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Wednesday, 01/25/2012, 04:30 am

UFC NEWS |UFC on FOX 2's Phil Davis Video Blog

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10 Responses to “UFC NEWS |UFC on FOX 2's Phil Davis Video Blog”

  1. jeff says:

    anyone kno that remix of blackdog so sick, i want it.

  2. davee says:

    anyone noticd how long his nails are at the start when he off his alarm clock ?? but phil need to find a better place to train and good partners if he wanna reach the top..his gym sucks along with most the guys in it,,,.im shocked he has got this far training there

  3. McCombski says:

    His hands are horrible and his camp is a joke he will never be a top ufc fighter if he stays there he needs to got to aka or somewhere. Rashade will murder him he trains way harder he is more athletic faster and a wayyyy better striker and i think probly a better mma wreslter.

  4. JMad says:

    This fight will show us if Davis is the real deal or not.

  5. SVUSO3 says:

    Phil Davis is a very good up and comer but this fight with Rashad Evans IMO is way out of his league. Davis is bigger but I still think Rashad is better at everything Wrestling, striking, faster, etc. Well probly not bjj & probly even on the wrestling. Phil has a chance tho but I see Rashad winning by ko or tko.

  6. Garcia says:

    does anyone know that song?
    its a remix sweet as hell pls help me out cant stop turning back just to listen to the beats hehe

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