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Tuesday, 12/13/2011, 12:20 pm

UFC NEWS – UFC on FOX 1's Semerzier vs. Peralta Ruled A No Contest By CSAC

If you failed to tune in on Facebook for the UFC on Fox 1 preliminary card bouts than you missed a very controversial stoppage in the fight between Mackens Semerzier and Robert Peralta.

The two bantamweight fighters went back and forth throughout the majority of the fight, with an edge conceivably given to Mackens for his efforts. That is until in a violent exchange of punches sent Semerzier down and we all watched his opponent Peralta capitalize with a flurry of ground strikes to earn the stoppage victory in the third frame of action.

A replay on the big screens of that last flurried exchange of stand-up action showed that it was not a punch that dropped Mackens to the canvas as originally thought, but am illegal head butt. While unintentional, head butts in Mixed Martial Arts are illegal and as a result, had the referee, in this case Big John McCarthy, noticed the infraction the bout would have still been stopped short, but it would have gone to the judges’ scorecards for a decision announcement.

Today it was announced that the California State Athletic Commission did in fact rule the bout a no-contest due to the infraction of the rules and as a result, the loss that was previously on Mackens record has been removed.

Justice has been served!

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11 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC on FOX 1's Semerzier vs. Peralta Ruled A No Contest By CSAC”

  1. Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

    Big John McCarthy is overrated. I don’t even think he’s a good referee at all.
    Just watch the Sakuraba vs Silveira, Josh Koscheck vs Paulo Thiago, Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley.
    Sak and Kos got screwed by stopping thefight so early and Daley got screwed too for stopping the fight while he’s still fighting of it and was not ready to go out.

    • BJ Penn Fan says:

      idk about those fights, i have to watch them again. but i agree… big john is overrated. he’s like a little better than mazagatti. herb dean is the man.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        josh rosenthal is the best in the business. even herb tends to look to stop a fight after a guy is rocked, josh lets the fight go until its certain the rocked opponent cannot fight back.

        • Jimmmmmmy says:

          I think Herb Dean is the best over all, but Josh Rosenthal is the ref you want to see in championship fights, he does let a few extra shots land before stepping in.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          if josh is the ref u want in championship fights hows herb the best? dont get me wrong i think herb is good but he rushes in and looks to stop fights too much imo. josh lets them fight til someone really cant continue and i appreciate that so much becuz in mma there is no standing 8 count or anything to give a fighter a second chance, sometimes giving them another second or two is all they need to make a comeback i.e. brock v. carwin

    • hypehpyehype says:

      those first 2 for sure. daley was fucked up tho. he was lying on his back on the mat for a couple minutes after the fight. he couldnt even stay on his feet during the fight. that was a good stoppage if you understand mma…

      • Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

        Wrong. Daley tried to stand up and complain but Big John held him down.
        You can see it that he wasn’t really knocked out when Diaz was ground and pounding him.
        Just compare Hendo Babalu and Diaz Daley. Babalu was seeing stars while Daley wasn’t.
        I watched the fight on HD more than 20 times and I just didn’t see that Daley was ready to go. Maybe he wasn’t defending himself but he was still fighting of it. It was just like Brock Lesnar VS Shane Carwin. I am 100% sure that if Josh Rosenthal was the ref of the Diaz VS Daley, he would’ve gave Daley a chance.

        • Jerome says:

          Don’t lie 20 times my arse! I have watched that fight 3 times and all it took was twice to actually see Daley was NOT defending himself intelligently, that being said why don’t you watch it at least 3 times and you will see the truth

        • Say "NO" 2 Steroids says:

          I mean I watched the stoppage more than 20 times and it only took me 3 times to know that Daley wasn’t OUT. Believe me or not, it’s not gonna change the fact that the stoppage of that fight was bad. Nuff Said.

  2. Thetude says:

    total bull, peralta had that fight without the accidental head butt

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