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Saturday, 01/28/2012, 07:46 pm

UFC On Fox 2 | Sonnen Admits To Bisping That The Decision May Have Gone Wrong

“First of all I want to say congratulations to Chael Sonnen. He obviously did enough in the judges eyes to win the fight so congratulations to Chael.

Personally I think I won the first two rounds. I think there is no question he won the third round, although if I had another round I probably would have stopped him.

He even said to me after the fight before the decision was announced, he said, ‘What do you think Mike?” And I said honestly I think I got the first two rounds and he said, ‘I think you might be right.’ But as I said, it was a good fight, competitive, congratulation to Chael Sonnen. He did enough in the eyes of the judges to win the fight.”

The recent quote was stated just moments ago during the UFC on FUEL TV post-fight special. According to Bisping he believes he won and so does his opponent Chael Sonnen.

What do you think Penn Nation?

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81 Responses to “UFC On Fox 2 | Sonnen Admits To Bisping That The Decision May Have Gone Wrong”

  1. tim says:

    Seems like the judges were paid… the real money is in the silva sonnen matchup

    • tam says:

      That comment is almost as dumb as the judges decision

      • Spiritsplice says:

        Righ, cause no fight outcome has ever been fixed.

        • ryan says:

          why fix a fight? i think dana would want the better fighter to fight anderson silva making it a better fight…. but fights have been fixed before not sure if the ufc has ever done it but damn im high the fight was crazy we all thought bisping won and chaels name was called was drunk off 40’s it was awesome

    • jacob lee says:

      i would be willing to bet alot of money that bisping is lying. but we will find out. cuz chael is an honest guy despite all the trash talk.

      • The Nash says:

        what?! dudes on probation for real-estate fraud. was also suspended for PEDS and carries around a replica UFC belt. are you commenting from jail right now? I hear they call him honest eddie in the bighouse.

      • Jason N says:

        he is the opposite of honest. He is bad for the UFC. The most ubsurd thing i ever heard,” I and undefeated abd undisputed. Well he has a LOT of losses, and I highly dispute this win. I will be boycotting the fight with AS. Hate to do that to a real fighter(Anderson), but I have to. Sonnan is a joke

    • killa says:

      thats what i think. two moneymakers now. sonnen/silva and evans/jones.

  2. this is according to bisping…excuses excuses what a whiney bitch

  3. David says:

    Bisping won round 1 & 2 I think the judges score dinb est interest of what would make more money Silva vs. Sonnen or Silva vs. Bisping

    • Big J says:

      I think the judges may have given Sonnen too many points, but overall I think he won. He had more take downs, their stand up was about the same, and he dominated Bisping in round three. In contrast, Bisping didn’t do much except for hold Sonnen agaisnt the octagon fence.

      Apparently holding an opponent against the fence isn’t enough to win, just ask Kenny Florian in every one of his title fights.

      I don’t agree when people say judges gave Sonnen the win just because the Sonnen vs Silva fight would generate more money. For those of you who think that, just remember, Bisping has a whole nation who would love to tune into that fight, which would bring in massive revenue for the UFC.

      and Chael dominated third round.

  4. Hostile Hunter says:

    I had Bisping winning 1 and 2. Chael took the third in pretty dominate fashion. All in all i feel bisping did enough to get the win. Chael looked horrible in the first two rounds. One judge said 30-27 and needs to go get his eyes checked.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      It was a close call for the first two rounds but imo Bisping won. Chael didn’t look that bad he just wasn’t the dominate wrestler that we are used to. He was counter punching like crazy though.

    • Bisping: Cheater? says:

      Bisping led with his head so many times, it was ridiculous. Bisping grabbed the fence so many times. Bisping grabbed Sonnen’s shorts so many times. None of the main card fights lived up to the hype. ALL THE FIGHTERS LOOKED SO DAMN TIRED. Weight cut? Change in match ups? WTH? Disappointing, especially being on Fox. Haven’t watched the prelims yet, but will start now. There’s no where to go but…up.

  5. calvin says:

    Bisping even if he didnt win the fight won fans so many people are saying he robbed and getting pissed defending him i guarantee you they wouldnt be saying that had sonnen submitted him first round

  6. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I agreed with the decision. There’s no doubt Sonnen won the third. I gave Bisping the second because he controlled Sonnen against the cage for the majority of the round. But I thought Sonnen won the first. At one point, Joe Rogan said there was a 50/50 split regarding controlling against the cage in the first round, which I agree with, so I honestly think that the decision came down to Sonnen’s two first-round takedowns even though he didn’t really do anything with them. Whoever scored it 30-27 obviously doesn’t know how to score an MMA bout. As for Bisping’s comment, doesn’t sound like something Sonnen would say, but anything is possible

    • jacob lee says:

      sonnen just confirmed it. but it was more him saying ye i think it could be close but he knew he had it, u could tell by the look on his face. chael just said that a round can be a very close round and u may win the round by a tiny little bit. and if u do that for 3 rounds than it is a very close fight that is a 30-27. so I don’t think that anybody should disagree with the decision.

  7. Bas Rutten Wants Money! Money! Money! says:

    Now bisping knows how it feels to get robbed.

  8. Trey says:

    This fight obviously has controversy so they’ll fight again after sonnen stomps silva or if silva can pull another sub bisping will fight him next but regardless there will be a rematch and I like silva but he’s a faggot for saying he thinks bj penn is one of the best in the world when he’s siting next to two guys that beat him twice and if I would’ve been frankie edgar I would’ve slapped the dog shit outta anderson but regardless I think he’s one of the best if not the best I just really didn’t like that comment

  9. GM says:

    First round Chael had the take downs but did nothing with it. Bisping had better, more effective strikes. Toss up but I think Bowling won the rd. Easily round 2 but lost 3. Sonnen/Silva is what most want to see, will make the most money and we want to see if Chael has Silva’s #.

  10. q says:

    Bisping already knows what it feels like to get robbed, remember his fight with Wandy

  11. mikej says:

    You want to win, win big. Don’t leave it to the judge, dominate. I didn’t see a domination by Bisbing. I could see it going either way but 30-27 is really poor judging.

  12. TJ23 says:

    There’s no way Bisping won round one.. Chael took him down and bisping did close to nothing.. Correct call by the judges and I could even see the 30-27 being arguable as well

  13. Jb says:

    Bis didn’t win both rnds.

  14. Trey says:

    And if you think bisping won the first round somebody needs let me know how cuz I had that round for chael and I had michael bisping putting up a very good fight when people where saying he was going to get stomped I like michael bisping and I think that fight should’ve been the main event would’ve had a more decisive winner had they gone five rounds but chael won round one off the two take downs and bisping had him up against the cage but so what that doesn’t matter more than getting taken down which sonnen had take downs in every round

  15. dante040 says:

    Bisping did so little damage in the fight . His control was holding Chael to the fence. Chael had 2 takedowns in the first and honestly had the more damaging strikes in the second. 3rd was a no brainer

    • EddieStix says:

      bah, so he eeked by then is what your saying? won on takedowns & points. that’s Fitch-er-riffic!

      watch it again dude. Bisping won round 1 & 2 – Chael looked like shit in those rounds.

  16. MADTOWN says:

    I just wish the cage had imploded finishing both of them!

  17. ryan says:

    im pretty sick of people winning fights with take downs . take downs never do any real damage to opponents . i think that take downs are worth too much , who agrees with me ? i think that if a take down is going to be worth so much that you should have to secure a position and and cause significant damage from it . the whole fight with chael he took him down a few times but didnt do much form his position . i thought bisping landed the cleaner shots standing up . but this just brings us back to another episode of “never leave it in the hands of the judges” in my i dont think either of them are ready for a title shot though . anderson will smash both of them !!!!
    i could also say that in order to get a title shot against the number one pound for pound fight in the world you should win your number one contender shot by looking spectacular not by barely getting a win i think that there is some one else out there that could do better against anderson maybe beltcher or some one . hard to say considering that anderson has ran through every one in the division . on another note some pretty lame fights tonight !!!! oh well better luck next time haha at least it was free if i wouldve payed for that crap id be pissed

  18. Trey says:

    Bisping had never been robbed

  19. BJ Pencil says:

    really have to rematch the first round… but Bisping held him against the fence and didn’t do much from what I remembered.

  20. learntoread says:

    I just don’t see how Bisping won the first round.

    It was a close first couple rounds though, and either fighter getting a UD for their performance tonight would have created the same sort of bitch, moan, & complaining from fans.

  21. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I guess Bisping vs Maia is back in the mix.

  22. Brad says:

    Go back and watch the Bisping / Hammil fight in UFC 75. Hammil got robbed the same way so Bisping can’t complain. Stupid brit!

  23. Tikler says:

    Bisping is a f.u.c.k.i.n.g. douche bag. Im glad he lost the decision. Anderson Silva would have knocked his a.s.s. out clean with just a jab. Chael better get his game plan back in order because I don’t see that fight going even remotely close to the way it did their first fight.

  24. Rob Cameron says:

    Mike Bisping was robbed.

    Chael Sonnen needs a psychiatric

    Confidence is good, megalomania
    is bad!

  25. Rob Cameron says:

    Bisping was robbed.

    Sonnen needs a psychiatric

    Confidence is good, megalomania
    is bad

  26. MJ says:

    No one was robbed and Bispings comment about saying if there was a 4th round he would finish him was kinda stupid.

    • learntoread says:

      Especially seeing as he was the one getting worked (mounted, back taken) throughout the 3rd.

      • Fitz says:

        the fight ended with Chael on his back and Bisping dropping elbows.

        • ryan says:

          yea but that was the last round, i think chael was having a ugly day, and bisping a good one to be honest i think this is how it goes, chael pressed foward non stop even when he got it he attempted and took him down more, what bisping did was land a couple more punches stand up and clinch against the fence for 2 minutes + thats about all till end of third round till he got the takedown and elbows but i think takedowns beat clinch against the fence and thats what bisping did most the time

        • Fitz says:

          well, Chael said Bisping almost knocked him out in the 1st, plus he also said that Bisping may have won. but whatever.

  27. David says:

    If the judges score how they consistently score, then Sonnen wins for sure. Takedowns score big in the judges’ eyes and generally the guy with the most takedowns wins the fight.(when judges are involved) I don’t see how Bisping could have won this fight…

  28. DontBeScaredHomie says:

    Bisping got robbed this is just typical wrestler bias judges if your going to look at takedowns you have to look at how many got stuffed because Bisping for sure stopped more than chael got so with that being said Bisping was constantly stuffing takedowns and controlling him on the cage besides the 3rd Bisping won

  29. Mike McMack says:

    None of the Fox fight were very good tonight. Not sure why but some cards are home runs and some are duds. Tonights was a dud, lots of good wrestling but not a lot of action. Oh well, theres plenty more MMA to come. Seems like the UFC had a fight on every week. Bisping won the first 2 rounds IMO.

  30. John says:

    Sorry Bispin was robbed big style, The only control Sonnen had was for a few minutes in the 3rd. Joe’s face at the end of fight interview was a gem. You could see him thinking what a prat!

  31. Trey says:

    Listen all yawl stupid ass bitches talking bout frankie edgar slapping silva he wouldn’t do a damn thing about it anderson silva is a lil bitch

  32. DBKlein69 says:

    before the decision was announced anderson said he was healthy and ready to get back in the cage……then after buffer announced the decision he said “oh wait, i mean, my shoulder still hurts.”

  33. waitwtfffwtfwtf says:

    Why even ask the question… All the delusional Chael followers won’t acknowledge the bad judging

  34. DBKlein69 says:

    chael scored more takedowns (4-1), landed more total strikes (135-102), landed more significant strikes (40-30), constanty pressed forward, hooks, full mount, etc. bisping held him against the cage. all the anderson fanboys are just mad because they are more afraid of the rematch than anderson is. sorry but those are the facts. deal with it.

    • The Nash says:

      LOL, u stand behind your ebay champ big man. I’m glad your math says he won the fight, for the rest if us who don’t go by the pussy-points Fitch system, we actually seen Bisping win. Regardless, Chael had to squeak his way by a sub-par fighter and now he faces the GOAT…and you say Andy fans need to deal with it? You think anyone including Andy is afraid of that fight? lmao Andy’s gonna smash Phael, he’ll be 100% healthy and no super roids for the pretend MMA champ. Chael and dicks like you are pathetic.

  35. Tranceangel says:

    In what world did Bisping win the first round ? Even Joe Rogan has no clue what he is talking about. I don’t see how Bisping imposed his will more than Chael did. He also says at the beginning of the first that Chael has no problem taking Bisping down after a clean takedown. At the end of the round he says that Chael is unable to take him down. Like which is it ?!?

    WAR SONNEN !!!

    Chael ” RAID” Sonne…. Cause he gonna kill The Spider XD < I know the Chartmoster is gonna love this one.

  36. ZeroXcuses says:

    This is why you never let a fight go to decision

  37. DBKlein69 says:

    @ the nash. hello. welcome to mma. bisping is far from a “sub-par fighter.” that says alot about ur knowledge of mma, or lack thereof, to say something so stupid. and u also followed that up with another brilliant statement about how anderson is gonna smash chael. im sure this assumption is based on the fact that chael made andy his bitch at ufc 117. i

    • The Nash says:

      other way around shit for brains. Andy made Chael his bitch the second he tapped. lol. it’s sad…so lets talk about how he lost to Bisping on Saturday….;) (LMFAO) and maybe his shiny ebay belt.

  38. DBKlein69 says:

    um im hate to be the bearer of bad news but he didnt lose to bisping. if u would like u can go to a number of websites to view the results of the entire card. this is why ppl who dont watch the fights, or dont have any understanding of what they are watching, shouldn’t come on forums and leave thoughtless comments that do nothing but reflect their bitterness.

  39. The Nash says:

    whether Chael loses to Bisping or squeaks by on points by the skin of his one ball, it’s all the same to me. lol you go ebay champ….;)

  40. DBKlein69 says:

    there is a reason anderson and ed soares have been using this “shoulder injury” to avoid a rematch with chael. they both know chael has andy’s number. neither one of them wanna rely on another miracle triangle to win a fight. that’s why andyboy is sitting out. he was hoping chael would lose a fight and get knocked out of title hunt so he could safely come back from his “injury” without any real threats. but now there has been a slight change in plans. and all the silva fanboys such as mmaislandjunkie and the nash to name a few, are so terrified of a potential rematch, they are screaming bloody murder. the fix was in! they dont want to believe what their own eyes show them. nobody. not brian stann. not michael bisping. not anybody. is gonna stand between chael sonnen and the unfinished business he has with anderson “my shoulder hurts” silva. everyone knows. everyone. me. u. anderson silva. chael sonnen. ed soares. dana white. lorenzo fertitta. joe silva. everyone. knows. lightning never strikes twice.
    that’s why we want the rematch. deep down we all know. all of us. that on the night of ufc 117, anderson silva officially became the luckiest man on earth.

    • The Nash says:

      your delusional little girl. your boy is mediocre; 11 losses, 8 by submission. 16 wins by decision. you might even say he kinda sux. I agree he looked good on your gay birthday UFC 117, but you forget (or choose not to acknowledge) that Andy was hurt and Chael was on ROIDS. even if the clock ran out, he would have been stripped for cheating. but it didn’t, the real champ just made the fucker tap. 😉

      watch this vid big guy:

      you know your a douche when you actually make Bisping look like a gentlemen. lol. the only number Chael has is yours buddy. watch that interview…he’s taking a page straight oughta WWE & morons like you are lapping it up. you keep workin’ his rim though, that’s good stuff :)

  41. DBKlein69 says:

    andy wasn’t hurt until AFTER the fight. the “bruised ribs” was an excuse for getting manhandled because he was humiliated in front of the entire mma world by someone he was supposed to “smash”. unfortunately he was the one getting abused like a ragdoll for 23 minutes. do u honestly think he wants to go through that again? according to his actions, he damn sure doesn’t.

    • The Nash says:

      your a hopeless idiot pal. yer just hatin’ on Andy and cannot stand that he’s the GOAT. I’ll spell that our for you…Greatest Of All Time. now scroll to the top of the page and read the headline of this blog. goodnight, I’m through with you. 😉

  42. DBKlein69 says:

    what’s the matter? ran out of retarded things to say? cuz i can keep bustin u up all day. just tell me one thing. is the real reason u hate chael because of what he did to anderson at ufc 117? cmon, be honest.

    • The Nash says:

      I don’t care that he lost by submission at UFC 117, honest. I don’t like him cuz I think he’s an ass clown for trying to turn a legit sport into a WWE shit show. all that does is pull in the uneducated WWE fags like you.

      and keep bustin’me up Hulkster. I enjoy a good laugh.

  43. DBKlein69 says:

    i thought u said u were through with me. apparently that was just another one of the many false statements u like to make.

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