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Friday, 12/02/2011, 05:00 pm

UFC NEWS – Watch The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale Weigh-Ins Live Today on BJPENN.COM (7 p.m. ET)

The UFC will be holding the TUF 14 Finale weigh-in ceremony live today from Key West Ballroom at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

The festivities are set to kick off at 4 p.m. local time / 7 p.m. ET.

Below is the free broadcast player that will be showing the event live.


6 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Watch The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale Weigh-Ins Live Today on BJPENN.COM (7 p.m. ET)”

  1. Kyle6286 says:

    Bisping, what a cocky fuck. The guy can’t even make weight, and then he tells the crowd to fuck off. Class act. This guy makes Koscheck look like Brian Gumbel.

  2. Pdog says:

    wow Bisping telling the fans to f@#$ off. That is a shame because it cheapens the sport. I took my son for the first time to Philadelphia and we saw a great card. I was excited and proud of the UFC because I didn’t think they condoned acting that way. I remember when Dana White chastised Brock Lesnar for flipping someone the bird and disrespecting Bud Light. Now it seems Dana White condones it from some but not from others. In the end if they don’t get control of that stuff it’s going to be like every other cheapened sport. Bisping didn’t make weight, flipped off the crowd, flinged the fbomb. Get rid of this idiot! Bisping is classless I hope he get’s knocked out again. Oh Yeah Dana was hard on Alves about his weight too let’s see what happens to this guy.

  3. Marquezgotrobbed says:

    Alves missed weight loads of times. This is the first time I can recall Bisping missing weight so stop getting your panties in a twist. And the crowd were booing Bisping and being abusive to him…so he played up to them and gave them the finger whoopy doo this is a fight sport!!

    • Pdog says:

      You act like your a fighter your probably some goober who never competed in your life. Go watch WWE or some other event for xbox hero’s. The way you talk it’s obvious you never did anything at any level. Alves didn’t spit on anyone or talk trash on the sponsors. It’s also obvious you don’t realize that the fans make the fighters their money…….Your as stupid as he is.

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