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Monday, 12/12/2011, 11:49 am

UFC NEWS – UFC Eyeing Major Brazilian Event In May 2012

UFC President Dana White announced this past Saturday that the UFC will make an effort to return to Brazil as soon as May. With record numbers drawing from Brazil’s prideful fans, the Brazilian venue could possibly host Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen II if Sonnen wins his next fight vs. Mark Munoz.

The event would undoubtedly attract an immense amount of attendance, as Sonnen could arguably be Brazil’s largest rival in the MMA community. Fittingly, the UFC plans on hosting the fights in a stadium sized location, such as the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada. If the UFC does plan to go through with an event in the month of May, it would give both Anderson Silva and his next opponent enough time to recover and prepare for a possible main event contest.


19 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC Eyeing Major Brazilian Event In May 2012”

  1. A.James says:

    Sonnen is going to have the worst day of his life!

  2. Mike Diaz says:

    Sonnen will feel like a rival gang member in enemy territory! It makes for a classic show! TEAM PENN!!!!!!

  3. Halferson says:

    I think chael will lose just to not come to Brazil! Lol”

  4. The Beast says:

    i think he might lose cuz munoz is a tough fight

  5. seprodrigo says:

    that would be awesome.

  6. Night-Wind says:

    Ten time worse than GSP vs. Kos 2.

  7. Zack says:

    Chaels gunna shit all over himself in hostile territory. And then Anderson is gunna shit all over chael

  8. A.James says:

    I think it would be funny if Chael couldn’t get past Munoz and NEVER got his rematch. It’s very possible. Munoz beat the man that beat the man recently.

  9. Sergio says:

    A.James you are right, The dump sonnen will thinking about the tap out for the rest of miserable life!

  10. chon209 says:

    screw it put jon jones vs anderson silva for the main event a non title fight (only because there are other LH waiting for there fair shot at the belt) at a catch wieght and after seen what machida was able to do I have no dought the spider would win

    • zoeldog says:

      What did Machida do what land a few good punches big deal did he win NO , why does everyone seem to think that Jon Jones & Anderson Silva are GODS and cant be beat think back a few years when BJ penn was kicking everyones arse we never thought he’d get beat either your disrespecting the rest of the 2 divisions by saying that or what about GSP no one saw Matt Serra coming never in a million years did i think Serra would win so it just shows nothing is ever set in stone

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