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Wednesday, 01/04/2012, 05:00 am

UFC NEWS – Vitor Belfort: Day in My Life (Video)

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8 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Vitor Belfort: Day in My Life (Video)”

  1. Kalaeboi! says:

    God bless Vitor and his family! Good luck my boi!

  2. KingGareth says:

    Vitor has the edge but AJ is bulking up big time and had a lot of power at his previous weight, so it should be a great fight. 2 rounds or less

  3. Zyglrox says:

    Vitor’s son cracks me up! I’m pulling for Vitor, but I’m hoping something fucking crazy doesn’t happen like in a couple of these fights lately. AJ could pull a Zombie / Hendricks / JDS on Vitor and make him go lights out early. You just never know man.

  4. Anthony G 206 says:

    Yeah im not sure what happens i would love to see Ant KTFO vitor but there both real tough. Im pulling for tone.

  5. uh says:


  6. Edgar says:

    Lifting makes you strong but that doesn’t mean you can hit hard. Its all about the explosion!

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