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Wednesday, 01/11/2012, 09:30 am

UFC NEWS – Vitor Belfort: “Anthony Johnson will be defeated in my homeland.”

[box_light] “I’m going to test his heart and I’m going to be 100 percent for him and he’s going to face a hungry, hungry lion. I have faith in my ability. No man can stand against me when I am in this frame of mind. I am very happy to represent Brazil and am looking forward to this week and enjoying the UFC being here. But once I am in the Octagon, and the door slams shut, it is all business. Anthony Johnson will be defeated in my homeland.”[/box_light]

Former UFC champion, Vitor Belfort is set to welcome Anthony Johnson to the middleweight division this weekend in Rio.

With his lone loss since returning to the Octagon coming at the hands of Anderson Silva, Vitor is chomping at the bit for a rematch.

Explosive, dynamic and experienced, Vitor will have to thwart off Johnson’s takedown attempts and use superior striking technique to take out the bigger, stronger and younger man.

But will he be able to?

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24 Responses to “UFC NEWS – Vitor Belfort: “Anthony Johnson will be defeated in my homeland.””

  1. machinehead says:

    Go Belfort!

  2. DanaBrown says:

    Don’t get me wrong, Vitor is a beast. But I have way to much faith in my boy Johnson.. Let there be a Rumble in Rio!!

    • FortyB4five says:

      Sounds like somthing you would say

    • baldy says:

      if johnson wins (huge if) it would be by decision…lay and pray all night ala chael i wanna be a wwe superstar sonnen.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Let’s not start acting like Rumble’s M.O. is to lay and pray. He disappointed with Hardy, but If that’s what you think, you’re obviously a new MMA fan. Johnson’ has some nasty fight ending highlights in his case file, so save the bs for someone who deserves it.

        • Xaninho says:

          Johnson does have some great fight ending highlights but none against a top stand-up fighter. Once he’s against a real stand-up fighter he resorts to the old Lay ‘n’ Pray wrestlers thing, like he did against Hardy…

        • Logan says:

          Hardy, a stand up fighter…..brb, GWAF

        • baldy says:

          i didnt say that was his M.O. …did i.
          ill make it a little more clear for ya…belfort’s stand up is light years ahead of johnson’s. he’s gonna have to take him down to have a chance. belfort’s bjj is also light years ahead of johnson’s. so…imo…johnson is gonna have to use the ole tried and true get the take down (score points) lay and pray (dont get hurt or submitted) until the ref stands us up…and repeat method many wrestlers use (fitch, sonnen to name a couple)
          im definately not a rumble hater (whats to hate?) he is an incredible athlete with with great and improving skills and a great future at middleweight. i just think belfort is gonna prove to be too much too soon for johnson. vitor can crush anyone in the middleweight division this side of anderson silva.

    • BX81 says:

      I like Vitor as well but I think Rumble is going to knock the snot out of him. Rumble hits hard just like Vitor but just like the Silva fight I think Rumble is going to get off first and it’s gonna be a wrap. Either way I hope for an epic fight like Rua/Hendo. Good luck to both fighters.

  3. jason N says:

    vitor by ass whopping

  4. Vincent says:

    Johnson will get smashed he got chocked out by Koscheck and was scared to stand with hardy he’s a nobody. War belfort

  5. Roberto says:

    Anthony Johnson couldn’t dominate Josh, Vitor is much more explosive and powerful. I predict TKO win for Vitor.

  6. Cocoflavor says:

    Gooooooooo Decepticons!

  7. GMoney$han says:

    I’m a huge fan of vitor. I kno middleweight is his “ideal” weight class, he’s had alot better success there. He’s faster than ever with his hands and he’s seemed to improve his cardio. That being said he’s always had trouble with high caliber wrestlers, escpecially bigger guys and hasn’t really been tested by wrestlers as of late. Rumble is not only huge even as a middleweight, he also has really good stand up on top of a decorated amatuer wrestling background. I’m also a fan of rumble, but truth is i want to see vitor win. However watching all these training vids on both fighters, i feel that rumble is hungrier and is training harder than vitor is. I hope vitor doesn’t fold if things aren’t goin his way and he can prove that he has the heart to finally match his talents. Even if he doesn’t win i just hope this is a great fight. War Vitor!

  8. mike f says:

    Rumble has always bee much bigger and stronger than his opponent. In this fight he wont have that advantage. Victor by 2nd round ko.

  9. Mike Diaz says:

    After this scrap, Vitor will be called a Lion’s cub when Rumble walks right through his punches and takes his head off in front of his home crowd! TEAM PENN!!!!!!!

  10. adrian says:

    Rumble has had some pretty nasty finishes but all against really low caliber fighters, he is way over his head thinking he will win.

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