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Friday, 01/20/2012, 07:18 am

UFC NEWS – UFC Releases Statement: Silva Loss Stands, Implementing Instant Replay for Future Events

“Based on the referee’s verbal warnings and his determination that the blows were intentional and a disqualifying foul, this is not the type of decision that can be reviewed. Therefore, the decision stands.

Recently, Zuffa has decided to implement the use of instant replay at all international events that are self-regulated, and to encourage all regulators to consider the feasibility and effectiveness of instant replay in the sport of MMA. While instant replay would not have reversed the call in the Silva-Prater bout, we believe that it could be valuable to referees and the sport in the future.”

UFC Vice president of regulatory affairs, Marc Ratner, released a statement yesterday evening about the controversial disqualification loss handed down at last weekend’s UFC 142 event in Brazil.

In the fight, Erick Silva appeared to have earned a TKO victory in just 29 seconds over his opponent Carlo Prater, but the referee, Mario Yamasaki deemed the bout in favor of Prater due to illegal head strikes delivered at the hands of Silva.

In fairness, there was at least one illegal shot to the back of Praters head, however this is not an uncommon occurrence in Mixed Martial Arts and as such, fans are used to seeing these without repercussions. However in the case of a commissioner review, if such a blow was recorded, no way can they overturn the bouts ruling based on their own discretion.

If anything good came out of the incident, it’s the newly inked rule of instant replay!

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24 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC Releases Statement: Silva Loss Stands, Implementing Instant Replay for Future Events”

  1. Billy says:

    its ok jon jones lost the same b.s. way to hammill. let the referee’s do their shitty job. everyone knows you won silva. prater is a bitch and brazil dominated once again in outstanding fashion.

    • sandman says:

      listen, bully, prater is also hails from brazil as he is fighter that steps into the cage. RESPECT THAT. otherwise you sound like an idiot. in addition, have you been hit in the back of the head? it can be devastating and deadly. that is obviously why it is illegal.
      Big props to Erick Silva for putting on another explosive showing of his skills. we all know he did not intentionally hit Prater in the back of the head. I also liked how he handled himself after the decision; he did not cry about it. the similarity to the matt hamill / jon jones disqualification is there, and i see silva progressing up in his division just like jones. it may be that a loss, even though it appears that they had won, further fuels the fire in the competitors heart to win.

      • bruts says:

        billy how fucking dumb are you? its a sport if people dont follow rules people can die, i dont know what the fuck you smoked today but go smoke some more of it you fucking idiot. jon bones jones could of killed matt hamill with those 12-6 elbows… TBH people have smashed threw ice blocks using the 12-6 your a pathetic fan. theres rules for a reason and if you dont follow you dont deserve to fight in the ufc… and btw your fucking dumb.

    • BG says:

      Prater is also from Brazil.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Jones deserved what was coming to him.

  2. BallSack says:

    That’s ok. Silva will give dominate his next opponent. He’ll earn title contention this year. 2012 is looking good for him!

  3. CanILive says:

    prater is brazilian as well right?

  4. DMH says:

    Billy, you are an idiot to say he’s a bitch and they are both Brazilian! Do you really think that Prater liked to finish a fight like that? Have you seen any of his other fights?

  5. Xaninho says:

    Prater had already lost before the hammerfist flurry. Ref was actually late with the stoppage cause he turtled up and wasn’t defending himself intelligently. Yamasaki might have warned him but the warning on itself was bullshit already. The slow motion clearly shows that all blows were to the side of the head except one. Yamasaki and the weird broomstick shaped woman are the worst two referees…

  6. bigcheese says:

    buddy on top ur an idiot jon jones threw illegal elbows there was nuttin wrong with that disqualification lol

    • DevonAK86 says:

      +1 but the ref should have stopped that fight sooner when Hamils face looked like chopped steak!

      • zoultan says:

        when i was watching that fight i was thinking shit he deaf and now he gon b blind too lol

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I was thinking the same thing.

        • bruts says:

          i thought he was going to die tbh, i thought jon bones caved in matt hamills face

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


          That’s one of the reasons I don’t like Jones to begin with. I think people inherently have a cut off switch as to how much damage they can inflict on others. Sure, its a fight but come on you are maiming Hamil at this point.

          Compare that fight to Aldo vs Hominick or JDS vs Carwin and you could tell they were pulling their punches toward the end of their fights because their opponents were severely damaged.

  7. DevonAK86 says:

    Its was a tough call because when Mario warned him he was not hitting the back of the head but the side and then he saw a clear shot to the back of the head and called it! also post fight interviews lean towards Prater getting badly hurt with the first knee he ate! I say it was over before Prater hit the ground! A dream come true now that we have instant replays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. G says:

    I just find it funny that we’re watching FIGHTING and you can’t HIT certain spots on a persons head. I mean, it’s just getting a little bit too muddled for me. I like anything goes fighting, not with all these rules.

  9. Chael Twitterbird Sonnen says:

    Good, instant replays that help make correct decisions. Now NSAC’s decisions will look that much worse

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