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Thursday, 01/19/2012, 08:46 am

UFC NEWS – UFC Officials To Review Erick Silva’s UFC 142 DQ Loss

According to reports, UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner is taking steps to review Erick Silva’s DQ loss to Carlo Prater which took place this past Saturday at UFC 142.

In the bout, Silva was able to drop his opponent with a knee strike to the body and swarmed on him with punches which halted the bout in just 29 seconds of the very first round.

After some confusion, Mario Yamasaki announced that Silva had been disqualified for illegal strikes and awarded the victory to the downed Prater.

Much has been made of this call and it appears that the UFC has now taken notice.

At this time a decision has not been made by the UFC to overturn the decision; however the ammunition and evidence to do so is there should they so choose to.

With no commission in Brazil to protest against the referee’s decision, the UFC acts as their own governing body and as such does have the ability to review this type of case and render their own verdict.

Stay tuned for developments on this story.

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3 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC Officials To Review Erick Silva’s UFC 142 DQ Loss”

  1. OVERTURN THAT SHIT. that a W for Erik Silva.

  2. daveee says:

    come on he did hit him illegal blows ,..but even if he did not hit hi with illegals the guy was finished…same like the jon jokes matt hamill shit

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