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Tuesday, 01/24/2012, 07:57 am

UFC NEWS – UFC 142’s Carlo Prater Thinks Rogan Is Unethical For Questioning Yamasaki

“I think in the end I was made out as a villain. I wasn’t laying on the octagon for nothing after the fight. I want that to be clear. I had to stay in the hospital until Monday. They (UFC) asked me not to go public because, indeed, that wouldn’t do any good for me or Eric. IMO, Mario did the right thing. It’s been a long time since rules have been implemented. You are not allowed to do anything you want inside the cage. Watching the fight video I could see at least 9 blows to the back of the head. I think the way Joe Rogan behaved was completely unethical. He went with the crowd. A real professional doesn’t do that. He was acting like a fan when he should be acting as a shout caster. Mario is a million time more competent than him. He’s been living off this for 20 years. Joe Rogan is just a swagger, someone who walks amongst fighters but isn’t really a fighter himself. He doesn’t understand. Whatever… human beings make mistakes and I am not going to be holding grudges against him”

UFC welterweight Carlo Prater is of course talking about the UFC 142 questionable call made by Mario Yamasaki in his fight against Erick Silva.

Many people have weighed in on this topic; we even launched our own poll about the incident here on BJPENN.COM. Prater believes that Joe Rogan was unprofessional and stirred the pot by going into the cage and directly questioning Yamasaki. Silva believes that he won the fight and Yamasaki called it wrong. The UFC reviewed the tapes and did not see evidence supporting Silva’s claim and chose to keep the loss on his record.

All in all this has been a confusing process, the UFC backs Prater and Yamasaki but did Rogan do anything wrong by questioning the incident?

(Quote via Brazil’s

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61 Responses to “UFC NEWS – UFC 142’s Carlo Prater Thinks Rogan Is Unethical For Questioning Yamasaki”

  1. bertram says:

    rogan is more informed and knowledgeable about the sport than most of the fighters. this prater guy obviously agrees with mario because in the end he now has another ‘w’ in his column. rogan was right, there was ONE shot to the back of the head. mario fucked up, and prater got demo’d real quick and cant handle it now. this whole story is blown out of proportion all because a ref made an error, and prater is a sore loser.

    • Chaelforthewin says:

      I think that Mir got more shots to the back of the head than prater did in his fight against big nog and Herb Dean let the fight go after about 3-5 clean shots of the back of the head, if Erik landed within the same range of inadvertent blows to the back of the head then it should be treated the same. I think Joe Rogan, like all of us fight fans, are just looking for consistency in the way fights are called and explanations on why certain decisions are made. Every fan had the same questions that Rogan presented, so was he really as ignorant as 95% of fight fans Prater?

    • JMad says:

      This guy is acting like a little girl about this and he called Rogan a shout caster and a swagger… um, ok. I don’t know what that means.

      • zack says:

        watch belfort vs franklin belfort vs akiyama. so many land clearly on the back of the head and not a word. Silva landed one shot to the back of the head. prater can get his ass kicked again tho. he probly doesnt want a rematch tho

    • Jake says:

      couldn’t have said it better myself

  2. feenom says:

    Prater is now being a public cry baby. Rogan was correct. Yamasaki made a bad call…plain & simple.

  3. spiritsplice says:

    So “being professional” means not having an opinion and supporting a bad call? Idiot. And to say Rogan isn’t a fighter? Equally stupid.

  4. J.Powers says:

    I like Joe Rogan but I agree at times he seems to react to things as a fan and his own opinion. Yamasaki made the right call. There’s no doubting it

  5. Mr.Rusk says:

    UFC 144 Rogan vs prater at a catch weight



  6. nico says:

    could you please have your webadmin disable the extremely annoying and poorly performing automated translating feature? Visiting an english site imples I know english, and trust me it’s a lot easier to understand the english than the extremely poor translations :) thx

    Having to option to translate is awesome, forcing it sucks :)

    • Xaninho says:

      I have the same problem. When I log on I get some jibberish that’s supposed to be dutch…

      Keep the default language English, cause right now I have to change back to english everytime. It’s starting to get annoying.

  7. Onanz says:

    Joe Rogan was really unethical. I got nothing against him personally. He’s a great commentator but what he did was unethical. Whether Yamasaki fucked up or not, he should have not questioned Yamasaki’s call in front of the fans man. He acted like a beer-filled fan out there.

    • mike says:

      Haha he was a beer filled fan out there stoned off his ass. But let’s be serious this prater guy is a pussy I will say though I like joe rogan but he was a complete dick that night its okay to question but not humiliate both yamasaki who is one of the best refs and prater even if he did get his ass handed to him. Deff a less dick way about bringing up a controversial call personally I would knocked rogan out if he talked to me like that in front of the fans whether it was the right call or not.

  8. johnyfz450 says:

    quit fuckin cryin your lucky he called it a DQ you really lost it was a bullshit call

  9. Xaninho says:

    Rogan was right, UFC made a political call by giving Silva a winners paycheck and kept the loss on Silva’s record.

    It was one blow to the back. Yamasaki stated he warned him not to hit the back of the head, but that warning doesn’t mean shit cause he was hitting the side of the head right behind the ear.

    If people think the spot where he landed the blows is illegal, then that means for example JDS landed his KO in an illegal spot right behind the ear too….

  10. Foffof says:

    Everyone involved with the UFC knows that Rogan is color commentator/interviewer. I don’t think he should be villified for asking Yamasaki to explain his decision. Maybe not immediately following the fight, however.
    And I agree, Prater saying Rogan knows nothing and isn’t a fighter is ridiculous. Guy’ll have 2 black belts soon.

  11. Xaninho says:

    Rogan should call out Prater and kick his ass in the cage.

    • Mr.Rusk says:

      I’d be great if they threw on pads and went at like ala moussi/fedor, since I doubt they would let Joe actually cage fight him I’m thinkin that’s the best we could hope for as far as them ever squaring off

      • Chris Lynch says:

        For those that don’t think Joe Rogan can fight.

        During high school, Rogan became a practitioner of kenpo karate at age 14, then went to Taekwondo. He eventually gained a 2nd dan black belt. He went on to become a four-time state champion in Massachusetts, and In 1987, he was the USA Taekwondo U.S. Open lightweight champion.

        In 1996, Rogan began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Carlson Gracie at his school in Hollywood, California. After Gracie relocated to Chicago, Rogan later began training under Jean Jacques Machado, (a cousin of the Gracie family), eventually earning his brown belt under Machado. In addition, Rogan holds a brown belt in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu under Eddie Bravo.

        Rogan also practices kickboxing.

        Here is a video of Joe Rogan teaching GSP “The Turning Side Kick”.

        Very good move, I use it alot in competition. (Only with proper setup though)

        • Xaninho says:

          That vid was awesome! GSP taking pointers from a commentator haha.

          Rogan has serious skills no doubt about that.

        • Chris Lynch says:

          Thanks bro, the first time I saw it, I was like no flippen way. Thats my favorite kick…. wait…wait… thats JOE ROGAN! Then when Rogan hit the bag and GSP Cussed , I was thinking… Ok you know Rogan has power in that kick….

          Rogans got some beast mode in him, thats for damn sure.

        • Mr.Rusk says:

          Oh I know Rogan can throw down, the pads comment was more going towards the UFC not likely to give Joe the chance unless he was somewhat protected,

        • Xaninho says:

          Hahah from the looks of it Prater is the one that needs protection!

  12. CrAzyBK64 says:

    Wow this guy is fuccing sad. Just mad because he got his ass beat in twenty seconds. And Joe rogan probably could kicc this chumps ass

    • CanILive says:

      TRUE, he was in the hospital probably due from the knee to the sternum lol,

      and as to joe callin out mario….

      damn ref is like a schoolgirl in the octagon changin his damn mind
      forget about wondering “which” fighter is going to step in the octagon

      we have to worry “which mario” will be entering the cage come fight night

  13. the original steve says:

    lol who the fuck is carlo prater? it was the perfect call for joe to make everyone wanted to ask this question and he did

  14. t says:

    1 shot or 5 shots doesnt matter if the other fighter cant continue after an illegal strike then the bout goes to dq that simple it doesnt matter if silva won or not remeber Jon jones and matt hamil one 12-6 elbow and it was a dq and hamil had a shoulder injury the elbow didnt stop him so really stop caring bout the call and calling mario a bad ref he made a decsion based on what he saw and i know no of u were in his shoes so you guys have no idea what he saw and thats that

  15. Calabama says:

    During high school, Rogan became a practitioner of kenpo karate at age 14, then went to Taekwondo.[4] He eventually gained a 2nd dan black belt.[5] He went on to become a four-time state champion in Massachusetts, and In 1987, he was the USA Taekwondo U.S. Open lightweight champion.[6]

    In 1996, Rogan began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Carlson Gracie at his school in Hollywood, California. After Gracie relocated to Chicago, Rogan later began training under Jean Jacques Machado, (a cousin of the Gracie family), eventually earning his brown belt under Machado.[7] In addition, Rogan holds a brown belt in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu under Eddie Bravo.[8][9]


  16. Rambling Gambit says:

    I find this current wave of using the back of the head as a tool for DQ or separation quite damagine to the sport.
    This process typically involves:
    staggoleg, turtle up, face plant and sway the back of the head (the only exposed part) towards the punch.

    In my opinion Praeter crumpled with the knee and got hit with a few solid shots. The fight should have been called earlier or if Yamasaki was so adamant that a strike did land, he should have separated them, deducted a point and given a warning.

    As for Rogan, I’m happy to say I’m proud of the fact that he is a fan and is not shy about making himself heard. He is quite knowledgeable about the sport and this situation addresses an issue that will come up again surely.

  17. Tikler says:

    Pratter you are an idiot. Just because he’s a commentator and not an actual fighter, don’t underestimate him. Rogan would whoop your a.s.s in the octagon. He didn’t get his knowledge of fighting from sitting on the couch watching learn how DVD’s. It’s about time someone starts putting these ref’s on the hook for an explanation of their BAD decisions.

  18. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Call me crazy, but I think Joe is more than just a “swagger”. You already got the W, prater, stop the campaigning.

  19. Mr.Rusk says:

    I for one can not wait for Joes responses

  20. Fyrfytr998 says:

    Really Prater? So the cameras showing you sitting up and crying about illegal blows are totally lying? Because until that point, there was not one inclination that Silva was getting DQ’d.

    Take these comments knowing I am not a Silva fanboy, and admit that maybe right in the ring might not have been the most professional time for Rogan to do what he did. But……..

    Just face facts Prater. You got demolished by an up and comer. So to make sure your ass didn’t get cut, you whined about where you were struck. That’s it. That’s all.

    Rogan knows nothing about fighting? Bitch please. He is soon to have the very same black belt you wear in BJJ. Just because he chooses not to earn his living in the ring doesn’t make him any less uninformed.

    If Prater really doesn’t want to made the ass in this. He should request the rematch with Silva. I’m pretty sure the outcome is going to how it SHOULD have went, with Siva’s arm raised in victory. Dude just don’t got nothing. 6-4 in your last 10 before Silva. And your 1-3 prior to Silva in major promotions (WEC, Strikeforce).

    Nevermind, I’d cry for a W too.

  21. Chael Twitterbird Sonnen says:

    Prater just went from “poor guy” to “shut the fuck up if you don’t know how many the number 9 is”

  22. Billy Cundiff says:

    Swagger Jagger! Rofl.

  23. Shawn says:

    Really Prater? Rogan is color commentator, who has probably been doing it longer than you’ve been a fighter. Not to mention, he does and has been training in martial arts for just as long or longer. Think before you speak son.

    Even I initially wondered why Silva lost. And how Yamasaki saw what he did. Rogan doesn’t pull punches. He calls it like he sees it, doesn’t mean he’s biased. He asks the questions everyone is THINKING. I don’t think it was unethical. He didn’t out right accuse Yamasaki of making a bad call. He asked him why he made that call. And after reviewing the different angles myself, frame by frame, Yamasaki answer was viable. I still don’t think it should have been a loss. More like a NC. But there could have been other things in between that none of us saw or heard. Like if Yamasaki was warning Silva after the initial strike to the back of the head, and a subsequent warning after the second. I’m sure if Prater was able to defend himself and continue, Yamasaki would have paused the bout and taken a point off of Silva. But Prater was done and couldn’t continue. So no point in point deduction. It’s either a loss or a no contest. When it all comes down to it, Yamasaki was in the best position to make that call at THAT time. That one is a tough call. But I don’t hold it against Mario.

  24. Shawn says:

    I often wonder when guys turtle up that they purposely leave the back of their heads unprotected. That’s like getting your ass handed to you, and taking/hoping for a win because your opponent gets DQ’d. That’s a total p@$$y move.

  25. Shawn says:

    Good explanation and breakdown from Big John.

  26. KJ says:

    Prater got his fake win, why is he now trying to stir shit up with Rogan and the rest of the world. Sounds like Prater doesn’t want fans

  27. ry tay says:

    9 shots to the back of the head MY BALLS. no way more than 2 or 3

  28. tom23 says:

    You ladies talk a lot of shit about Prater behind your keyboards. I’m sure Prater didnt want to win like that, he was just giving his opinion like everyone else has got to about the subject.

    • Mr.Rusk says:

      Hello pot have you met kettle?

    • Chris Lynch says:

      I blame Prater for putting his head where Eric’s hands were going…. LoL. Through the years that I have been watchingparticipating in MMA, hits to the back of the head are not allowed. Now since there is no true definition of what the back of the head is, I am going to assume its a spot the size of an pencil eraser directly in the back of your head. Since there are no explicit definitions of what constitutes the back of the head. I say Eric didnt hit him a single time in the back of the head.

      Course my opinion is based purely on logic, common sense, and facts… So im probably wrong.

  29. mmaislandjunkie says:

    joe rogna was out of line but prater had no shot of winning this fight. he should be happy about this fight like okami was about beating anderson and how matt hammil is proud of beating jon jones.

  30. BreseeKid says:

    Carlo Prater said it exactly how it is. Joe Rogan talks out of his ass when he gets all dramatic. Seriously Joe Rogan looked like a lil bitch telling Yamasaki he was wrong, right in front of the world watching, who the fuck does this guy think he is! There’s times when JR is commentating and its good information, you can tell he practices and studies some forms of martial arts. But he get excited like a fan does and starts saying shit like a certain fighter in a blue belt in bjj and its not true (JR at least recognized he made that). In other words JR does things that not everybody agrees with, so on that night when he put Yamasaki on blast, Yamasaki was his Joe Rogan. Yes people don’t like Joe Rogan (Bresee kids in particular)but we still put up with him and don’t always turn the volume all the way down because his voice is as annoying as nails on a chalk board.
    Fuck Joe Rogan
    We Love Yamasaki

  31. Isaiah D says:

    Ppl sure do say some dumb ass shit on here.. Like “it was the knee that knocked him down” der. Or “Joe knows more then most fighters, about fighting” Right cause your friends with him and he sounds good on tv. The post was on the fighter who was affected by the shots opinion on Joes actions after the fight not all this other Bs. Just for measure ill throw my 2 cents in the mix. The fight ending like alot of others had in the past that didnt get DQ’ed, this much is true. I do on the other hand think some of those fighters should have been DQ’ed. The fighter was verbally warned and continued to strike and hit the back of the head. How many times dosnt really matter. The fighter wasnt able to continue so taking a point away was out of the question. Mario did the only right thing he could do. He cant say oh well I guess you win anyways even though you didnt listen to me. And After the fight I got to admit what Joe was saying seemed really strange. He said he was picking his shots and “none” hit the back on the head. Then stopping Mario to make him answer on camera I think was pretty disrespectful to the ref. He seemed to be kinda a fan of this up and coming fighter and spoke about what he felt rather then what was being seen.

  32. stonedtodeath says:

    In my opinion, the best thing that UFC could have done in that case is rule it as a no contest. It could have been fair to the parties involved. Yamasaki certainly made a mistake prompted by the fact that he has to decide right there and then. As to Silva he really did hit Prater in the back of the head despite several warning, but in my opinion that would not be enough to warrant disqualification. As to Mr. Rogan’s act after the fight at the very least would be the opinion of most of the fight fan watching the fight but a little bit beyond the limit as the person calling the fight. Hence, to be fair to all it should have been a no contest to protect Yamasaki, Silva, Prater Joe Rogan and the UFC, because disqualification is too much for Silva and favors Prater. But the damage has been done, all we can do is to learn from it!

  33. HoneyBadgerAintScaredHomie says:

    Carlo Prater beat Charlie Brown in 2010

  34. jpeters says:

    WHO IS CARLO PRATER??? How is Rogan not a fighter? A black belt in tae kwon do, brown belt in jit jitsu from an advanced jit jitsu school in 10th Planet, high school wrestler….? There’s clips online of Rogan HIMSELF helping GSP master a spinning back kick and we all know how advanced GSP is. For GSP to be taking advice from Rogan really speaks highly of rogan’s knowledge. This guy is a fucking clown and could never be a fan of him.

  35. SanSooRob says:

    Joe Rogan was on DMT probably lol

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