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Saturday, 01/07/2012, 07:42 am

UFC NEWS – Vitor Belfort Reveals UFC 142 Secret Weapon (Video)

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20 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Vitor Belfort Reveals UFC 142 Secret Weapon (Video)”

  1. Heidi says:

    Love It !!! Gsp a great way to go !!!!!!

  2. Sheek says:

    A reinvented camp combined with GSP’s training partners and Belfort’s partners..This could be great for all of them.

  3. Jaiden says:

    That’s it, we’re all screwed!

  4. SanSooRob says:

    Ok is Gsp hurt or what lol I fn swear everytime this dude is hurt
    you see him in the gym working out.. So fn funny

  5. SB says:

    They got Nate and brendan shaub there as well. Looks like a pretty good team.

  6. Mike McMack says:

    VItor can really help GSP in terms of a having a training partner with elite boxing skills and GSP helps Vitor with his wrestling skills. Good for everyone involved in this camp, too bad GSP went down. If GSP trains with Vitor to prepare for Nick or Carlos he’ll be well prepared for anything they can do with their boxing. I think Vitor is the best boxer in MMA, yes better than Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva and just as good as JDS. Anderson Silva is the best striker in MMA by far but nobody in MMA has more dangerous hands with the only exception being JDS since I think him and Vitor are equal.

  7. Vitor is one smart bradduh! How could he go wrong training w the Saint’s team! Vitor FTW!

    If Bj faces the diazassholes hope he does the same and squash the beef between the two like he did w Hughes and pulver.

  8. daniverapv says:

    Great Vid to wake up too! how about it everyone we got LUKE ROCKHOLD vs KEITH JARDINE on SHOWTIME TONIGHT but first off we get to start off with PLAYOFF WEEKEND! 130pm BENGALS v TEXANS! 430pm SAINTS v LIONS! NBC!!!! 😀

  9. "H"BOMB says:

    man gsp and vitor are almost the same size! damn either gsp is a bigass ww or vitor just really shrimped down from his days at lhw or hw!

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    GSP should keep this camp on call for his next bout because it’s going to be his toughest. I think the last time he had ring rust he got GTFO, I could be wrong.

  11. dana says:

    hated seeing that rat face nate there he turns me

  12. 91781 says:

    WTF? So he is training with cheater and a “hurt” GSP… He is getting intel on GSP for other people… get your tinfoil hats…

  13. Really.. Koscheck kicked his ass! Vitor = TDs and GNP!

  14. Anthony G 206 says:

    koscheck cheated in the rumble fight u fag, vitor will get KTFO along with charts bitch ass. Rumbles wrestling is bettter than vitor.

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