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Sunday, 12/04/2011, 12:54 am

UFC NEWS – UFC Hands Out $40,000 Fight Night Bonus Amounts To Three Fighters

Three Fighters took home fight night bonus amounts for their efforts during the Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale. John Dodson, Diego Brandao and Dennis Bermudez all earned the nights $40,000.00 bonuses.

While John Dodson may seem like the evenings big winner with his newly held title of Ultimate Fighter winner, his $25,000 fan voted knockout of the season bonus and the $40,000 “Knockout of the Night” award it was Diego Brandao who really cashed in tonight.

Brandao not only won the crown as the featherweight “Ultimate Fighter” by beating out Dennis Bermudez, but he also took home the evenings “Submission of the Night” award and the “Fight of the Night” award, giving him a total of $80,000 in fight night bonuses.

Dennis Bermudez was the last recipient of the $40,000 bonus amount for his bout against season winner, Diego Brandao. He too won “Fight of the Night” honors for his efforts.

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12 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC Hands Out $40,000 Fight Night Bonus Amounts To Three Fighters”

  1. Eric says:

    Diego, yes he should get Sub of the night. Knockout of the night, i agree, dodson. however, multiple Fight of the nights, i just don’t like it. It should only be one. Also i think the Tony vs edwards fight would’ve made fight of the night.

    • Zach says:

      the brandao/bermudez fight was insane. i do semi-agree though, if maybe both bermudez and brandao had not landed those 2 huge punches maybe it wouldnt have been that way. but it was an exciting pace and the way that diego rolled for the armbar so fluidly after being rocked like he had been seconds before it was very very impressive.

    • jimmmmmy says:

      What are you talking about “multiple fight of the nights”… 1 fight wins fight of the night and both fighters get the bonus. Diego and Dennis were in the same fight

  2. sgt thai clone says:

    Mayhem Miller needs to get with the program boxing 101, He looked like a novice,really bad-like being in the minors compared to Bispings major league striking

  3. Bmoore says:

    Burmudez looked great last night. I went in there and looked WAY better than he did at TUF. I think he provided the most challenge for Diego out of anyone in the house. Diego is a BEAST.

  4. omygoof says:

    realy wished that miller won the fight, but his striking was awful!

  5. DevonAK86 says:

    Miller looked like crap and i dont think he should be aloud to fight in the UFC again. If he cant get past the count and all he brings to the table is BJJ, thats not enough to hang with the big dogs! Diego Brandao needs to hook up with Ronda Rousey and have babies! That was a sick armbar!

    • jimmmmmy says:

      I hate Bisping but don’t discount his skills. The only times he has really lost are title eliminators. He’s quite amazing at pulling off wins and has been strong in the UFC

  6. Ninjaman says:

    Tony vs Edwards was fight of the night for sure. Whats going on here?

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