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Saturday, 01/28/2012, 06:38 pm

UFC on FOX 2 | Controversy Surrounds Co-Main Event But Sonnen Now Set To Rematch Anderson Silva

Sonnen earned his shot at Anderson Silva tonight in the co-main event of the UFC on FOX 2 card against Michael Bisping, but did he actually earn it?

The outcry from fans are obvious, the majority think Bisping was robbed.

UFC president Dana White took to twitter immediately following the bout, but stopped short of calling it a bad decision. “30-27 is soooooooo bad it’s insane. That judge should never be allowed to watch a fight again,” said the UFC president.

In the second fight of the FOX broadcast the brash Brit Michael Bisping took on the Oregon gangster Chael Sonnen.

Bisping was able to deliver on his promise to the fans and he gave the number two ranked middleweight, Chael Sonnen all he could handle inside the three frames of action. For the first two rounds Sonnen was unable to mount any kind of real ground assault and the few times he took Bisping down Bisping was able to quickly get back to his feet.

The two fighters kept a relentless pace throughout the entire fight, but it appeared that Bisping outpointed Sonnen in the first two frames of action using superior striking and cage control to earn the rounds.

The fight was close; the only decisive round was the third where Sonnen was able to maintain dominant position on top for almost four full minutes. But in the end much to the surprise of many Sonnen walked away with the unanimous decision victory to earn his shot at Anderson Silva’s title.

But I ask you again, Does he deserve it?

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76 Responses to “UFC on FOX 2 | Controversy Surrounds Co-Main Event But Sonnen Now Set To Rematch Anderson Silva”

  1. 2000 says:

    Chael p sonnen real mw champ

  2. Doomsayer says:

    Bisping absolutely won that fight, the only reason it makes sense for Sonnen to win is because the rematch with Silva in Brazil is going to generate a TON of revenue…Dana is just playing the marketing game…again

  3. the original steve says:

    the first 2 rounds couldve went either way but the 3rd was all chael. personally i gave chael the first round because he got 2 takedowns. i give bisping the second

  4. The Nash says:

    LOL, the real MW champ robs a win over Bisping. that’s sad. looks like it’s more pretend time with Phael.

  5. Kevin says:

    Bisping won the first 2 hands down. Robbed – and I’m a Chael fan

    • ricardo says:

      Bisping gano la primera y segunda rondas esta pelea fue robada!!
      Guerra BJ!

      • Big J says:

        How was it a controversy? What did Bisping do to Chael except for hold on the fence, grab Chael’s shorts and lean against Chael? Chael had the take downs in rounds one and two against Bisping, which gave him the edge. i thought their stand up was close in those first two rounds. It was clear Chael dominated/controlled Bisping in round three.

  6. A. Bloom says:

    Horrible decision…… how could anyone say Bisping lost the first round, let alone the fight?….. Lame.

  7. diaz fan says:

    Chael cut bisping and took him down a couple of times. His cardio was not very good. Bisping held chael agaisnt the cage for some minutes, managed to connect some punches, no damage done. Bisping did much better than expected but that doesnt mean he won the fight. Of course silva fans will say it was robbed. If you think wrestling equals lnp then i will not share opinios with you.

    • Big J says:

      Diaz fan, I agree with your analysis. I’m not surprised Chael won. It wasn’t his best win, but he clearly did just enough to get the victory over Bisping.

  8. brett says:

    Judges were clearly judging takedowns tonight. Winner Chael Sonnen.

  9. boogieman says:

    Chael won. Bisping controlled the clinch but clearly Sonnen was the busier man. He also scored takedowns. What has Bitchping done to win the fight? being in a dominant position and doing no damage?

  10. bertram says:

    judges are idiots, and any sonnen nutthugger who thinks winning the 3rd round means he won the fight, well you’re also handicapped. bisping should be right pissed, cause he just beat the self proclaimed middleweight champ. i have my thoughts about why sonnen won that fight, like maybe a sonnen vs silva rematch is worth MILLIONS more to a certain group than a bisping vs silva match. just a thought. bisping won, without a doubt. if you disagree, learn the fucking sport and its rules.

  11. Nick says:

    Ridiculous. Chael is unworthy and Bisping was robbed… Have them rematch then see who gets a shot at the title!

    • ula says:

      Simple; they go to decision again and Chael steals it.
      I hate Chael but he is undeniably one tough bastard, you’ve gotta give it to him.
      I would have given the fight to the cocky brit, but it wasn’t that clear… If Chael fought conservatively, Bisping did the same with his striking. not so clear. It could be 29-28 for either.
      For sure judges need to understand that if takedowns score points scrambles should too.

  12. Doos says:

    Bisping was robbed, sonnen only the last round and won by unanimous decision, its joke on the decisions.

    The judging panel needs to be replaced by fighters or coaches. Even fans can tell who won this fight.

    Betcha sonnen knew that he lost aswell. Seems like a plan to get a Re Match between Silva V Sonnen for fan appeal

  13. J Dog says:

    Spitsbing wasn’t robbed, he was taken down int he first, but he got up quickly and had much more offense against the cage. I gave him the first two rounds even with the take downs because of how quickly he got up and how little Sonnen did when he WAS down. Take downs are important, but so are stand ups once you get taken down, then throw in if there was or wasn’t damage while on the ground, the stand up should have negated the take down. For instance if I take Sonnen down and do NOTHING and Sonnen gets right back up how good and effective was the take down??? Now had Sonnen at least held him down for some time then it would have been control giving him the point for the TD. Just my opinion though. As far as Sonnen deserving a rematch, sadly I have to say yes simply because he has fought multiple times and won, do I think he deserves one because of his first shot HELL NO, he was on steroids so with that in mind I get sick every time I hear someone say “he dominated him for 4 rounds and was caught in the 5th” Sonnen didn’t dominate anything because of his juice, had he not been on roids (look at the Stann fight and this fight) he is NOT the same Sonnen that went in against Silva so everyone that thinks he is god needs to really look at his last two fights when he tested clean and realize that there is at least a 50/50 chance (99% in my mind) that it was the TRT that dominated Silva for the 4 plus rounds and NOT Sonnen.

  14. waitwtfffwtfwtf says:

    Robbery as usual by MMA judges

  15. LCM says:

    I had Chael winning rounds 1 & 3 and thought the 2nd was a toss up. Bisping definitely wasn’t robbed. Wall-and-stall doesn’t count for shit.

  16. josh says:

    bisping won and the judge calling should be fired sonnen maybe landed 10 punches total on top and was clearly getting his ass whooped just goes to show riggery for box office

  17. learntoread says:

    I thought Sonnen won the 1st and (definitely) the 3rd. But he sure as h*ll didn’t look himself tonight.

  18. Jpeech says:

    Chael won the first and third round no doubt. unanimous is bull Shit but chael definitely won. If you think he lost the first round you are an idiot simply an idiot

    • J Dog says:

      an idiot??? How do you figure, an escape is also to be scored, what about the clinch work against the cage, no different than lay and pray and pitter patter shots when Chael was on top, but wait he didn’t do anything when he did get Bisbing down in the first round, that’t right Bisbing got right up after being taken down, Chael couldn’t even hold him down in the first round, so clearly that round was not as “concrete” or as “idiotic” as one might seem. Once again not saying Bisbing was robbed, but I did score it rounds one and two for him since Chael DID NOT hold him down in round one and Bisbing DID have escapes AND CLINCH work against the cage which meant he had MORE OCTAGON CONTROL at least in my opinion but in either case round one was close and anyone giving it to Bisbing would not be an “IDIOT” as you have stated

  19. Trey says:

    Chael won round one who ever thinks bisping won that watch it again like I did he did not out point chael joe rogan just runs his mouth too much during fights but anyway the second round was bisping and obviously chael won round three should’ve been the five rounder would have came out with more decisive winner

  20. butters says:

    I had 100 bucks on the Brit and still I knew I lost. but by 29-28 across and poss split

    • Action says:

      Same story backed Bisping, thought he lost, it was a close but underwhelming fight. Only certainty is that Andy is gunna knock out chael but the bank on that!

  21. butters says:

    all fights kinda sucked 2night but they were free so I have 0 ZERO complaints.

  22. A.James says:

    These judges are obviously paid off.

  23. Trey says:

    If you think michael bisping won explain how he won cuz holding somebody up against the cage doesn’t mean anything and chael took him down atleast twice in every round and stuck with him in the strikes michael never had a dominating point in the fight chael dominated the whole third round people I have bisping the second round but all he did was hold him on the cage and the judge who scored 30-27 thats not that bad as people make out seem but I’m bout to watch the whole fight again and I’m not a fan of either guy more than the other so ill be back and I hour somebody explains to me how bisping won cuz I only see my comment breaking down the fight I really think people just hating on chael cuz they fight want him to win and if you got twitter get on your account and tell joe rogan to shut the fuck up during the fight cuz I think people just listen to him too much

  24. Trey says:

    Oh yeah and if you one of these people getting on the internet trying to talk shit about what someone else thinks you’re a bitch

  25. Jpeech says:

    Yeah holding someone against the cage is really good on getting points..oh wait its not .. not to mention octagon control was all Chael being that he was forward forward forward the whole fight and got take downs annnnnnddddd all the dominate positions oh annnnddd he was equal in the striking too

  26. Al says:

    Bisping was robbed. i mean he didnt win decisively but sure as hell chael didnt win either.should’ve been a 5 round fight.

  27. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Both of these guys are 5 rd fighters. They both have a ton of decisions on their resumes. From now on they should make fights that have title shots on the line 5 rounders.

  28. Tcp says:

    Never leave it in the hands of the judges. Win or lose, that WWE style post fight with Rogan was EMBARRASSING!!!! Seriously guy? I think he’s playing it up so Vince McMahon will hire him when he loses to Anderson. Which, if he fights like he did tonight, will be a highlight reel beating that he gets. I think he seriously put the sport back 10 years acting like Rick Flair on network TV, and NOT talking to Rogan shows he knew he looked horrible, win or lose. CLOWN!!!!!

  29. davee says:

    the funy thing is if cheal was not such a bitch he would be champ…i just watch the anderson cheal fight again and at the exact second he tapped hi head popped out the triangle and anderson lost leverage on his arm…..he panict an tap befor he even try escape…had he not tapped and wait to pass out like a real champ he would have won……but even if that loser won he would have been stript of the tite for his roids….bisbing says it best all ufc fighter are alpha males and have high test….that is why they fight….cheal is just a lloser and a cheater…chael will neve hold real belt sonnen

  30. Mike McMack says:

    Sonnen looked like crap, either Bisping is that good or Sonnen really was that bad tonight. He has no chance against Silva in their rematch if he show up to that fight in the kind of shape he was in tonight.

  31. Pissed off says:

    No fuckin way sonnen was incredibly lucky to get that decision. Bisping had in beat easily in the second. The first was close but I thought bisping did enough to win that n the third was obv sonnen. If sonnen thinks he is gonna beat silva tho on that performance he is pissed up.

  32. dlo says:

    Husking won hands down. Busking wanted to bang and strike, but Charles being the nut hugger that he is came out and try to out wrestle Bisping but he got beat at his own game. Bisping ended on top showing that if the fight had continued he would have stopped Charles.

  33. DBKlein69 says:

    bertram is a clown. wipe silva’s jizz out of ur eyes and watch the fight again. chael won 1st rd 10-9, lost 2nd rd 10-9, and won 3rd 10-8 imo. he was moving forward entire fight pressing action, takedowns, hooks, full mount, u name it. what did bisping do besides hold chael up against the fence? hello? im waiting…

    • DBKlein96 says:

      Wipe Sonnen’s cum and shit off your face and maybe you’d be able to see the fight better. “UFC president Dana White took to twitter immediately following the bout, but stopped short of calling it a bad decision. “30-27 is soooooooo bad it’s insane. That judge should never be allowed to watch a fight again,” said the UFC president.” Coming from the UFC president… Man they should hire you to judge! SOOO EDUCATED! Another idiot that thinks he knows everything there is about everything.

  34. DBKlein69 says:

    for all u retards that think u know more about judging a fight than, oh i dont know, actual mma judges….let me break it down for u.
    takedowns: chael 4, bisping 1 (aided by chael)
    total strikes: chael 135, bisping 102
    significant strikes: chael 40, bisping 30
    head strikes: bisping 80, chael 79
    now, thank u for playing mma judge, but just go back to sitting at ur mommy’s computer and leaving uneducated comments about things u know little to nothing about.

  35. Chartmonster says:

    The only thing controversial is all this controversy bc Chael won all three rounds w/o a fkn doubt! Bis did nothing except hug Chael on the fence!

  36. Brian says:

    Unfortunately chael won, he controlled the match with the take downs. The clinch was about even and the standup was few and far between. Mike couldn’t mount a successful striking game from fear of the takedowns

  37. Xaninho says:

    Bisping had it 29-28. Judges are yet again delusional. Takedowns are overappreciated by the judges.

    Stunning an opponent with combination punches should have more value than a takedown followed up by no significant attempts to score points by GnP or submission.

    I think these judges do MMA judging on the side, next to their real jobs judging figure skating…

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      i heard a td is worth 3 points which if true is retarded. bisping reversed each takedown within a few seconds then controlled the octagon with his clinch work. sonnen lost even he doubted himself post fight.

  38. Thetude says:

    Yea, everybody saw how he did against bisping, just barely sqeaked by, I cant wait to see a roid free chael take on a healthy anderson silva, gonna be an epic beatdown and sonnens fans are gonna eat there words. After silva KOs sonnen i hope he pisses on the guy right in the middle of the ring then retires on top.

  39. DBKlein69 says:

    u sound nervous. and u should be :)

  40. DBKlein69 says:

    ^^^^ clearly an imposter dbklein69 :)

  41. BigHurt says:

    Hey Bisping lost, Less QQ more Pew-Pew!

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