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Tuesday, 12/20/2011, 09:07 am

UFC NEWS – UFC Boss Would Like Anderson Silva To Close Career Out With Super Fight

“He’s probably the greatest fighter in history. He hasn’t lost and has been champion since 2006. I think he has two more title defenses and I do not know what he’ll do next or if he will retire. He could end his career with a super fight against Jon Jones or George St-Pierre. He could end his career like that — fight in a different weight class. I would be happy with that. Then he could take a boat and sail into the sunset… Age is a shit, man. It’s the only thing you cannot cheat. The fighters who become champions never finish their careers at the top. Anderson may have the ability to do this. The problem is that you never know when time will catch up with you. You are the king of the world one day, then you get in there and one day is half a second slower than before and only you will know right away. Anderson is 36 years old. Jon Jones is 24. Jon Jones was in that war with Rampage. He finished the fight with swollen knees, unable to walk. Then six days later he was fine. That’s how you heal when you’re 24. But the fact is that Anderson did not get beat for a long time.”

UFC President Dana tells Brazilian media outlet, Club Alfa, that he is still holding out hope for an Anderson Silva super-fight.

With the three most dominant UFC champions sharing the same three weight-class spread between each other and Anderson Silva falling smack dab in the middle of the other two, it’s really anyone’s game.

Who moves up, or down and which one will he face is something yet to be determined, but one would hope that Silva keeps putting on impressive performances inside the cage and a super fight happens before it’s too late.


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98 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC Boss Would Like Anderson Silva To Close Career Out With Super Fight”

  1. slacker says:

    A dream come true! Would be like Foreman – Ali.

  2. Steve O says:

    Too bad Fedor did it longer and against better competition, but Dana is a douche bag and will never give credit where credit is do!

    • Robertkrafl says:

      hahahahahahahaha better competition? like Hong man choi? As soon as he started facing better competition he lost 3 in a row thats no coincidence

    • Stevo the great says:

      Stevo-O you are giving Steves around the world a bad name, Fedor is a dumptruck Anderson Silva at middleweight could take Fedor at Heavyweight…..I’m not saying I’m just saying.

    • penn fan says:

      yeah Steve O, you are definitely retarded… fedor’s “better” competition was a who’s who of washed up UFC fighters and unknown doormats. Come on, man… seriously. Lay off the pipe. Anderson would whoop Fedor straight up, no matter the weight class.

    • matthizzle says:

      Lol, let us recall the Werdum/Fedor fight. Fedor drops Werdum, then, like a fucking idiot he decides to g’n p Werdum from inside Werdums guard and wasn’t able to recognize the triangle until it was too late. Furthermore, let us compare the Fedor/Bigfoot Silva fight with the Anderson Silva/Sonnen fight: In the Fedor/Bigfoot fight, Bigfoot was basically out wrestling Fedor, controlling the fight and keeping him on the ground, Fedor was doing alright until he started getting caught by Bigfoots g’n p. Inevitably the fight was stopped, claiming Bigfoot as the victor. When Anderson Silva fought Sonnen, Sonnen was controlling the fight with his very dominant wrestling and g’n p, but he was never able to transition out of Silvas guard. (Bigfoot gained the mount on Fedor several times if I recall correctly) Then in the final round Silva slipped a triangle on the weary Sonnen to make him tap and defend his belt after losing 4 rounds in a row. Don’t get me wrong, Fedor is a great fighter, but he is not better than Anderson Silva.

    • DewYouKnow8 says:

      Anderson can slip punches from anyone in professional mma fighter like they are coming in slow motion and Fedor cant beat a former middle weight, an ape or a jiu jitsu guy. OHHH he beat monson.. never mind, he beat a tattooed snowman.. hes the best!

    • JMango says:


    • get real says:

      Fedor made a career out of fighting no name competition. I don’t believe Fedor could beat any HW in the UFC right now.

    • stua says:

      i like it how fedor can dominate the MMA HW division for 10 years before the UFC became what it is now, and then have his resume shitted upon by UFC nut huggers.

    • IknowMMA says:

      Stevo stop smoking all the oregano

    • aaxantonio says:

      hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahaha better competition? hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahha

    • hypehpyehype says:

      ufc nuthuggers like these^ will alwasy hate on fedor and praise anderson because dana told them to. lets be real tho. anderson weighs in at 220 when hes not cutting. then he cuts 35 pounds to be the biggest fighter in by far the weakest division. fedor is a natural middleweight with 40 pounds of body fat that fights heavyweight against much bigger guys and wins. can you spot the bitch?? ill give you a hint. its anderson. fedor = GOAT fuck the haters

      • hahah says:

        fedor did do it longer. but fighting has evolved a lot since fedors time. competitors are more skilled and in better shape now a days. fedor a goat? nope. a legend, yes. but goat…not even close.

    • Philippe says:

      Fedor couldnt beat the top competition in Strikeforce and never will in the UFC. He could have back in 2005 but it was HIS decision and therefore cannot mark his legacy to what he could have been. Not to say he is not a legend but his name would have meant more if just he just fought the very top guys. Dana is probably the smartest douche of a business man. M-1 Global wants to go through bigger promotions to make a name for themselves without the expense of having to put the effort in to create the brand awareness by using Fedor as a negotiation tool. M-1 Global says UFC holds fighters like they are in a prison, why haven’t they ever let Fedor into UFC for a 2 or 3 fight deal to beat the competition and collect payment from Fedor for management fee?

    • tkdwes says:

      Very successful troll, sir. 10/10

    • General AK47 says:

      To Steve O…what are you talking about? Fedor was good and all, but he fought cans! He fought guys that couldn’t last in the UFC…guys who were faded from the biggest competition in the world..with the exception of Nogueria, Henderson and Wedum’s jiujitsu, he hasnt fought anyone as celebrated as say GSP or even (shudders) Jon Jones..I bet the shittiest fighter in the UFC could go on a 10 year tear in another organization against cans too. So what if people think Dana is a douche he still has done more to help bring MMA above ground than anyone and deserves some credit. He made a good business choice by not getting involved with M1 Global because fedor lost 3 in a row pretty much right after the negotiations had disolved.

      On the topic of this article I am not a silva fan, but would like to see him in a super fight with GSP or Jon Jones..I am not a jones fan either but gotta say the styles would match up…I think GSP is too much of a risk for him to step down a weight class..I would like to see GSP move down to lightweight rather than to middle weight..he is a super talented fighter and has a small enough frame to pull the drop successfully. These are just my opinions and wanted to share them..Happy Holidays to everyone.

  3. leo says:

    honestly for the sport and for the sake of who is the pound for pound champion Gsp Vs silva would be the only fight i want…..yes silva vs jones would be great but id rather see the old lions duke it out then the fresh new superstar face a legend….don’t you wanna see that fight caz it will determine who reigned over and it would sement their legacy…..jones is still knew he needs to create his own new legacy and silva vs gsp are 2 guys that ppl havent wanted to see fight for forever

    • zach says:

      Couldn’t dissagree more, I like GSP, but his style is boring and who knows when he will actually be back to 100%, Silva and Jones seem liek they would match up perfectly to be one of the greatest striking displays ever. just my 2 cents

      • penn fan says:

        yeah, it would be a good fight w/jones… but i would have to say GSP would be the more deserving of that super fight. someone who has been around and ruling his division almost as long.

        also, i would like to see GSP get smashed. so i hope its a super fight w/GSP.

        • Henry says:

          Oh man how I would love to see either of those fights! Stylistically the GSP matchup is bad for Anderson because I could see him grinding out a decision victory and Silva hasn’t exactly looked dominant in his fights against wrestlers. On the other hand Jon Jones is one of the most complete fighters in mma right now and that 7 inch reach advantage he’d have on Silva looks pretty daunting. Not to mention that Silva is 36 years old and the superfight wouldn’t be happening anytime soon as GSP has Diaz/Condit to worry about and Jones has Hendo/Rashad. Styles and timing are against Silva, but the man has the heart of a champion and I truly believe that he would pull off a spectacular victory over either fighter.

        • penn fan says:

          he looked good against hendo, who is a great wrestler.

          also, the reach advantage didn’t help jones out much in round 1 of the machida fight. i don’t think anderson would let up like machida did. and i think anderson would be a little better on the ground if he’s taken down, as we saw against chael and lutter.

  4. feenom says:

    A fight with GSP or Jones would be the biggest super fight UFC has ever had. A long time reigning Brazilian Champ, The Canadian peoples Champ, and A dominating young American Champ. Great for MMA!

  5. Fedorisshit says:

    Fedor is bad man… HAHAHAHAHA

  6. Millerhighlife says:

    Stupid idea, make the fight happen while Anderson is still in his prime

  7. Zack says:

    Well it’s gunna have to be jones vs silva cuz Gsp isn’t man enough to fight silva. He would rather drop and fight 155 cuz he’s a little pansy. And I honestly think Anderson would knock jones out. His stand up is just too crispy for jones. If lyoto can catch him, Anderson can knock him out.

    • Kraig says:

      Couldn’t agree more Zack.. Tired of reading posts on ESPN about how Jones or GSP would handle Silva.. GSP does not impress me, especially never really finishing… Jones/Silva.. Silva wins, especially at 205… Both his 205 fights he dominated 1st round.. Griffin and Irvin

    • lol says:

      lyoto caught him once then had a nap jones is out of andersons league and as for gsp sorry he smarter then the average idiot that posts on these things but he smart about how he wants time to put on the weight hes never fought heavier and he said hed like to stay at 185 if he went up zack grab some facts before you come on here runnin your mouth gsp has always been there too fight hes never backed down, anderson put on some of the most embarressing fights against damien even dana white said it was discusting and i agree a real champ fights sure gsp hasnt finished in awhile but the fights go 5 rounds and its non stop fighting with the top 10 WW in the world, on his way to the title gsp finished 10 of 12 fights sure hes cautious now but hes smart he neutralizes strikers, stuns wrestlers, and puts on clinics for BJJ black belts, hes a proffesional in and out of the ring hasnt talked trash cause i dont now hes older then 5 and when hes 100% diaz, condit, and ellenberger will be checked off the list on the way to the super fight with anderson and you saying gsp is a pussy for not going up why doesnt anderson drop down hes fought at 175 before and hes the taller bigger fighter gsps got more to lose going up its never been seen before him at 185 so think before ya talk man gsp is thhe p4p champ recognize peaaaace

      • Zack says:

        Haha stfu Gsp would get knocked the fuck out by Anderson 10 times out of 10. Gsp wants to stay at 185 after Anderson’s retired. Face it he’s scared. Anderson clowned Damian Maia and could’ve finished whenever he wanted. Gsp got his eye shut by jake shields lmfao

        • tommy says:

          sheilds wud fuck maia up nd gsp wut beat anderson by decision

        • slacker says:

          Shields cannot beat Maia – not standing, not on the ground. GSP would lose to Silva too. He’s too small and Silva’s boxing and handspeed would be too much for him. GSP is great right where he is – welterweight.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          zack u are a moron just like ur mother. gsp got POKED in the eye by shields u idiot. oh and u wanna talk smack about gsp for not wanting to move up to fight anderson… come anderson dont wanna move up to fight jones?? BECAUSE HE IS SCARED!!! oh wait, i forgot, silva said he wont fight jones because they are friends. lol. what a pussy

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          the same reason ur using for anderson being scared is the same reason why gsp is scared. ur scared to admit gsp is a scared champion who rather injure his own knee than fight someone.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          that is a retarded comment. gsp injured his knee training for a fight THAT HE ASKED FOR. hard to say he’s scared of nick diaz when he asked dana to fight him next. notice gsp didnt tell dana how he doesnt think nick deserves a shot at his belt. notice he didnt ask dana to tell nick to stop saying mean things about him. instead, he asked to handle it himself. too bad anderson silva didnt do the same. but then again, after all, he is just a scared champion.

        • slacker says:

          mmaij: I can agree that GSP doesn’t want to fight Anderson – ever since Silva gave Belfort a pumpernickel foot sandwich. But, injuring his own knee to avoid a fight? You’re just preaching to the choir out here in B.J. land.

        • slacker says:

          mmaij: yeah, i can agree that GSP doesn’t want to fight Silva. I don’t agree with DBKlein about Silva being scared to fight Silva. He said he didn’t want to fight Machida as well because they are friends; that is consistent. From his 6 title defenses, I thought GSP had two fights that could be criticized as being boring: Hardy and Shields (The Koscheck fight was stand-up only, but still a brilliant boxing display). To me, he still offers a lot of entertainment and one could argue that that is pretty objective world-wide, since Dana says he is the pay-per view King. The only criticism I have of him is that he should be finishing 1 out of every 3 fights.

        • Junk.. Gsp rather injure his own knee? That by far is the stupidest thing I’ve heard all year! Gsp asked for Diaz and Anderson is still waiting to fight bisping, when Anderson should be begging for Chael. Unfknbelievable..where is Andy’s X-rays in ref to his injured shoulder… He’s a FKN COWARD! Keep making excuses for the paper chump!

        • Bushlage says:

          GSP is a great champion, no doubt. But he isn’t even the best in his weight class anymore. Nate Diaz is gonna beat him silly when they actually get to fight. The thing of it is… GSP knows it! He doesn’t want to fight Diaz let alone the proven p4p greatest fighter in the world, Anderson Silva. Silva would make him look absolutely silly

        • DBKlein69 says:

          bushlage, u make urself look absolutely silly. nate diaz isn’t going to fight gsp, nor was he ever going to fight gsp. he is actually in the lightweight division now.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          chart the years not yet over but im sure youll say something even stupider before it is.

        • Junk.. Seriously that is some DUMBSHITZ! Even for

          Seriously? Dumbest comment of 2011! Isn’t gsp going to fight your boy Diaz? $100 I got the Saint!

          ur scared to admit gsp is a scared champion who rather injure his own knee than fight someone.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i think gsp said to himself “who would be the easier to take down and lnp for 5 rounds, condit or nick? eh i think nick so i will tell dana to let me fight nick than after i lnp beat him i can take another year off.” real champion u got there.

      • Chris says:

        Personally im sick and tired of hearing everyone say GSP needs to move up!!! Did anyone say that about Chuck Liddel, Did Matt Hughes move up, Did Rich Franklin ever plan to move up before he realized he cannot compete with Anderson Sliva? Seriously look at Hughes look at how many title defenses he had 9…Freaking 9 and thats not counting his non fights….Sliva has had the belt for 5 years, mmmmmmm pretty sure hes not going up to continue fighting there..Yes he fought a Forrest, and the Sandman..But why not go there and stay there and have the belt in two classses…
        Personally I like seeing GSP fight whats boring about it? Non stop action 100 percent complete domination in whatever category he wants to do it in…
        GSP is not a big guy, hes actually not even close to the biggest welterweights, Look up ectomorph, thats what he is!!!
        He will never be succesful at 185, and I think he knows this, MMA is as much about buisness as it is fighting!! If he moves up to 185 loses to fights all we will hear is hes done washed up! Anderson Silva will crush him, if you dont see this you are insane and dont know much…Anderson Silva if anything should go down to 170 he could make it!!!
        Im sure ill hear im a GSP nuthugger….Truth is I like seeing dominating fighters….
        The better superfight would honestly be Jon Jones vs Silva their styles would match up better…Pretty sure Dana knows that, its like saying frankie edgar should move up to 170, honestly f. edgar shouldnt even be at 155, he cuts no weight and theres no way hes going to 170…Or after jones wins 4 or 5 in a row which im pretty sure he will, hes should go heavyweight…Not happening ever, he couldnt handle the weight those guys throw around….

  8. Steve-O says:

    Or even better, throw all 3 in at once and have a last man standing lol.

  9. lalo diesel says:

    silva vs gsp…the only 2 p4p…jones is a heavyweight fighting in the wrong division and phil davis or rashad maybe beat him..silva has no chance with him ..but with gsp silva has a little size and reach advantage..maybe for jones will be very easy put the spyder on his back or do an unorthodox choke to beat him

  10. Moses White says:

    I don’t know why people think Silva vs GSP would ever happen. GSP is not a huge welterweight and maybe walks around at 195lbs. He’s 5’10” with a 76″ reach and Silva is 6’2″ with almost a 78″ reach. Silva is just too big and fast. George’s only chance would be his wrestling which would require him to focus on strength, which would require him to build mass, which would slow him down. It’s just not a likely matchup. What bothers me more is all this talk about Silva retiring soon. Randy competed forever. Chuck competed into his 40’s. Who gives a damn about retiring perfect? I don’t feel like Anderson has challenged himself to his full capabilities considering his easy move into LHW. If he wants to impress me (why would he) he would take on the younger Jones, who presents him with some real challenges considering Jones wrestling and striking skills, not to mention Anderson would encounter his first significant reach disadvantage. Of course, if he really wants to walk away with the whole world knowing he was the best of all time he would rematch Sonnen. Just sayin’.

  11. Jujitsu Player says:

    I don’t se the point in Silva v’s GSP. I read Silva walks around at at 220-225lb where as GSP claims he doesn’t have to cut any significant weight and hovers around 185lb all year round. There’s a big size difference which I don’t think GSP could deal with. I’d love to see Jones v’s Silva just to end the debate once and for all. Even as a Silva fan my money would be on Jones al day long.

    • penn fan says:

      GSP walks around at about 195 lbs.

    • penn fan says:

      also… there was a pretty big size difference between brock and cain… brock and randy. those fights still happened.

      i wanna see GSP get smashed.

      • Zack says:

        Struve vs pat Barry lol I bet nick Diaz would fight silva if given the chance with no crying about how silva is bigger than him. Gsp will get embarrassed by silva and he damn well knows it

        • penn fan says:

          idk man… nick diaz wasn’t willing to fight mayhem at 180lbs when they were in strikeforce. maybe tho… but imho, i don’t even think the UFC would try to make a diaz/silva fight happen. if diaz wins the belt, i bet he never leaves the division.

      • jj says:

        Hating much there Penn? Every post you put up says how you wanna see Gap get smashed. I guess I’m sensing anger or jealousy cus BJ couldn’t do it. But then again I might get pissed if every WW I liked lost to him. Than embarrassed my favorite fight by making him quit on the stool. BJ was not as great as his fans make him out to be. I don’t even think id put him in the top 5 all time.

  12. MaineMMAFan says:

    yeah would be dream come true to see super fights but.. why is dana acting like anderson is done for sure ? and saying “But the fact is that Anderson did not get beat for a long time.” who beat him hasnt happend so dont act like its gonna.. there hoping anderson will fight Jon to pass the torch as best P4P to young kid ppl can watch grow.. but i dont think its smart for Bones to fight anderson EVER :-)

  13. dos_cents says:

    Silva would destroy both of them if he fought either in the next two to three years. Id like to see a few more guys give silva a battle before they force him out. He isn’t just barely hanging onto his title. He dominates the cage. Only person to give him a fight is sonnen. Now, if he dropped down a class or gsp came up, then did the same with jones, then one more title fight against who ever was next in line for his belt. Then retire him as the baddest man on the planet for beating the reigning champs then defending his own title. Before anyone gets on the ‘get off silva’s nuts’ kick, I’m not a fan. I drove 27 hours one way hoping to watch chael kick his ass.

  14. uhnomuhlee says:

    I don’t understand the whole Jon Jones talk. It’s an awful fight for Anderson. He is hands down p4p best finishing guys like Sonnen and Belfort who respectively could have/should have defeated him… Sonnen on the ground and Belfort standing up. He is the best, no doubt about it. The thing is, he got man handled by Sonnen for 4 1/2 rounds by wrestling. Jones is a much bigger wrestler who is definitely stronger than Sonnen by far… He gets his hands on a guy in his weight class, and it’s basically over. Silva can knock him out, absolutely, he’s light years ahead of Jones in the striking department, but it’s a bad match considering the strength, wrestling and GNP of Jones. Add to that the age gap.
    Can Silva beat Jones? For sure, but Jones can absolutely beat Silva as well. Jones has dominated so far, but he’s been on top of his class for a few months while Silva has dominated for years. He doesn’t deserve to fight the best the UFC has ever seen, and by the time he earns that right, if he ever does, Anderson will be on the way out. It’s a bad idea.
    For the reason that GSP and Silva have reigned for so long, that’s the fight I want to see. That’s the match that should be. GSP has fantastically technical standup, and yes, he can grind it out and go for a boring lay and pray against Silva, but if Silva is the best, and I believe he is, he can pull the win… that’s why he is the best p4p in the world. Nevermind the fact that Anderson still needs to fight Sonnen one more time and win… and Jones is such a disrespectful guy who has already said he’s the best p4p, but MAYBE lower on the totem pole ONLY because of time and experience.
    Jones doesn’t deserve to be knocked out by Anderson, and this is coming from someone who has been aching to see Silva lose.

  15. Carlos says:

    I wanna see GSP vs Silva! If St. Pierre doesn’t want to prove his legend in the ufc, that’s fine. Its funny how Bj Penn was the only fighter man enough to move up a weight class to face him. Now Gsp has a chance to find out what its like to sacrifice health and legacy in his depleted weight class, but all off a sudden he thinks its too much of a weight gain? P4P my ass. Silva, Edgar, Gsp: top 3pound for pound champions. And may i add that the ufc should re- do weight classes…125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175 185, 195,205… then we should see whose the real pound for pound champion.

  16. Bones.Jones. says:

    I want to see Jones win the heavyweight title. I think he could do it. I don’t see anyone beating him right now.

  17. MMAnalyst says:

    Silva is about 6’2″ and looks comfortable at LHW, so a fight with Jones makes sense. GSP is a medium-sized WW who is four inches shorter than Anderson Silva, so moving up would be a big trip, GSP doesn’t have a frame much bigger than Gleison Tibau or Melvin Guillard, he should fight at LW if he switches weight classes, IMO. As for Silva, well he fought at 168 lbs a looong time ago, maybe he meets GSP at 180 lbs – and then fights Jones at 205? Either way after Silva fights Sonnen he should move up/down (nobody else seems to be a good match with him though watching him kill Bisping would be nice)

  18. Marten says:

    Forget all this speculation! Who want to see bj make his return to 155 against gilbert melendez?? I do.
    Randy Couture thinks it’s possible! You guys??

  19. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Well, Lyoto gave Jones problems inside the first round of his title challenge. Because Anderson is better in every way compared to Lyoto, Jones would get obliterated by the Spider. The Spider would make Jones look like a clown with his striking ability. He also has good submission defense which it seems like Jones has to rely on his wrestling and submissions in order to finish the top tier of the lhw division besides the ring rusted Shogun.

    • CanILive says:

      so youre saying anderson would win the first two rounds, but then get finished in the third? haha

    • Jake says:

      Ring rusted Shogun? Lol… i’m pretty sure he beat lyoto not too long ago, and then knocked out griffin. Jones dominates his weight division, and especially this past year, he’s beaten a lot of already established legends like shogun, rampage, lyoto and he beat Ryan Bader who is a good fighter even though he hasnt been the champ yet. Out of all of them, Lyoto was the only one able to touch him, which only happened a couple times and Jones didn’t even react to being hit. Jones dropped Lyoto with a left straight, so how exactly is his standup so bad that he has to rely on submissions?

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Yes he most certainly was ring rusted from being out from knee surgery. When Lyto did strike Jones he seemed very uncomfortable in contrast to your recollection. What’s weird is that for someone who dwarfs everyone in the lhw division he sure shrunk down to Machidas height when he got struck. He stunned Lyoto because he really has a problem recovering when he gets hit hard. Why do you think he known for evading strikes? I never said his striking was bad, its just easier for him to finish the top ten with his wrestling.

  20. lalo diesel says:

    p4p ?? WTF?? that is bullshit …silva choose who want to fight…..his mma record is full of mediocre fighters..the only exceptions are vitor..hendo ..and maybe rich franklin….all the rest are average thales leites..okami.. maia.. irvin..etc ..fighters choose by ed soares….the guy is an elite striker..but never will fight a guy like bj penn..machida,st pierre..rampage liddell(in his prime.)

  21. 2lowtoe says:

    u got to lose to quit i thought ufc didnt want 2 pay anderson money but now im seeing someone that dont want to lose

  22. bostonbrawler says:

    BONES JONES vs SPIDER is the FIGHT everyone wants to SEE. PERIOD

  23. Logon says:

    I just wanna see Chael, get his rematch – He absolutely destroyed Silva for 4 and half rounds and unquestionable was on his way to taking the title, and made a slip it happens. It would be a disappointing decision to not have that be one of the fights. (I don’t wanna see munoz fight silva) especially if he has two fights left

  24. lalo diesel says:

    GSP is the most complete fighter period..don’t have weaknesses…silva has problems with TD defense and cardio and is only an elite counterstriker…jones is just an unorthodox wreckless striker that’s bully the wrong division

  25. Josh says:

    Gsp would beat silva he would win a decision he would use his his wrestling and he is a better ground grappler the chael sonnen and acctually Respects and knows the word Jiu Jitsu (sorry if splet wrong not my spelling ) but silva can always get the KO and who knows maybe a lucky sub its hard to call a fight in an instant theres always a punchers chance

  26. Dennis says:

    you know how everyone likes to talk shit about gsp and everyone an how boring he is an yet hes the best at wut he does not a nut hugger or anything but no need for keyboard warriors these guys actually do the fights its stupid when people say shiit cause they think they see the whole picture like c’mon if you know sooo much about mma just get in the gym an get yourself in the octagon with these guys then you can see “how boring”it really was or how easy this person can finish them this and that dont pretend like you know about it if all you do is watch the fighters fight show sum fucking respect for wut they do

  27. Mike McMack says:

    Neither of these 2 fights will ever happen because Anderson doesn’t want to fight Jones and GSP doesn’t want to fight Anderson.

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