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Thursday, 01/26/2012, 12:22 pm

UFC NEWS | UFC On Fox 2 | Staredown Photo's From Today's Pre-Fight Press Conference

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23 Responses to “UFC NEWS | UFC On Fox 2 | Staredown Photo's From Today's Pre-Fight Press Conference”

  1. slacker says:

    Well, whatever you want to say about Bisping, he definitely has that fighting spirit and he definitely believes in himself. I would love to see him upset Chael, but his relentless pace and wrestling should be too much for Bisping.

  2. andyboy says:

    lets not forget Stann is incredibly inexperienced compared to Bisbing. just cuz he’s coming off that fight doesn’t mean he’s gonna walk thru Bisbing and Anderson(whom he already tapped out too hehe). Bisbing has a better chance than Stann did that’s a fact. so if Bisbing upsets the world i wouldn’t complain, id rather see Chael n Andy rematch but watching Andy KO Bisbing would be fun to watch too!

    • slacker says:

      I agree that Bisping has a better chance than Stann although I expected Stann to perform better than he did. Bisping has great cardio which allows him to hang around in fights and the longer you hang around, anything can happen. That being said, I am dying to see a Silva – Sonnen re-match! For that reason alone, I want Sonnen to win.

      • jacob lee says:

        Brian Stann was the same as he always was, and chael was better. Bisping will be the same as he always will and chael will be better. I agree with the statement that Chael is the best boxer in mma. If you watch his head movement and look at the percentage of strike landed compared to his opponents than without a dought he is a very good boxer. He doesn’t neccessarily have good traditional boxing technique but that’s because that doesn’t work for mma. And Bisping has good hands but the reason he T.K.O.s people is because of his consistency and repitiion. Chael just loves to beat guys up. He had ANderson hurt but took him down. Chael either wants to make u give up in a submission hold, or humiliate you the whole fight.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          or give you an opening to submit him when hes feeling like being generous, everything is up to chael.

        • jacob lee says:

          lol well i guess yea that is right…….poor chael he will nevr be able to live that down!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          not that THOSE he wont be able to live THOSE down, hes been submitted in every championship fight hes ever been in, he is literally trying to beat kenflo as the most losing contender in mma history. he is a walking buffalo bill

        • jacob lee says:

          ok well this time will be diferent

    • Chartmonster says:

      No one is a walk in the’ll be war! Chael FTW!

  3. Taylor says:

    I’m not particularly fond of Bisping, but you can’t deny that he’s a top 10 MW. He always comes to fight, and never tries to win on points. You have to at least respect a guy like that.

  4. e says:

    Bisping goin sub phael lolololz

  5. Shaun Douglas Breeze says:

    Sonnens a point’s fighter plain and simple . He gets sub’d left right and centre. Bispings a finisher , his only descisive loss was to hendo which isn’t embarrassing. Phael to loose by 1 round tko!

  6. inhinaCaday says:

    Today is virtuous indisposed, isn’t it?

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