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Wednesday, 12/21/2011, 12:44 pm

UFC NEWS – With Diaz Heading Towards Welterweight Gold, Shields Eyes Anderson Silva At Middleweight

“Nick and me don’t really have an interest in fighting each other, you know. We’ve been teammates for 11 years, and that’s something that’s not really on my list of things to do. Me and Nick both go up and down weight. People are always like, you guys are going to have to fight in the UFC, and it’s like no. We fought EliteXC together, Strikeforce together. Even though we’re the same weight, we’re both guys that’ll fight anyone, so either one of us will go up or down. We always find ways to avoid each other.”

“[The Anderson Silva fight] is a fight I’ve wanted for a long time. Anderson’s a phenomenal fighter, one of the best of all time, but I just think stylistically the guys that match up best against him are wrestlers with good jiu-jitsu. Chael did great with him until he got caught in a triangle right at the end. His worst matchup’s against good wrestlers and jiu-jitsu, and it’s just he’s a great matchup. Obviously it wouldn’t be an easy fight because I think he has the best standup in the sport, but that’s a fight I would love an opportunity to do… I’d love to see Nick take that belt. And then at that point I’ll try to get through Akiyama and then probably start putting on some weight.”

Planning for greatness is every fighter’s responsibility but in the case of Cesar Gracie teammates, Nick Diaz and Jake Shields, they take it to the next level and continue to want to push themselves against the best in the world.

Having already had his title shot at 170, Shields has been the only fighter to win a round against GSP since his loss to Matt Serra. However, with his teammate Nick Diaz at the top of their shared division Shield’s is eyeing a return to middleweight where he once held gold under the Strikeforce banner.

It is true, we did see weakness in Anderson Silva’s performance against the crafty Chael Sonnen, but would Shields be able to capitalize with a similar game plan?

(Quote via MMA Fight Corner)
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132 Responses to “UFC NEWS – With Diaz Heading Towards Welterweight Gold, Shields Eyes Anderson Silva At Middleweight”

  1. John M says:

    A. This sounds just like Fitch and Kos B. Try not getting KTFO by some one else than Silva before you even try and focusing on him

    • IknowMMA says:

      What about try wining a fight against a top guy before you call out the champ?
      Lay down the crack pipe mr Shields! … You know what?!? Give him a fight! This guy desserves a beating!, even when he lost to Ellenberger he was like? Why?!? Why you stopped the fight?!?

  2. BJ Penn is G.O.A.T says:


    • Anderson Silva is G.O.A.T. says:

      Good luck Jake… Agreed! BJ is GOAT… disagree… BJ is nothing more than a lazy, underservingly talented fighter. He doesn’t train like he should and is a waste of natural skills….

      • FILHARMONIC says:

        FCK YOU CHUMP!

      • penn fan says:

        get the fk off this site then… i don’t get it, why do haters come here?! if you don’t like bj penn… stay away from you fkn dumb haole.

        • IknowMMA says:

          Are you mad? Tell us how you really feel!!?!
          Man I havent seen noone saying anything bad or against BJ penn so calm the fk down.

      • Xaninho says:

        You’re a waste of good oxygen! get out of this site asshat!

      • IknowMMA says:

        FUK you guys? He is a legend! What that fuck?

      • IknowMMA says:

        Wow look @ this guys BJ is goat and Anderson silva is Goat… 2 legends! Wow! here we have the typical GSP fan base. Canadian haters! GsP sucks eh!
        Haven’t finish a fight in years, always shit matches like jake shields are you kidding me? He couldnt even finish him! dodge fights all the time He doesnt wanna fight anderson and he faked an injury with condit cause apparently he has the ability to get injured prior to everyfight already schedulle! Boring fights and ignorant fans like the one in your mirror. Go te you MMA news from greaseP.cum FAG

        • joop says:

          i wouldnt talk too much,bj has finished one fight in the last two years homo! a washed up over the hill hughes!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          great we now have fat white girl trolls talkin shit.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          joop, i’ve been saying that for quite some time, but these bj penn fanboys display a blind eye toward their favorite warrior, regardless of how many lackluster performances he turns in (4 out of last 5 to be exact – edgar I, edgar II, fitch, diaz). they instead channel their frustration on georges st-pierre because he is everything they wish bj was. maybe if bj trained half as hard as gsp, he might be half as successful as gsp. like our good friend kos always says, “hard work…..pays off”

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          two fat bitches getting along how nice.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          get ur mom to join in and we’ll have three :)

        • Donnybrook says:

          LOL… I don’t care who you are man but that’s some funny shit right there!

        • The King says:

          lol how none of you clowns know what the fuck your talking about.. If you knew anything you would be able to connect the dots on why GSP has been having so many injuries. Its too bad theres just so many of you idiots. But hey. If it weren’t for the millions of naive fans like yourself the UFC wouldnt be as big as it is today… Thats ok though. The truth always comes out in the end. no matter how ugly it is… All I gotta say is theres a damn good reason all this BAD KARMA is on Georgy Boys ass lately… Your too stupid to figure it out and I really dont have the time or the patience.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          the king: another bitter bj penn fan who is overwhelmed with jealousy towards gsp and all that he has accomplished. hey king, quick question………….does it keep u up at night? :)

        • Branden says:

          ahaaaaa You talk about BJ Penn and say he’s not a legend when he held 2 belts in 2 different weight classes ! GSP is scared to move up a weight class EVEN THOUGH HE EASILY CAN. Anderson would embarass GSP more than he embarassed Forrest. GSP can’t finish anybody ! i mean he didnt even know how to properly use an arm bar when he fought hardy. And now he is letting Jake Shields win rounds when the whole round is striking? I used to think GSP was good, now i see he just fights not to lose because the man hasnt truly won a fight in years

        • You old bad why dont u get ur expired ass in the octogon and try some MMA out. Dont wanna break ur hip though. Also, what are u doing blogging on a legends website shouldnt u be in the kitchen? or in ur case a retirement home eating rice pudding.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          branden = retard

      • Jordon says:

        If you’re good enough then you deserve what you get. No such thing as “undeserving”, regardless of personality or work ethic.

        • joop says:

          LOL you guys are hilarious! Bj is 1-3-1 in his last 5 what a warrior/legend…5 rounds with fitch and he would be 1-4…he’s just not good enough anymore…go back to 155 and be a gatekeeper cause we all know he’s not getting another title shot at 170!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          hey tubby four eyes, not everyone can be the best forever, it aint easy like keeping your heavy set figure.

        • joop says:

          he has never been great beyond one round…however, he is one of the best one round fighters…on another positive he does have the best mma site – negative, he twitches when gassed.

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Sounds like him and Nick Diaz are counting their chickens before they are hatched. They assume GSP will roll over to Nick Diaz or that he will beat Condit to get that title shot.

    Here’s a thought.. A battle for redemption and honor! Mayhem vs Shields 2 in 2012!

  4. bruts says:

    all you are so negative. its pathetic i mean you guys are pathetic

  5. Joel says:


  6. A.James says:

    Give him to Silva. He’s raped everyone else!

  7. KP says:

    This guy is crazy for thinking he’s even remotely close to Anderson Silva’s territory. He must have forgotten that he’s lost officially 2 of his fights in the UFC so far. He was gifted the decision against Kappman, but if you saw that fight you will tend to agree that Kappman was robbed so I’m calling it an unofficial loss for Shields (essentially putting him 0-3 in the UFC).

    • DAVE says:

      wow u are crazy…..i hated te KAMPMEN FIGHT sheilds used the normal take down for points style to win…be jake was on top always and getting all th takedowns..he controled the entire fight….how the hell can u think he was gifted tht fight??

  8. Yari says:

    Andy will be retired before Shields has even earned his shot. It was only last week that Dana White himself confirmed that Andy has only 2 fights left. The last supposedly being a superfight between either GSP or JBJ.

    So Jake, step in line..

  9. MMAnalyst says:

    …so GSP with one eye is too hard for him to beat, but he wants to go against a bigger, more dominant striker who (I assume) would be seeing out of both eyes… hmm – maybe he should google ‘Thales Laites’ or ‘Damien Maia’ if he wants to know how BJJ grappling specialists do against Silva. What he SHOULD do is fight guys like Koscheck, Fitch and work his way up to the title – Diaz is unlikely to hold that belt even if he does beat Condit, anyway.

  10. That title picture is already on, you would get your ass kicked badly by any of the top middleweights Jake… Understand something… If you get Silva, he’s gonna make that day your retirement day…

    • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

      I actually kinda feel that Jake would do a little better as a MW. Surviving & winning over Hendo was pretty impressive in my eyes. Each fight so far in the WW division for him has seem like crap, the weigh cutting seems like it affected him greatly. But contemplating him posing a challenge to Silva is a bit implausible, yah completely agree he won’t even get pass most of the top MW’s!

  11. Robster the Mobster says:

    No. he couldn’t handle GSP and he had one eye for most of the fight! Silva will pull Shields heart out of his chest and show it to him while it is still beating…fatality.

  12. G says:

    I’m going to join everyone else laughing at this misguided desire by Shields. Shields is out of his mind and it’s depressing.

  13. Dubz says:

    Sheilds wouldn’t beat any Silva in the UFC. Not Anderson, not Wanderlei, not Erick SIlva, hell, not even Joe Silva.


  14. playa hayden says:

    Chael sonnen vs jake sheilds for shot at silva

  15. James says:

    Man, maybe Im crazy, but I think that Jake has a good shot. He looks much stronger at Middleweight. He looks really weak at Welterweight right now.. His wrestling will be much better, and with welterweight so deep at the moment, I think it would be the best decision. If he fought say, Bisping, He would Submit him for sure.. If he gets the right match-ups he can do a great job there..He should have started a middleweight the entire time, but he got a good payday for the GSP fight.. so hopefully he can bounce back and start winning soon. cuz, of all the Cesar Gracie dudes.. he seems like the only non- Douche.

  16. Duane says:

    Jake can’t even string together 2 in a row since his comedic performance vs GSP now he’s calling out the GOAT. What the hell is this punked? First we get Mayhem talking like he’s a world beater then goes out and get’s pimped in every aspect of MMA, now we got Jake, AGAIN!! I can imagine the countdown, “he’s never faced a grappler like me, my wrestling is on another level” etc. haha Akiyama is gonna light Shield up anyways.

  17. Ethan says:

    Jake is right that he matches up really well against Silva. I think him changing weights is what is hurting him, because he looked awful in the Kampman fight. He needs to bulk back up, and stay there.. but noone can deny that if he could be as aggressive as Chael is with the wrestling, he can avoid Silvas submissions and put him in a lot of danger with his own..

    all in all, I still think Silva will hit him once and take Chael out of his game… first steps first, win your next fight

  18. Thetude says:

    Jake is dillusional, in what way does he deserve a shot at silva, wasnt it just a few months ago he got his ass kicked by jake ellenberger? hahahaha, Jake Ellenberger!

  19. Heath says:

    Hows that so funny, he beat Dan Henderson.. Any of you think its a joke that Hendo
    could beat him? The guy got KO’d a week after his father died.. give him a break..
    Any of you loose your old man yet? most of you are still to young for that, you’ll see how unfocused you become when it happens. He wants to test himself, thats what real fighters do… Now if he was GSP he would be doing everything possible to avoid that fight.. Fucking negetivity…

  20. slacker says:

    Akiyama is going to knock him back to Pearl Harbor! He’s not in reality yet. This is the UFC!

  21. jay ruff says:

    sorry but jake does not deserve a shot at silva because he just got his ass kicked by jake ellinberger, excuse my spelling!!

  22. medium_nog says:

    Shields would struggle against the top 5 UFC middleweights and his win over Hendo was a fluke Hendo would destroy him in a rematch cuz he was drained for the 1st fight.. Hendo deserves a shot at the MW title before Shields.. look at hendos last 4 fights he’s a beast. Sorry Jake Shields the UFC is different than EliteXC Nd Strikeforce your not the best in the UFC and ur fights in the UFC show it

  23. Digs says:

    mayhem v. shields sounds good.
    regardless, shields isn’t top 5 in WW or MW

  24. steve says:

    all you people are like nah it wouldnt happen. but other than sonnen who really has a chance. we need someone to take silva down and WONT get submitted(sonnen) and jake is the most likely candidate to do that. i dont see him winning it either but he has a better shot than most people at middleweight

  25. Jeff says:

    I don’t even know why I’m bothering to comment on this, Silva would wreck Shields. I mean come on the guy is 1-2 in the WW Division and he thinks he can hang with even the top five contenders in MW? Just my opinion but I say Shields should just go into the MW division easy and wait for Silva, Sonnen, and Munoz to retire before he goes for a title shot.

  26. Rob says:

    Two words ‘oh dear’

  27. ricardo bautista says:

    The same shiii will happen to OVereem like this clown..
    Theyre “Strikeforce rejects” all of them will crumble.
    Mayhem, Werdum, Overeem, shields, Melendez..

  28. sgt thai clone says:

    Shields has a snowballs chance in hell beating Silva, you need to shore up that dismal striking before you set your eyes on the prize

  29. Truth, lies & BULLSHIT! says:

    Hahaha funniest thing I’ve heard. How can he possible think he can measure up to Silva?? Anything can happen right?? Like maybe Silva will have a heart attach in the ring?? You have to WIN fights before you get the chance to fight the champ! Dumb ass

  30. Xaninho says:

    UFC should put a stop to these mediocre fighters calling out champions. It’s embarrassing!

  31. Rick says:

    I think shields needs to go back to fighting at middleweight were he was most dominant. As for he last fight with ellenberger, i have to give him a pass on that. It’s hard to focus on a fight after you just lost your father. I dont think his head was focused on fighting, and he kept the fight to make the UFC happy. If he fights Anderson like he fought Dan Henderson I think he has a good chance to pull it off.

  32. SanSooRob says:

    F it I want to fight overreem !!!! never mind I woke up

  33. Sergio says:

    The stupid way to see a fighter is look one fight and think this is rules, not!

    Anderson is the best fighter ever, one fight he was broke rib, chael a lot of ped’s in the best day of his life, but still loose.

    Anderson won many fighters against great whestiling/jiu jitsu guys, the great Henderson tap out, Demian Maia great jiu jitsu fighter(chael tap out again ), nate marquest give up.

    Comon guys go to the cage fight Anderson, like a japanes boy you be scare after 1 round.

    Jake is far far await to fight Anderson, he lost the last 2 fight….

  34. Ellenberger hit him so hard he suffering from knockoutitis..Shields will never fight for the mw belt.

  35. oj says:

    Come on guys. I’m sure he’s not expecting to jump the queue at MW to fight A.Silva. He still has to get past Akiyama first and build up muscle as he said. If he can get a win or 2 at MW then maybe then. For those asking for Mayhem vs Shields 2, did u watch the first fight? Exactly!

  36. Bigfan says:

    Behind Sonnen, the guy closest to beating Silva was probably Henderson.
    Shields beat Henderson, despite whatever rumors go around about his health for that fight.

    With that said, I still would see Silva stuffing the Shields takedown and KO in round 1 or 2.

    I’d like to see Shields at MW in the UFC to see if the cut was detrimental.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      if ellenberger can knock out jake, anderson would put him in the morgue.

      • oj says:

        I think it makes more sense to give Shields a pass with the Ellenberger fight seeing as his dad died a week prior to that. I don’t think anyone would have begrudged him pulling out of that fight but he decided to be a company man and paid the price….

      • DBKlein69 says:

        anderson would LOVE to fight bisping and shields. chael sonnen or jon jones? eh, no thanks.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          just like gsp would love to fight bj again before fighting anderson. wana fight condit or nick diaz, *robot voice* “eh, i think i want dah guy who is easier to take ah down. lemme get my riddum bak on my knee first eh?”

        • DBKlein69 says:

          mmaisland, gsp never asked to fight bj. bj picked that fight….and he got what he asked for.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          nope it was recent before the nick diaz fight. gsp said he did not want to fight at 185 but he was open to the idea of fighting bj for a third time, can the pansy show his tail between his leg any more when the name anderson silva is mentioned to him? lol

        • DBKlein69 says:

          ur right. it kind of reminds me of anderson silva every time the name ‘jon jones’ is mentioned. oh wait, i keep forgetting, silva said he wont fight jones because they are friends. yea. great friends. i think they even grew up together. man, jones is one lucky dude lol

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          jones just came on the scene this year dont try and twist it like anderson been dodging him like gsp been dodging anderson. dana white publicly said he wanted gsp v anderson gsp tucked tail for three years now and now that he has serious competition at 170 he injures himself. it makes sense why u like the coward so much, he reminds you of yourself and your fear of swimming.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          maybe jones just came on the scene to newbies such as urself, but i knew back at ufc 94 jones was the real deal and it was just a matter of time until he got to prove it. and gimme a break with gsp tearing his ACL on purpose out of fear of diaz and condit. neither one of them stand a chance at gsp and u know it, though u may not admit it. i would even be willing to put $$ on gsp if he were to go up against diaz and condit at the same time.

      • Ellenberger has more power than Silva. Silva is more accurate.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          they have almost the same number of tkos but anderson fights higher level fighters. does anyone even remember jakes opponents before shields? jakes got power no doubt but anderson would knock him out.

        • I remember all of them. I would honestly want to see that fight idc what anyone says call me bias but that would would be a fun fight and i would root for the juggernaut.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          why do you want to see all your favorite fighters lose? it doesnt make any sense lmao, it might be an exciting fight if jake can take silva down and inflict some gnp but in the standup silva would toy with him like a lion w his prey.

        • Chael does not have close to as much power standing as jake and chael dropped him. If Jake connected good once Silva is goin to sleep. Go watch his fight sil Pele for further proof of that.And dont say Pele sucks he destroyed Matt Hughes.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          dont know who that is, only pele i know is the soccer pele. keep dreaming though about ellenberger, dudes nice but he aint rumble johnson nice. rumble can make it at 185 not ellenberger.

        • Ellenberger would send Rumble to 155 lol. Right after Vitor sends him back to 170. pfft Rumble Johnson aka mr. “i hope the fans in the 1st row have a baseball mit because im gonna knock Dan Hardys head off”.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          he hurt hardy more than gsp did.

  37. The natural says:

    Let’s try to keep your job in the UFC first buddy

  38. io31 says:

    Silva has 4 fights left but there are only two fights left for him in his division: Sonnen and Hendo and maybe Vitor. Any of them can lose their next fight and make the list even shorter. Although he is willing to call out the champ from the lower weight class he won’t fight JBJ. There is a need for challengers at 185. Shields is hoping that UFC will slap a highlight reel with a 5 sec clip from the 1st round of Silva-Hendo and from the 4th-5th round of his fight with Hendo and feed it into the masses. Can’t blame him for trying.

  39. Xaninho says:

    If he can’t beat Kampmann in emphatic fashion, he has no business fighting for any title. Let’s be honest he got the W, but we all know Kampmann got robbed….

    • slacker says:

      I thought Shields won, but just barely. He controlled where the fight was. But, he was very unimpressive and when taken down, Kampmann got up with relative ease. No submission threat at all. That’s why you can’t truly know how good a figher’s skills are ‘t’il he gets to the UFC. Let’s face it. If Shields loses to Akiyama – which I think he will – he’s only one or two fights from getting dropped by the UFC. It was definitely premature for him to bring up wanting to go after the MW title at this point.

  40. A.James says:

    I hope Sexiyama gets this guy fired!

  41. IknowMMA says:

    ARE YOU EFFIN KIDDING ME!?!? What is he on? This guy is delirious!
    For one why don’t you say it who it is Jake? You can’t win as a welterweight in the UFC and that is the only reas

  42. Mike Diaz says:

    Its just the regular jargon a fighter spits out to self-validate himself on the hunt for title contention. In reality, Shields gots a bad smudge on his record at the moment, getting KTFO by someone he said ” I didn’t even know of Jake Ellenberger when they told me I was fighting him!” I say Shields vs Alves would have made sense if they were fighting in the states. It’s going to be a slaughter in Japan……TEAM PENN!!!!!

  43. KingGareth says:

    Shields would do better at MW. He wont have to struggle with weight as much, but I dont think he would do too well against Andy. Shields needs an easier matchup than a top 10 contender.

  44. Donnybrook says:

    What a bone head the man is 0 for 2 in the UFC and he’s calling out Silva?!… get out of here!

  45. 3 Biggest fags on this site: Henry Kobasky, DBKlein 69, and other trolls such as Anderson silva is the GOAT or joby. smh if ur gonna troll at least do it right. Must i show people how its done? do i need to teach a trolling seminar jeez.

  46. How many times do i have to tell you Jake?STOP smoking Diaz’s

  47. Ethan says:

    most exciting fight ever

    Jake Shields vs Jon Fitch

    i kid i kid, but the fight should happen for real..after Jake wins a few more fights

  48. Long-Strong says:

    i wonder if they’ll cut Jake Shields if he loses this fight. and yeah, this was a fight that would have happened if Anderson was given his win in the first Okami fight.

  49. fuck sonnen says:

    (Me and Nick) won’t fight because we would rather beat each other off shields isn’t even in the top 20 also after I watched that little rant on prime time tv with shields and the diaz bitches that was it for me on there whole team what a bunch of clowns I can’t wait to see diaz get his head ripped off and who ever it is wipe his ass with it.As for little bro worthless they are pieces of shit never should of let shields into the ufc way overrated maybe they don’t want to fight because then shields will lose his pot connection and his but fucking partner and I also heard something about diaz being stockton something but we all no its DOUCHEBAG OF THE decade fuck you shields and fuck those faggets brothers

  50. penn legand says:

    Any of you pussys on here talking shit about bj no nothing about mma or bj so go to some other mma blog or your moms website and talk shit there or maybe your moms busy with 3-4 dudes pulling a train on her FUCK YOU team Penn bitch

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