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Sunday, 01/29/2012, 10:43 am

UFC NEWS | UFC On FOX 2 | Post Fight Interviews

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19 Responses to “UFC NEWS | UFC On FOX 2 | Post Fight Interviews”

  1. sandman says:

    look, i’m not a huge chael fan. in fact i like chael about as much as i like anderson. you have to appreciate the diversity of chaels interview abilities. whether it is promoting a fight like a WWF superstar from the 80s, or a respectful competitor in a post fight interview.

  2. davee says:

    he saying bisbing is the first man to beat him in a round…he has never befor lost a round ???? is this a joke??….andd the guy who did the amazing submission ,his translater looking like a mini vitor belfort

  3. John M says:

    This is the real Chael humble, hard working, honest man. He just knows how to promote a fight and suck the fans in.

    Haters let the bashing begin

    • BobbyLemons says:

      Chael is classy dude.

      I agree with the judges (the ones who had it as 29/28). Despite that, Bisping impressed me.

      • jacob lee says:

        ur right he’s a good guy and he won. but props to the brit for making chael work.

      • aaxantonio says:

        what? how could you agree? bisping won, no question, watch the fight dummy

        • jacob lee says:

          actually chael landed more strikes in round one, I was there bro. Afterwards some guy had a sheet of paper that had all the strikes totaled up. Chael landed more strikes than bisping in round one. And Bisping barely landed more in round two. Obviously Chael won round three. but between the takedown and higher number of strikes in round one, Chael won two rounds to one. I honestly think what ahppened was that people underestimated Bisping and didn’t consider that sonnen only had 10 days to change gameplans. Bisping didnt have to change gameplans. But Sonnen one for sure.

  4. A..G 206 says:

    bisping to say he feels he one the fight is bullshit, he could say he might have had a split but even then be honest he should say it could have gone either way, he did do very well but lost ultimatly due to what chael said, he got 5 takedowns, mike got one, he got the mount mike didnt, he had a guard pass a couple times mike didnt. Dana white is a dumbass.

    • Bonez says:

      You are a idiot if you think Sonnen won that Fight. He was exposed as the arse clown that he is. I am no Bisping fan but i remember all the Ball sucking Sonnnen fans saying that he would smash anyone. Maybe if he had taken his ball juice he would have done better. I am tied of so called mma experts who taik about takedown. Yes they score but you have to do damage from them not just lay and pray like sonnen did in the first 2 rounds. Which I must add that Bisping got up from. The only decent takedown that he did and advanced from was in the final round, but if as me you watched it as a neutral then you would have had sonnen down because he lost the first 2 rounds. In fact all the main event fights (mia, Evens and Sonnen) were of crap quality anyway.

  5. Xaninho says:

    I gotta say this was the most normal and easy to digest Chael Sonnen I’ve seen in a long time. He actually sounded like a normal, genuine person.

    That won’t help him in the upcoming title fight against Anderson Silva though. A healthy Anderson Silva will not let him go 5 rounds.

  6. BJ Pencil says:

    lol it’d be nice if BJPENN.COM would have their own original interviews rather than just link the ones from mmafighting… just a thought

  7. Nick says:

    I liked Chael a lot in that interview. I did give him rounds one and three though. There’s a slim gap that I gave him the first round by. It was the right decision though. Bisping looked good though. Vitor called him out. As MUCH as I don’t like Bisping I hate Vitor.

  8. James Wolfe says:

    It was a good fight and it could have gone either way. Bisping looked good and is definitely in the mix for a title shot.

  9. aaxantonio says:

    people are fucking crazy, bisping won without a dought

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