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Thursday, 11/17/2011, 12:31 pm

UFC NEWS – UFC on FOX Salary Report

New UFC heavyweight champion, Junior Dos Santos, not only took home the belt but was also awarded the lion’s share of the $666,000 total disclosed payroll for the UFC on FOX 1 event with a solid $220,000 payday.

UFC on Fox 1 took place last night from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. In the main event of the evening Junior Dos Santos upset Cain Velasquez to become the new UFC heavyweight champion of the world.

The fight lasted just 64 seconds and ended with a knockout of Cain Velasquez live on FOX TV.

Former champ, Cain Velasquez rounded out the second highest payday at an even $100,000 for his losing effort in the main event of the evening.

The full UFC on FOX payouts included:

Junior Dos Santos: $220,000 (includes $110,000 win bonus)
def. Cain Velasquez: $100,000

Ben Henderson: $60,000 (includes $30,000 win bonus)
def. Clay Guida: $40,000

Dustin Poirier: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Pablo Garza: $8,000

Ricardo Lamas: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Cub Swanson: $15,000

DaMarques Johnson: $28,000 (includes $14,000 win bonus)
def. Clay Harvison: $8,000

Darren Uyenoyama: $12,000 (includes $6,000 win bonus)
def. Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto: $15,000

Robert Peralta: $16,000 (includes $ win bonus)
def. Mackens Semerzier: $8,000

Alex Caceres: $16,000 (includes $8,000 win bonus)
def. Cole Escovedo: $6,000

Mike Pierce: $36,000 (includes $18,000 win bonus)
def. Paul Bradley: $18,000

Aaron Rosa: $12,000 (includes $6,000 win bonus)
def. Matt Lucas: $6,000

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42 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC on FOX Salary Report”



    • Dana White says:

      Right, because $220k isn’t a lot of money..

      • BIG UFC FAN says:

        220K is a lot of money sitting on your kitchen table but isn’t a lot of money when you are “The Best in the World” at something. Even the best hot dog salesmen in the world is wealthy. You guys do EVERYTHING right except this and the fans are responding to it. I am good for $50 every 4 weeks to pay per view to help support the effort.

        • DeepSeaGod says:

          And out of that money, the fighters have to pay for their camps, trainers, sparing partners, and what not. UFC fighters union coming soon.

        • zach says:

          You guys are dumb as hell that’s only there fight purses they also get paid for the ufc contract and all there sponsors and they dont pay there camps out of that money, also someone could fight multiple times a year and get that much per fight PLUS contracts and sponsors checks to, people like jds, gsp and AS make over 5 mil a year and that’s there personal check that there not going to tell the world about, get your shit strait before you open your mouths

    • CJ says:

      Soldiers get paid a tiny fraction of what fighters can earn in the UFC. They are paid enough.

      • Michael says:

        Amen, brother!!
        Not sure about you but 16k is a lot of money to me. Did anyone ever consider that maybe MLB, NBA and NFL guys are simply grossly overpaid? I mean Matt Kemp just signed to play baseball for 160 mil. That is insane money, but at the same time, major league baseball draws millions , thats right millions more fans. Its not even a comparison. I think 40k is pretty good for a night even if I need to pay out trainers and camps out of it, I still take what? 25K? 18K? fighting 3x a year that is 75K to actually work 3 times. Plus this doesn’t take into account sponsorship and appearance money. You guys really think Alex Carcers should make more money than most people in the business world? Because I certainly do not think he should, he hasn’t proved anything or entertained nearly anything. MMA is not a get rich quick job/scam it is hard work just like anyother job and just because you are willing to fight doesn’t mean you are entitled to top dollar or Chuck Liddell money.

    • JBizzle says:

      ~86% of the gate went to the figthers.

  2. Robo says:

    As someone who started his own company. Employees are always asking for more of the profits without ever considering the expenses involved. Every business owner is in it to make money and every company is there to benefit it’s shareholders. If Dana wasn’t paying enough people wouldn’t fight for him. There’s more than just dollars, there’s fame, which translates into dollars down the road when these guys start their dojos, clothing lines, etc. Ultimately UFC is the best out there because of decisions, marketing, etc. done by Dana White. Cut the guy some slack.


    dana = fighter ass raper. heavy weight champ of the world making 220k and 100k is a fuckin joke. you’re all a bunch of ball lickers. majority of these fighters will be broke with parkinson disease by the time they retire

    • Zack says:

      100k to get knocked out in one minute? Sounds like hittin the lottery to me. I would’ve paid for his plane ticket back home and called it even

    • Mike says:

      doubt that very much. the only top of the tier fighters that will be broke are those that did not take advantage of the opportunity, and secure sponsorship partners because of some weird sense of pride. If I earned $220,000.00 just 1 time I guarantee you I could parlay that into 1 million if not more (that’s without the fame and following). if i had the fame and following attached to the 220k the Parlay would be 5 million plus! Moral of the story is be smart. Spend wisely, Invest wisely, and Partner wisely and you’re set. with all the opportunity and exposure the UFC brings these fighters, only a fool would not know how to parlay this into a lifelong revenue stream that just keeps giving and giving.

      Maybe the UFC could offer a class on Investment, Planning, and Preparing for life after fighting. Hell I know guys who fight in these 3rd and 4th tier shows who promote themselves and find decent financial support from local sponsorship and don’t have to work a regular 9-5 job, but can rather train like the top tier fighters. You can’t put a value on OPPORTUNITY.

  4. BIG UFC FAN says:

    25 years ago chumps got paid $25 Million to get their asses kicked by Mike Tyson. I love the UFC, Ultimate Fighting and Dana’a management style but for God sakes pay these men more money. You Get my $49 every 4 weeks…

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Now chumps are getting paid 60K and 40K a fight. You have to bring in a lot of viewers to command that kind of money. Manny Pac just made 20 Mil and Marquez made 5 Mil. Boxing still brings in more viewers than UFC believe it or not. Boxing on PPV if you have a big name, probably brings in more casual viewers. Big name means less of a gamble on spending $49 on a paper view. Also these fighters get medical from the UFC. I wonder how much that cost? 220K is a lot of money and these guys aren’t GSP, Anderson Silva or Brock Lesnar. Brock puts asses in the seats.

  5. Chase York says:

    Then let them save their money. Don’t buy rims! Invest!

  6. Jay says:

    Lol on top of there $ I’m sure their sponsorships pay them double for winning. Gsp makes 4 million a fight..

  7. Mike says:


    you know how it is, Envy (you know, one of those Seven Deadly Sins), some people got it, and others who have something going for them, DON’T. I am sure you determine the fighter’s pay based on the anticipated draw. Apparently $675,000.000 in purse plus the production costs, location fees, rent, Insurance, Transportation, Security, support staff and all the other ancillary fees associated with staging this type of event isn’t enough. Hell, maybe you should just say no to Revenues,which are used to pay company employees, planning future events, investment in the future, oh, and let’s also say NO TO PROFIT. i’ll tell you, some people just have no sense. It’s like all they see are fighters and you and they think that what the UFC is made of. Ignorance is a Loud Chronic Annoyance. You and your staff are doing a great job and always put on a great event. If you weren’t paying the fighters enough they’d go elsewhere. I have seen too many jump ship. Keep up the good work, you and the UFC ownership deserve every penny you EARN.

  8. Coffee409 says:

    You guys don’t understand how pay scales work… There are like, what? Less than 20 boxers that make the kind of numbers you guys are talking about? And it’s too damn much, if you ask me… The little guys (in boxing( make chump change compared to what the rest of the UFC fighters are making. UFC has MADE 40 fighters millionaires, and the guys on the under card get paid well too…. Fuck boxers making 25 MILL per fight. Nobody is worth that $$.


    Mike = ignorant dana white ball licker.
    the fighters have no where else to go you moron.

    ufc event with 600k pay per view buys at $60 = $36,000,000 revenue
    for this same event the fighter payroll = $1,000,000
    thats not even 10% of their revenue

    meanwhile after the fight dana white is gambling and losing 500k in the casino and owns a handful of ferrari’s. fuckin crook.

    • Mike says:

      Pay fighters More: You crack me up. God Bless America. Hey I might say Dana White is a bit over the top a bit extravagent for my tastes. but listen man, he and all the unseen people around him worked their asses off (i am willing to bet for free and almost nothing for many years to get where they are). So if the UFC owners (of which White is not, he is President), are willing to pay White the kind of money it takes to live lavishly as a reward for his early sacrifice and current hard work, and for bringing/giving OPPORTUNITY to so many, then so be it. (Would you rather White not care about making UFC number one, and just be happy about making a nice living. that he not be motivated to make as much as he could per year, or should he just tell the owners to pay him 175k and instead pay the fighters 80% of profits but also give the fighters the responsibility of promoting, selling, working out advertising contracts etc..let the fighters do the Mentally exhausting Hard work of building business also?). UFC would die and then NOBODY would be fighting because then for sure they would not get paid enough – like much of the competition. This guy has ENRICHED so many people that you probably can’t count the amount of wealth he is responsible for SPREADING. This is the classic example of what SPREADING THE WEALTH is all about. 3 guys commited to an idea, who did not settle on being just ordinary, but want to be rather EXTRAORDINARY. They built a business that offers untold opportunity and money for so many who otherwise might be left to an unpromising life. So again, like always, you and every other nay sayor, forgets to take into consideration the bountiful opportunity that has be given to so many and will continue to be given to many many more in the future. those who take advantage of the opportunity will in turn start up their own businesses (gyms, clothing lines, political careers, bottling companies, beer distributorships, subway franchises, harley dealerships etc…) with the money they have earned from the UFC and continue to spread wealth. The wealth just keeps on expanding way beyond the UFC. WHY DON’T PEOPLE IN AMERICA UNDERSTAND THIS!!!!!

      • Mike says:

        Oh i forgot to mention all the other’s that benefit from the UFC, who aren’t even employed by the UFC, hmmm can you say TapOut, All the store’s that sell heavy bags, training gear, mats, gi’s, all the martial arts schools around the world that have increased their enrollment because of the UFC. BAR’S that show the fights, i mean the UFC IS AN EMPLOYMENT, REVENUE GENERATING MACHINE!!!

        Dana White and the owners DESERVE a shit load of money for the amount of wealth they are responsible for generating throughout the WORLD.

      • CF2701 says:

        “So if the UFC owners (of which White is not, he is President), ”

        Actually he is part owner – 9% to be exact…….

        • CF2701 says:

          I’m not saying I completely disagree with you however. I think the UFC is somewhat fair. I just think there are some fighters who should make more.

          Example – Matt Mitrione – If my memory is correct, makes 10k/10k – that is ridiculous! I know he came up through TUF, but come on…..he was a co-main fighter his last outing.

          Overall, to compare with boxing is stupid. This is MMA, not boxing…..

        • Mike says:

          i agree. and there will always be cases like this. but he probably chose to just be greatfull and not bite the hand that feeds him. He and his agent may be taking an approach that they feel assures him a long term in the UFC. Pay me later instead of Pay me Now attitude. the problem with pay me now attitudes is that you may get paid well now, but lose one fight and it’s over. Guys like GSP are in a great position to reverse the advantage from company over fighter to fighter over company. Listen i just pray that the success of the UFC continues and that it continues to provide unspeakable opportunity to so many who otherwise might have absolutely NOTHING.

        • Mike says:

          okay, i stand corrected. thank you.

          but 9% doesn’t mean he is a final decision maker in all matters necessarily. i am sure he doesn’t set his salary, but rahter NEGOTIATES it. much like the top ten fighters do.

          we all want to make more money, and one day under the right circumstances most of us will. i hope the fighters make more also, but not at the expense of the continued success of the UCC. remember People will only pay so much to watch a cable event and pay so much to attend the event, and Cable will only pay so much. So your model can’t overreach what the market is CAPABLE of paying. Peace

  10. watchafightbeforecommenting says:

    Do none of you realize how much the fighters get from sponsors? GSP admitted to earning 4 to 5 million per fight and only 200k is from his UFC contract. If they didnt make enough money they would not continue to fight at these pay structures. The UFC is a global orginization for a reason and chances are none of you could run a business for shit…. just a thought…

    • zach says:

      That 200k is a fight purse not god damn contract money, do any of you guys even know what the hell your talking about? Purse, contracts and sponsors, if you add them up then you get the ACTUAL amount there making this is only there fucking fight purse for the night the rest they get with there contract checks and sponsors, so many noobs on this site

  11. BIG UFC FAN says:

    Consider the incomes of people who are “THE BEST IN THE WORLD” at their given talent. It doesn’t matter that these guys get endorsement deals, they are under paid. The reality is the UFC fighters 5 years from now are going to make the BIG BUCKS! The sport hasn’t hit it’s high point yet.

    This is America guys. Capitalism still rules the streets.

    If you think that UFC fighters are over paid you should head out to Wall Street with the rest of the socialist.

    • Mike says:

      Write (Right) On, Big UFC FAN!

      • BIG UFC FAN says:

        Go back to your tent in the park.

        The fighters are the ones that train, sweat and bleed for the sport. They deserve more than what they are getting. All of your points don’t take into consideration that their careers are short and can end today.

        • Mike says:

          Oh my GOD! they are doing 1 thing. How many people does BJ Penn employ? how many people does GSP employ, how many people are getting a piece of the pie? hundreds of thousands of people benefit from the UFC and the people who built it and are responsible for creating all this wealth should be PAID HUGELY. the fighters have every opportunity to negotiate pay day. The pay for fighters has been going up every couple of years as the popularity of the UFC Grows. it’s an evolving process. I don’t mean to argue, many days I work 15 hours per day and wear many hats and i am one of the best at what i do. After work I go to the Gym and train for 2 1/2 hours, on alternate day I train my Martial Arts for 3 hours (4 days per week). what i do work wise benefits many people and businesses in their security and in their bank accounts – huge dollars. I earn almost as much (in revenues) as the total purse the fighters earned for one day of work and their job doesn’t directly impact anybody other than themselves and immediate families. These fighters know they are getting a fair shake or they would not keep fighting. If i could make money in sponsorship i would be rich. i mean Does a fighter do anything to earn sponsorship money other than being famous, no! i say don’t shoot a gift horse in the mouth. the money these guys earn is WAY more than they would ever make in the same period of working a 9-5 job (i am willing to bet 80% would be earning between 35k per year and ultimately more over the course of time. So right now this is what they’re are worth (what ever they are willing to accept and what ever the ownership is willing to pay – period). 10 yrs from now a top ten fighter will be earning between 60k and 750k per fight and you will still be bitching because Dana White will appear to be making more. Fighters are employees if they can’t live on the money they are being paid then they should do what Dana White has done, what My buddy Frank has done, what my friend Julie has done and what I have done – quite their job and start their own fucking business!

  12. Chase says:

    GSP’s money doesn’t all come from sponsors. He negotiates with the UFC for PPV money in addition to his base fight pay, as well as many of the other top fighters do. That’s where GSP’s 4-5 million comes from

  13. e says:

    bendo earned some nice skirllz


    mike = communist. please go away.
    the fighters risk their lives, they should be making more than their promoter just as they do in boxing. we’re talking combat sports here.
    gsp is lucky to get the huge sponsorship deals because he’s a pretty white golden poster boy. there’s only one gsp.
    ufc fighters union, you can’t come soon enough

  15. BIG UFC FAN says:

    Anthony that is funny….

    Let’s stick Mike in a cage with a highly trained Brazilian assassin that wants to rip his freakin head off and pay him $12,000 for the opportunity.

    Nice debate gents…I am out of this one.

  16. dumbasses says:

    the fighters dont only get paid for the fights u fucking tards, they make money like normal job too, GSP makes around 4-5 million and he will only get more as the sport gets bigger, and dont relate to boxing cuz only Pac and May make bigtime money, and its only gonna get less for them in the next couple years after there confrontation, if it ever does happen

  17. bizzle says:

    Damn JDS went from working 10-12 hours a day making $100 a month to $220k in 64 seconds..

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