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Monday, 11/21/2011, 08:26 am

UFC NEWS – UFC 143: Koscheck vs. Condit Official

We reported exactly two weeks ago that a welterweight matchup between Josh Koscheck and Carlos Condit was in the works for the UFC’s February show and that fight is now official.

UFC 143 is set to take place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on February 4th. Georges St. Pierre will be the headliner against his newest title challenger Nick Diaz live on pay-per-view.

Condit has been on a rollercoaster ride as of late. The welterweight contender was first up for a fight against BJ Penn at UFC 137 until he was pulled into the main event for a shot at the UFC’s welterweight title. GSP was forced off the card and Condit was promised his spot held for title contention. That promise was broken and GSP now faces Diaz.

Koscheck offered to face Condit as a fill-in for GSP at UFC 137 on less than two weeks notice. At the time, Condit thought it would be wise to deny the offer for his chance at a postponed title shot, but it is Koscheck who gets the last laugh and after a successful campaign through twitter books the match up he wants except this time he will have a full training camp to prepare.

Now official the matchup has serious implications for the welterweight division. If Condit can get passed Koscheck than he has solidified himself as the next contender but if he fails than a Koscheck vs. GSP trilogy bout is probably not in the immediate future.

Image in the entry above shows Koscheck signing his bout agreement for the fight. (shared via twitter.)

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33 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC 143: Koscheck vs. Condit Official”

  1. magoo says:

    WAAAR Condit,put another beating on this loud mouthed schnook,I’d much rather see you fight GSP,then watch Kos get beat down a third time….OOHH!

  2. UFCADDICTED says:


  3. Steve says:

    Kos will beat Condit down and GSP will beat Diaz so that will leave us right back where we started #1 vs. #2 in the 170 weight class. The question will be can the UFC put that fight on??? Maybe with co-title fight main event they can.

  4. rob says:

    I think GSP might have used Diaz as an excuse to duck the Condit fight. Because first it was a bad knee, then as soon as the card he was supposed to fight Condit on was over he said he wanted Diaz. I think St.Pierre homies. What do you guys think?

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I really don’t know. But, what I do know is that Diaz was the true number 1 contender before Condit. So, all of this really doesn’t matter. Condit will get his shot eventually. He should have fought Kos and beat him decisively in order to retain his title shot because Diaz only got a decision victory over BJ… Not saying that isn’t impressive but does he really deserve a title shot off of a decision?

      I really think Kos could take Condit and Diaz. Where is Fitch in all of this? You know he is going to have to get a rematch with GSP or BJ sooner or later maybe a TUF season.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        Fitch is fighting Hendricks third from the top in UFC 141. lol he’s getting shafted cuz nobody likes him… fought to a draw with BJ and again his tactics for doing that were sooo boring. Diaz fought to a decision. I’m way off topic hear but BJ needs to get back to 155 instead of fighting all of these way bigger dudes that can barely beat em’ ne-ways – Kos is going to beat Condit imo. GSP is going to beat Diaz. Fitch is going to lay n pray Hendricks.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Then we will be back to where we started. Maybe once everything is back to where it started GSP will move to another weight class.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          maybe…right now this div. isn’t doing much for me. Way more excited abt the 155 weight class right now.

  5. KMF says:

    Everybody seems quite sure GSP will be beaten by Diaz. Everyone said the same when he fought Shields and look what happened there. Diaz will undoubtebly be GSP’s biggest test but I feel he has what it takes to sneak the win over Diaz.
    As for GSP being scared of Condit….. ARE YOU HAVING A GIRAFFE?

  6. Donnybrook says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. As much as I’d like to see Condit win I just don’t see it happening but one can always wish.

  7. John M says:

    lmfao good night Condit, I would love to see Kos vs Diaz!

  8. RCS says:

    Is the hand covering up the money details in the pic?
    Kos vs Diaz would be a fun fight to watch, The Drama would be legendary.

    Diaz can’t take disrespect and Kos only gives deisrespect.

  9. JB Spencer says:

    This will be a good fight but its a pointless matchup, cuz not only will kos v gsp not happen anytime soon if ever regardless who wins, who would wana see it? And just about everyone wants to see condit v gsp; styles make matchups, if kosh somehow beats condit that doesnt mean condit wouldnt have gsps number if they fought.

    Ofcorse if diaz wins alota that wont matter. I wana see diaz and condit beat gsp for the title, but i cant have both, hopefully ill get one outa the two

  10. zack says:

    gsp will beat diaz and kos will beat condit. so that makes for a gsp vs kos 3 (boring). gsp needs to man the fuck up and move up to 185 so anderson can fuck his shit up. there is nothing for him at 170. gsp will prolly be a pussy bitch tho and either try to move down to 155 or stay at 170.. Gay Scared Pierre

  11. Shawn says:

    A decent fight. If Condit wins it solidifies his #1 contender status after Diaz. If Kos wins, it will b a major step on d ladder back. But no immediate title shot. I’m starting to think this has nothing do to w d fighters. Rather UFC doing a ‘Subway’ move. They took Diaz off d title shot against GSP n replaced him Condit. Diaz drew so much attn w his win over Penn, the UFC saw HUGE dollar signs w a GSP VS Diaz. Far more than a GSP vs Condit. They cudnt pass it up a second time.

  12. omar says:

    i like this fight alot better condit ;gsp.nick proved him self as a champ against bj and still is the 1 one contender .koscheck is always a top contender ownly loses to gsp it makes perfect sense.

  13. ja2s says:

    Kos vs diaz would be one to follow lots of insults back and forth hahahaha

  14. Creature says:

    This is gonna be good, they both have good stand up overall, kos is a beast wrestler and condit is viscous off his back.. Pulling for condit a bit more here just because id rather see him fight GSP than kos

  15. Don says:

    Really? Kos? It should have been Jake Ellenberger, he’s more deserving plus a much better choice!

  16. jason says:

    i know everybody wants to forget about fitch, but i still see him beating/dry humping his way to victory against condit, diaz, and ellenberger. why isnt he fighting one of these guys? it cant be because nobody wants to watch him fight.

    • JB Spencer says:

      yes it can

    • GRT 3000 says:

      it is though dude. yeah he wins fights, but if no one wants to see his ass anymore, why would the UFC showcase him? They look for any excuse to drop him from top contendership. Like him fighting to a draw with a way smaller dude; that’s official. The real reason he’s third on the card at 141? He is super boring.

      • Creature says:

        I think he was being sarcastic about why no one wants to see him? lol. Im honestly one of the few Fitch fans left.. but i dont mind ground fights, or watching people get pissed and give up when they realize they arent getting Fitch off of them lol

        • GRT 3000 says:

          Well he wins fights so that’s something I guess. But when he gets on top of someone you may aswell drink beer and talk amongst yourselves, cuz that’s the rest of the fight. I keep wanting to like the guy, but I seriously gave up a few fights ago; dude just has no variety and no finish.

  17. GRT 3000 says:

    give em’ Fitch!

  18. Carlos says:

    Yes!!!! Diaz vs. Koscheck = GOLD!!!!
    good fight If Diaz n kos wins cuz they can both stand and the both love to talk alot of shit.

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