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Tuesday, 01/24/2012, 04:29 pm

UFC NEWS – UFC on FOX 2: Michael Bisping Training Blog (Video)

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26 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC on FOX 2: Michael Bisping Training Blog (Video)”

  1. 2000 says:

    LOl none of this is going to matter. Chael P Sonnen is going to truck him

    • Hostile Hunter says:

      I dont know if anyone notice but Jake Shields was there. I think its safe to say Bisping is working on his submissions…Wow what a upset that would be if he could pull off a triangle choke. im one of the few people of the planet that actually likes both chael and bisping so may the best man win…

  2. tim says:

    the music is a bit too much

  3. dave says:

    this is a joke,,,this loser would have never ever got number 1 contender shit in his career …he got lucky…..he is not even near a top threat,,,,he is a fukin gate keeper…the guys a bitch he almost gassed with mayham….

    • ian mearns says:

      SERIOUSLY he didn’t even beat Wanderlei even though i love Wanderlei he is still super close to retirement and this asshole couldn’t take him. I hope Chael beats him worse so bad that Hendersons punch will feel like a slap

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        hendersons punch feel like a slap in comparison to fighting sonnen HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that has to be the dumbest comment of the day. decision king sonnen aint finishing bisping im willing to bet any amount of money on that.

    • darren says:

      you thought jorge and mayhem were both gonna win didnt you

  4. LAKS says:

    Cheesy Video exactly what you would expect from a looser

  5. Dom says:

    Delusional keyboard warriors hating on Bisping are hilarious. Just go back to watching pro wrestling

  6. dave says:

    he does work hard….i just hate this guy so much…he also does not seem to get injured much…he should cut to ww where he could be a threat

  7. Isaiah D says:

    What a really crappy video. Its alot like how his fights are to watch. Sept this fight is going to be really sweet to watch.

  8. Sean says:

    really hope bisping wins this

  9. toño says:

    that was jake shields at the end…i thought jake was chaels bro…..

  10. Ed says:

    i dont know why people hate on bisping so much. i met the guy and he’s pretty cool. i know he comes off as a douche in the interviews but everyone talks crap on their opponents most of the time to sell fights.

  11. 1981AD says:

    Those sprints up the hill looked pretty quick, good thing he trains hard on running, he’ll be doing a lot of that at this level of competition when he realizes that he can’t win decisions against the best.

  12. Shaun Douglas Breeze says:

    The only time Bisping has been comfortably beaten was by Hendo. The Rashad and Wanderlei fights where both close. That said a UFC record of 12 -3 and a career record of 22-3 (only being finished once) is spectacular. He’s won 4 straight fights , Give the man some credit ! .

  13. Chartmonster says:

    Bisping is a fkn pansy! After bis gets his ass beat he’ll be fighting palhares!

  14. A.James says:

    If Bisping can stop the take down he wins. If not he’s about to get ragdolled!

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