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Wednesday, 01/25/2012, 12:04 pm

UFC NEWS | Vitor Belfort | I Dominated a 220 Pound Man

“He’s a strong guy, feared in UFC. Dan Henderson refused to fight him, everybody declined it. He’s a guy who’s hard to match-up in this division, but I accepted it at a glance. I have never feared any man… I thought it was good challenge and I said yes. I showed how I value the fans and the UFC. I fought a guy weighing like 220lbs. I dominated him on the ground, I showed my Jiu-Jitsu, I showed my striking. When I win quickly, people complain it was too quick. When it takes a while longer people also complain… It’s hard to please people, but I had it in my hands. I did what was needed to be done”.

In a recent interview with Brazilian media outlet,, Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort discussed his most recent victory over Anthony Johnson.

Originally scheduled for a fight at 185 pounds, Johnson officially weighed in at 197 pounds on the day before the fight. A required fight day weigh-in pegged him at 204 pounds; however Johnson, who failed to make weight for the third time in his UFC career usually, walks around at 220 pounds.

For failing to make the weight and capitalize on his weight advantage in the bout, Johnson was released from the promotion following the loss.

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52 Responses to “UFC NEWS | Vitor Belfort | I Dominated a 220 Pound Man”

  1. Anderson Silva's Foot says:

    You fear no man but ME!

  2. JMad says:

    Umm, Dan Henderson fights at LHW, why would he fight AJ?

  3. airportlife says:

    He fights at lhw and mw. Henderson is trying to get a fight with Anderson or Jon Jones is why he declined

  4. Mitch111 says:

    Didnt see that comment now i look like a tool lol, but yeah get it together son

    • JMad says:

      i got it together son, i know he used to fight at MW, but now he said the only way he’ll go back is to fight silva. that’s why i asked why would he fight johnson

  5. danriverapv says:

    deff didnt dominate him…. AJ just came in unprepared. im sure he would have worked u vitor im sorry, u got lucky.
    Dan M. Helped u
    AJ helped u by not coming in-in shape.

    • Michael says:

      That’s what I’m saying. I think Vitor was in big trouble, but Dan kept standing them up. It didn’t look like Vitor had much of a chance of getting up on his own. That fight was BS for a bunch of reasons, but they didn’t need to keep re-starting it. Once, I understand but 3 times in a rounds seems fishy.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      They first time they got stood up it was too quick, the second time AJ was just laying on him. Whatever, AJ said he would stand and bang with Vitor. That sure didn’t happen but he did slam Vitor on his head after a crappy kick.

  6. NickDiaz55 says:

    A DEHYDRATED 220 Pounder. Also Belfort weight like 210. He weighed in at 205.6 on fight night so I’m guessing like 210. Why do all brazilian fighters brag about winning? They just mad because Jones dominated Shogun and Killed a Dragon while standing up. Hahahahah

  7. Chartmonster says:

    Hendo declined bc he didn’t want to drop weight and holding out for Bones! Vitor is the man..

  8. Mr.Rusk says:

    Come on dude you were kinda gettin lit up and wrestle fucked a bit. AND you got a bogus super fast stand up. You already won the fight and your more then likely to get the winner of Sonnen/sliva

    • VanDamme says:

      He gets The Axe Murderer next, seems like an easy fight for Vitor. Perhaps after that he will get another title shot.

      • Mr.Rusk says:

        Shit I forgot about TuF Brazil, but your right he’s prolly walk right thru wandy. Sorry wandy your fucked like Chuck, your chin can’t even be called glass anymore…its more like tissue paper

        • josh says:

          U know wht? Even if wandy knows he has a very slim chance of winning he will still fight until he gets knocked out. True pride fighter. Vitor was crap in pride

        • Mr.Rusk says:

          Hey man don’t take it the wrong way, I love wandy he’s been half of some of the best wars in MMA history. I don’t know if its pride or he didnt/hasn’t invested well and needs the money or if he honestly thinks he still has it and can hang with the best of them, bit there comes a time when you have to weigh your pride against the quality of life you want after the sport has past you by. Even if he made a run for the title somehow would it really be worth not being able to form a sentence or walk properly or being able to play with your children.

  9. Natural says:

    He also can’t forget about all the juice he took so he should be able to dominate somebody bigger then him

  10. Nick says:

    Vitor needs to shut up. He beat a dehydrated black guy. If you can last the first 3 minutes with him almost anyone could have beat him. It also helps you had the ref on your side. Can’t stand Vitor anymore. First the back of the head KO to Akiyama and now these dumbass comment. Someone needs to knock his ass back out.

  11. BOOGEY MAN says:

    really dan was scared shut the f up. the fight was suppose to be at 185. dan only wants silva at 185.he doesnt want to fight tubby black guys.why doesnt vitor go run his mouth to dan and see what happens, ask bisping about that.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Ha “he doesn’t want to fight a tubby black guy.” I found a Web site before and it was pokin fun at AJ. It had a picture of an obese black guy destroying a colossal cheeseburger, like a man vs. food style, five-pound, all the trimmings burger. And the caption below said, “This is the way everyone should train MMA,” or some shit like that. Good stuff.

  12. JSki says:

    Belfort v.s Hendo at 185 has got my vote. That would be a good fight!!

  13. Every MMA fan says:

    What a cock guy, This guy is retarded, AJ was practically the same size as Viturd come fight time. And he was losing before all the rediculous stand ups. Ol’ Miragliotta did everything in his power to help Vitord win. He Never dominated. This guy needs to recognize when he is gifted a win. Twice in a row for that matter.They wanted to do anything to make sure vitord won and Ol’ crooked Dan did.
    And Vitord keep Hendersons name out your mouth you are not on Dan’s level. Next time he’ll just put Belfort to sleep rather then just kicking his ass in every aspect of the game. Vitord= joke now a days. Used to like this guy about 7 years ago but everytime you here him talk how could anyone? Lost a fan here.

  14. Mr.Rusk says:

    Nah if the guy could find a half way decent trainer or developed the self discipline to not eat so Goddamn much he could of had a drink of water or 2 between the weigh ins and fight night, he spent everrhing he had on take downs that were stood up ridiculously fast. Vitor is making it sound like the guy is the third comming of Anderson Silva and that he tooled him in every aspect of the game, which just simply wasn’t the case

  15. cody says:

    yo vitor is soooo wack now days aj came in dehydrated and beat ur ass and blew his load and u choked him out a wins a win but y talk trash hell never be champ the ufc just puts the hype train behind vitor and i counted it a stand up in 9 sec exactly something aint right there just saying

  16. dleerox says:

    Lets be real Vitor…. Almost every fighter at mw wouldve taken that fight or not because it would be a step down in competition. You took the fight because it was pretty much a guaranteed victory in front of your hometown. You wouldnt want to lose twice in that situation right? Hendo didnt take the fight because he wants to do what it takes to get the title. You keep fighting fighters who arent even relevant at mw and want an instant title match

  17. dleerox says:

    Vitor should stop putting himself on the pedestal and acting like he deserves more praise for beating a guy he shouldve beaten. Ever wonder how a guy making a debut at mw fights vitor in Rio? Vitor shouldve denied the fight, but he needed a win in Rio instead of another loss

  18. mmaislandjunkie says:

    anthony rumble johnson would have kicked bispings ass, vitor deserves a rematch more than chael does.

    • Mr.Rusk says:

      Oh come on guy, don’t let your hatred for chael give Vitor way more credit then he deserves. Their performances aren’t even remotely comparable

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        so stann and bisping is supposed to be impressive? two guys who have the worst tdd defense in the mw division going against the takedown queen? if that doesnt seem like a nice way of lettin sonnen slide back into the title picture i dont know what is. chael should fight vitor for the number 1 spot, and hopefully they get mirgliotta again so whenever chael gets a td he’ll just stand them up like he did with vitor v rumble lol.

        • Mr.Rusk says:

          Lol I was talking about their fights with Sliva, but I know I know PEDS ROLFCHOPTER but let’s go to faire fantasy funky town land where chael didn’t use/need/abusive TRT let’s say he does half no let’s be haters a third as well. He gets tapped out at the end of round 2 or early round 3. He’s still landed at or around 100 strikes and got somewhere near 4 or 5 takedowns. That’s still 10 times the fight and 10 times the show that Vitor gave us. That’s why Chaels getting a shot again before Vitor.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i understand he put up a better fight than vitor but his road back to the championship is more bs and easier for him than vitors path. i think rumble is a much more game opponent than both stann and bisping, oh well who doesnt wanna see chael get owned again? i know i do.

        • Mr.Rusk says:

          Can’t reply to your reply so hope this works lol. I know their paths back haven’t exactly been level but we know how Dana is when you put on that piss poor of a show, Vitor could kumatai every active heavyweight on the planet knock each of them out on the first strike and he still probably wouldn’t get a shot

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          if he was to beat chael i think he’d get a shot.

        • Mr.Rusk says:

          Lol yeah maybe even then tho Danas pettyness knows no bounds

  19. cody says:

    i honestly think aj healthy and cutting weight right can beat anyone at mw hes fucking huge scary strong but o well never know now

  20. Mike says:

    ooooo wow he beat a 220 lb man… That was having a bad week do to his weight cut so he got tired quickly. Shows alot of skill Belfort…..

  21. dave says:

    dan henod turned it down cuz he dont wanna fight at mw unless it for the belt..he has said thiis now many times…fuk vitor..the guys who called anderson kick lucky

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