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Monday, 01/02/2012, 12:45 pm

UFC NEWS – “UFC Primetime” Returns With Diaz vs. Condit Special Set To Air On FX

The brass at the UFC is pulling out all the stops for February’s welterweight battle between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit.

“UFC Primetime: Diaz vs. Condit” will help promote the UFC’s UFC 143 card and is set to start airing in late January.

UFC 143 is set to take place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Super Bowl weekend. Georges St. Pierre was originally scheduled to headline the event against the newest title challenger Nick Diaz, however an injury forced him off the card and Diaz will now face Carlos Condit for the UFC’s interim welterweight title.

The bout marks the first interim title fight since Shane Carwin beat Frank Mir at UFC 111 in 2010.

The first episode of “UFC Primtetime: Diaz vs. Condit” is set to air on January 20 at 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT on FX TV. The three-part series will continue in the same timeslot on January 27th and February 3rd.

Replays of each episode are expected to air on FUEL TV.

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71 Responses to “UFC NEWS – “UFC Primetime” Returns With Diaz vs. Condit Special Set To Air On FX”

  1. Jc says:

    how the fuck did they get diaz to go along with this?

  2. mmagurf says:

    how is he getting a title shot after just beating cerrone?

  3. adam Cooper says:

    U call yourself mmagurf but u don’t know the difference between the Diaz brothers better change your name buddy lol

  4. DewYouKnow8 says:

    Same 209 fart, different smell.. i can see how a new soccer mom-mma fan could screw em up

  5. Carlos “Killa” Condit for the KO win!

    • learntoread says:

      Condit will crumble under the Diaz pressure game, just like everyone else in the past few years.

      • Nick will get finisheed by Condit like everybody except 1 guy in his career has And that one guy would destroy Diaz. Condit has the best standup in the division.

        • learntoread says:

          @ PRODIGY:

          LOL. Sure, “best standup in the division” just like
          Penn had the “best boxing in MMA”, and Daley was the “best KO artist in the division”. We’ve heard it all before son.

          Secondly, Jake Ellenberger would never “destroy” Nick Diaz you fool. He’s not even on the same level.

          Truth is, Condit is going to get worn down & sub’d (just like he has numerous times during his career).

          *You might want to quickly come to the realization that Nick Diaz hasn’t been legitimately finished in an MMA fight in almost 10 years (back when he was 18 years old and very green in the sport…and a loss that he would go on to avenge, twice).

    • Heath says:

      Just like Cerrone and BJ right..lmao I see a good technical stand up battle then a submission by Diaz the first time it goes to the ground..But knowing Nick he will prob decide to stand and just beat him at his own strength.. Should change your name from Chartmonster to Eats

  6. Chris says:

    Diaz is defiantly gonna win this one. They also said Paul Daley had better stand up and we saw what happened there lol.

    • FEdgar_fan says:

      Are we talking about the same fight? The fight that Daley knocked him down at least two times but wasn’t able to finish because he didn’t pick his shots, eventually gassing himself? If we got a couple of Vitor Belfort flavored hits to nicks head, we would have finished that fight and the world would have been a better place in 2012.

      • learntoread says:

        Spare everyone the “woulda coulda shoulda” crap pal.

        Daley got rope & doped in that fight, he didn’t just get knocked down, he got finished, at his own game, in the first round. That’s what the MMA world will remember from that fight, as they should.

  7. SanSooRob says:

    Diaz tko 2nd

  8. mmagurf says:

    wich diaz are we talking about now?

  9. Tom Phillips says:

    Mmagurf needs to keep going.. I haven’t laughed like this in a while

  10. dave says:

    Nick stands in the pocket taking big shots,alot which knock him down, but not out! Im sure Condit will clock him good .But Diaz will pressure box him like all his opponents-

  11. Brandon Wheaton says:

    This. I <3 BJ Penn and I <3 Cerrone, but people need to give the Diaz brothers their due. It's like this every time.

    "_______ will finally expose ______ Diaz!"
    *_______ Diaz beats the shit out of ______*
    "yeah, well, ______ will finally expose _____ Diaz!"

    • Damian David says:

      I agree with your comment. I think that it’s very possible that Diaz will overwhelm Condit, but I’m hoping that Condit gets pissed and snaps and wins the fight decisively like I have seen him do in the past when he was down in a contest. I believe that Condit has the tools to do it, plus he’s not afraid of getting punched in the face. I’m not sure that Condit will quit on himself, and that has been the factor for both the Diaz brothers lately. They typically get their opponents to give up winning and resort to merely surviving. Too bad GSP isn’t healthy, I think that he might have been overwhelmed by either Condit or Diaz, because neither of them let wrestlers keep them down. I think that Condit is the bigger fighter in this case, no? Not having the reach advantage may make Diaz less effective than in the past when he has been longer.

  12. drew says:

    Nate Diaz. “They are paying me in chronic”. i know not nick but honestly they probably did give him like a boat load of money and a 50,000 gift certificate to the best dispensary in cali.
    love the mary jane

  13. Donnybrook says:

    Good fight, both have the tools to win so let the best man win!. Condit fans should be happy with him being the underdog on the betting lines, you can more than double your money but I’ve learned not to bet against Nick from past experiences.

  14. Long-Strong says:

    rooting for a Natural Born Killer win! hope this guy pulls it off. am I alone in thinking that Nick Diaz has been taking a ton of shots lately and Condit might be the stray that breaks the camel’s back? I know I’ve posted this comment a few times… anyway, its in the 1st round where we’ll be able to see whether or not Condit stands to win…

  15. Axel39 says:

    Pretty sweet, want to see properly how Diaz trains, plus who doesn’t love to hear his stories hahaha

  16. JMango says:


      • Not Bellator.Best wrestler in MMA over there Ben Askren would drive him through the cage with his takedowns. Easy UD for Askren.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          just what u and chart hope for in mma fights =)

        • Hey it is what it is. Askren would win the fight and remain champ. You used to say Fitch would UD Diaz easy now when i say Askren would it its something different?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          nope i said fitch sucks and i say askren sucks. i hope askren gets hendricksed soon for being like fitch, they are the shit stains of mma.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Jay got robbed. Askrin sucks.

        • This is a while ago. I clearly remember you saying Fitch would lay on Diaz and beat him. You said it would be boring as hell but he would do it. Im just stating something similar which is most likely true. The funny thing is Chart said maybe Strikeforce or Bellatorr but the thing is Diaz wouldnt be champ in either. Woodley at SF beats him and Askren at Bellator.

        • Wrestling bring a different variable to the fight game..can’t kick bc of the TD. Difficult to counter ..the next generation fighter will master wrestling ..bjj and Muay Thai equally..that’s scary. A combo of Chael / Reem / Maia…damn!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          u still think its very possible for fitch to fitch diaz. so i stick by what i said but i still say it will be boring and lame to watch. wrestling is only so effective becuz of how limited the guy is on his back. its literally stand back up, try to sweep or reverse, or defend yourself there isnt much room for attacking off your back. that is the only reason why i keep saying i wish they allowed upkicks for downed opponents becuz they literally have no option for attacks unless theyre just super badass like anderson silva and can elbow someone then triangle them.

  17. magoo says:

    After beej kicked his ass in the first lest we forget!

  18. krafty11 says:

    Prodigy, if I remember correctly.. Wasn’t Diaz the SF champ before vacating it to come to the UFC??

  19. Lex w says:

    Super easy win for nick carlos can’t c his hands on c him on the ground

  20. Braveheart says:

    Diaz to win on points due to continual zero power face taps

  21. KingGareth says:

    I like both fighters but Diaz might just have this one. I can see Condit winning with knees though, since both Diaz brothers don’t defend them too well. Condit tends to drop his hands when he knees though, so it’s just a matter of how well each fighter counters.
    It should be an awesome fight.

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