ot doesn’t matter the fact is that he was getting up when the ref pulled JDS off. And to doormaker, saying the last punch woke him up is like saying you turn the car off but continued to turn the key in that direction and it somehow magically started again….hitting once someone is completely unconcious they are out as long as they are going to be hitting them will not wake them up or put them out for longer

        • retard^ says:

          lol, are you fuckin dumb. if he wasnt better that night he wouldnt have knocked Cain “brown hype” Velasquez out so easy. he didnt dive for a leg he fell on his fat ass after junior dummied him. one of the most overrated champions of all time without a doubt. cain will likely continue to get exposed now and soon everyone will see he was just a lucky mid tier heavyweight, mark my words

        • Tom Klonowski says:

          You’re a serious moron. Keep failing at life.

        • Jerome says:

          Dude you are not that bright, or at least have never been in a real fight. I have fought in the cage before, and I know first hand that you can be totally out then have a punch wake you back up. My third fight I KO’ed a guy the ref didn’t jump in when he hit the ground, I turned and looked at the ref and he didn’t do anything, but I saw his eyes roll back, he was limp as hell and when I jumped on him and hit him one more time it woke him up and the ref realized and stopped the fight. If you knock a guy into a coma then you wont wake him back up with a punch, but a KO you most certainly can and usually will

        • THE INUK says:

          of course he was better that night you fool lmfao, he connected before cain did, juniors boxing was fckin crisp!!

          but i agree, if they faught 10times, it could possibly be way diferent,

      • Ricky says:

        He would have never survived that. It was a good stoppage.

      • Karate guy says:

        you guys are wrong

    • Calvin says:

      its called tko for a reason

    • Respectexpected says:

      He was trying to get up, pushing off the mat but then one of JDS’s punches hit him and you can see him drop to where both of his forearms are on the mat and they stayed there for a sec. from a referee’s point of view that isn’t intelligently defending yourself and they stop the fight.

  3. UFCADDICTED says:


  4. bizzle says:

    60 million in Brazil watched JDS put Cain on queer street….

  5. DeepSeaGod says:

    Im just gonna say it……Lucky eyes closed hay maker! My money is on Cain next fight.

  6. mmaislandjunkie says:

    feel bad for cain, more ppl than ever before tuned in to fox to watch mma for the first time and saw cain get owned. most ppl probably think he sucks now.

  7. matt says:

    fuck cain and his racist tattoo

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